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Probables: Jacob Younger to play, Demarkus Perkins to redshirt.

A few tidbits from FIU football practice...

Jacob Younger has recovered from the shoulder injury that kept him out against Akron or, rather, recovered enough to be declared something like "probable" for Tuesday's game against Arkansas State. Don't expect wide receiver Glenn Coleman or safety Chuck Grace, however. 

A blog reader asked about safety Demarkus Perkins and linebacker Larvez Mars.

I don't understand the curiosity about Mars any more than any other linebacker who can't get on the field. Four-star recruit, fine. That was three years ago. He's played one season, redshirted another, and is a redshirt sophomore down the depth chart. Once you've been in school a few years, your recruiting ranking matters about as much as your high school class rank to your Advanced Calculus class professor. It just shows how ridiculous the hype over recruiting is. I cover recruiting because fans go nuts over it and it's the basis of a program's success. I'll tell you who they got, how they plan to use him and maybe how some folks who make a living claiming expert knowledge of talent rank him. But that doesn't mean any of us -- recruiting sites, reporters, coaches -- know anything with certainty about how a teenager will mature physically relative to his peers, whether he'll maintain or acquire a work ethic, how well he'll adjust to college life, etc. The only thing more prematurely stupid than grading NFL drafts (and I've done that for The Herald without enthusiasm more than once) is ranking recruits and recruiting classes. 

Perkins, I can understand the curiosity about what happened? He's a sophomore who, after a year of junior college, was looked at as a potential starter by a Pac-10 school. A few months later, he's buried on FIU's roster. That's a precipitous drop that begs, "Porque?"

"Demarkus got here really late. We'd already started practice," Mario Cristobal said. "He's definitely got the physical tools, he's definitely smart enough. I think it was a lot for him to have to catch up to to be effective on the field. He did ding up his shoulder a little bit, which hampered his development a little.

"Gettting here late, getting dinged up, having to get in shape...that's a lot of stuff to overcome," Cristobal continued. "We do feel comfortable with the strides some of the guys in the secondary are making, so we felt it was best that he didn't play as of last week. More likely than not, he will redshirt. He's still developing. Still getting plenty of reps in practice. We still think he's going to be a really good player, but he's got a lot to learn."

 But, he insisted, they still weren't set on going the redshirt route with running back Shane Coleman. They're still worried about injuries to the running backs ahead of him on the depth chart.


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Hmmmm..I'm very surprised by the Shane Coleman comment, as we do have a very deep stable of running backs, with Harden and Mallary, plus a couple of walk ons, waiting behind Rhodes and Perry.

Where you been "Fanatic"? Haven't seen you on the UM boards in a few weeks. Did you hear that UCF is going to get an invitation to join the Big East? The Big East is a BCS conference you know!
You do know that any school left out of a BCS conference will never play in the "Big One" after next year, right????? What BCS conference is courting FIU right now? The SEC, the Big East, maybe the Big 12 minus 2?
How many ranked teams will you have to beat to be "recognized"? How about you start with 1 win and then get back to us with your delusional rants about your non-up-and-coming program.
P.S. We have Cristobal on speed dial if/when we may need him to support his real family! Comprende?

^^^^Glad you got that off your chest uh. Like a deep itch under your skin.

You've been checking FIU blogs and articles incessantly haven't you, just hoping to have your chance to justify your miserable existence.

Just hoping a nice swipe on an FIU blog would make you feel like your life as a UM fan is worth living, at least for another week/loss.

Just hoping other FIU fans would read your collection of garbled sentences and think "this guy's right, why be an FIU fan when I can go be miserable at Sun Lifeless Stadium every Saturday."

Reality Bites, just another hopeless internet tough guy.

I appointed myself the designated hater on this blog last year when FIU fans giddy off their pizza bowl glory were a constant presence on the UM message boards.

But Duke put an end to what has been a delusional deluge from FIU fans and I would suggest that you just enjoy the radio silence.

FIU has a bunch of nonsense games left and best case scenario they get back to the pizza bowl or in their hope beyond hopes the R + L Carriers bowl.

Let them enjoy it, they're sure as hell not bothering us anymore besides that one idiot and his little quixotic quest.

Gotta love the haters. How does 2-3 feel? Better year, how does being 1-3 against FBS opponents feel?

While we're comparing bowls... what were the last two bowl games UCG has been in? Sun Bowl? Micron PC Bowl? Those must be big powerhouse BCS bowls the way you two idiots are trashing the Pizza Bowl. Enjoy the drive to Broward County you poor saps.

It's odd, whenever FIU fans want to compare themselves to UM they fail to mention FIU.

Last year after a horrific season UM went to the Sun Bowl on new years eve. After the best season in FIU's history they went to a bowl that was one of the weekday warm ups and that paid out four times less than the Sun Bowl.

The year before that UM went to the Citrus bowl and FIU went nowhere.
The year before that UM went to the Emerald bowl and FIU went nowhere.
The year before that UM went to the MPC something bowl and FIU went nowhere.
The year before that UM went to the Peach Bowl and FIU went nowhere.
The year before that UM went to the Peach Bowl and FIU went nowhere.
The year before that UM went to the Orange Bowl and FIU went nowhere.
The year before that UM went to the Fiesta Bowl and FIU went nowhere.
The year before that UM went to the Rose Bowl and FIU went nowhere.
The year before that UM went to the Sugar Bowl and FIU went nowhere.

I know, I know, FIU is the future, you've won your conference faster than any team in the history of ever and your inevitable rise is going to win you national championships within the decade.

Best of luck vs. Middle Eastern Tennessee or whoever you play next.

Thanks for the update on Younger. I forgot about him against Akron. ...Is there any chance Glenn Coleman or Chuck Grace play this week?

Buc, you really going to bring up all the bowls UM has been to recently?

2005 - Peach Bowl - 40-3 LOSS
2006 - MPC Computers Bowl - 21-20 one point win against powerhouse Nevada
2007 - Nobody wanted you
2008- Emerald Bowl - 17-24 LOSS vs Cal
2009 - Champs Bowl - 14-20 LOSS vs Wisconsin
2010 - Sun Bowl - 17-33 LOSS vs Notre Dame

So there you go, thumping your chest with your 1-4 bowl record, with your lone win coming against mighty Nevada. These bowl games were nationally televised, and those poor performances have resulted in lame recruiting.

And half of the list you mentioned, well FIU went nowhere because FIU Div1 football didn't even exist yet. lol

Haters gonna hate.


I hate fiu!!! We dont need another community college in Miami. Go back to where u came, the dump!

The U = luxury Coral Gables
fiu = dirty sweetwater flood dump


Appreciate the info. Dont see why anyone wouldnt wonder about why the school's first 4 star recruit cant get on the field. And if they are happy with the way those safeties are playing then indeed Perkins must be of marginal talent too. Anyway, hope they listen to you re opening up the playbook in the red zone, or 3-3 will be the story from here on out.

I've never known of a community college that has a law school, and whose law graduates achieve the highest bar results in the state on a consistent basis.

Haters gonna hate.

Why are people talking about UM on the FIU message board? Don't UM fans have to worry about going 2-5 after losing at Chapel Hill this weekend and get spanked at home against Georgia Tech?

I love the law school "bar results" dig! You used that one when you were still undefeated and "flaming" the UM boards ON A DAILY BASIS! The difference between me and some (not all) of you FIU fan(atics) is I won't be back in a day or two (I'm just here for a few laughs!), but you'll be back on the UM boards anytime FIU "lands" a student with a perfect SAT score! It's "F"ing pathetic!
P.S. The reason FIU was not selected to join the Big East is because the NCAA already has the Miami TV market covered by a 5 time National Champ who has been strapping up since 1926! To say UM is an ESPN "darling" is an understatement. They make movies about "THE U" for God's sake! What's the over/under on UM getting back into a BCS Title game? 5-10 years maybe?? Now what's the over/under on FIU beating a ranked team? 5-10 years maybe? It's comical to watch the USF's and UCF's of the world lay claim to something they haven't earned. It's even funnier to watch FIU fan(atic) try to lay claim to something that is now unattainable!
P.S.S. If don't know why we're here Joker then consider yourself "collateral damage"!

FIU equals the epitomy of sucks! The U equals Legacy!

Reality Bites, Capote, Buc Nasty, and all of you other UM trolls, did even ONE of you guys graduate from UM? Let me put it to you as simply as I can:

If U didn't graduate from the U and U are a fan of the U then U are a LOSER. If U want to cheer for a geographic location, cheer for the Dolphins. U scared, U know it, U should be. Now get lost.

Yes, I did.

Buc Nasty said he graduated from Chicago on Greg's blog several months ago.


All these blogs are searchable if anyone really cares to check.

Wow. For the record, not only is this re-appearing troll now called "reality bites" wrong and dumb with all his posts here about FIU in general, but he is also wrong in stating....or assuming...I go to "UM boards", let alone a "few weeks" ago. What a moron. Geez...

"Had to double check to make sure..." Hilarious.

I mean I have another name I use on UM's blog and this one I use to spew my hatred here.

Didn't think I'd ever used "Buc Nasty" anywhere else but sometimes the name stays in the field below and you don't realize it.

But no, I've never posted anything on another blog under "Buc Nasty" and no, I've never said I went to the University of Chicago under any either name, although that is an oddly specific thing for someone to randomly make up.

I did go to UM and I'm not sure why that seems so far fetched to FIU alumni. UM isn't that hard to get into and isn't that expensive if you had halfway decent SAT scores. University of Chicago is probably harder to get into than UM.

What degree did you earn, Buc Nasty? If you actually earned a degree from UM, congratualtions, you have just separated yourself from 99.9% of UM "fans".

MSC/BIL then turned my senior thesis into a masters project and stayed on for two more years out at RSMAS.

This stereotype that UM fans aren't alumni seems strange to me. I'm one of the many northeasterners who came down here and for 80% of my class UM was their safety school.

I think it's an outdated idea, all the Miamian bandwagoners jumped ship years ago. Check out UM's blog sometime, those miserable sons of b*tches hate UM, even if they do still consider themselves "fans".

"This stereotype that UM fans aren't alumni seems strange to me. "

Most aren't, UM has a relatively small alumni base.

Buc Nasty, I'll at least respect you as a fan since you have a degree from UM. But believe me, 99% of the fans of UM never set foot on that campus for academic reasons. They are hangers-on fans who clung to a winner in thier childhood when the team was actually good. They thought the swagger was cool. Now they know it was all a mirage--nothing but illegitate wins propped up by systemic cheating while the administration and Miami Herald looked the other way.

But at least you confirmed two things about UM that I've known for a long time--its a safety school academically and most of its graduates are rich kids from the Northeast who want a vacation while attending college.

I know it's a small alumni base but down here it's a small local fanbase too. UM is only popular to the national audience, fans down here are too spoiled by UM's success to appreciate the team anymore.

And safety school is certainly a relative term, I also got into Princeton.

When very smart kids in the northeast can't get into one of the top 20 schools in the country they'll go to UM or their local state school.

If they can't get into one of the top 200 they may look at FIU.


miami herald LOL @u!!!

FIU best football in Florida, only in your dreams! FIU will alwasy be the garbage of the State! Even FAU is better than them..

ALL About the U! Coach Golden will get better this was only his first year. FIU Miami's community college II

Hahahahahah! Fiu stadium is not even better than FAU's new stadium that is opening up for saturday's game. Hmmmm even FAU has 30k seating capactiy, and can fill it.

fiu even when they closed the stadium, will only fit 23k hahahahah what a joke. fau stadium is a lot nicer!!!

fiu takes years to complete a stadium, what a joke.. they will never make it 45k stadium upper deck, cuz no one cares about fiu!!! hahaha laughing at fiu! Go fau! Congrats to Coach Shannon!! Mario who??

TheU L3GACY and TheU247 must have been in bed together at 1am while typing this. Can't be the same person, right? You two crazy butt slapping boys!

Boise?? "F"ing Boise??? This is like picking teams in an elementary school gym class! FIU is jumping up and down screaming "pick me, pick me!", but the Big East would rather have the "powerhouse" programs of Air Force, Army, East Carolina, UCF and BOISE!!
Boise would be a great fit for the Big West, but the Big East? If there's any concolation it doesn't look like the Big East will be around after next year either, so FIU fan(atic) can tell everyone they didn't want to join anyway. Ain't college football a byatch?

FIU is the best football team in Miami.


You don't watch much college football do you? You do know FAU is 0-5, and lost to a team FIU beat by 14 points.

Buc Nasty, what happened with your post where you mentioned you had to "double check to make sure" if you had posted somewhere you had graduated from Chicago? I find it odd that post has been removed, or even more odd yet, altered.

Other than showing you...whether using one of your at least 2 different admitted "names" in Miami Herald blogs.....were not sure you had mentioned you had graduated from Chicago, it didn't say anything warranted of being removed by David J. Neal.

BTW, I'm sure I (or any serious person, for that matter) have never written anywhere under any handle or name that I had graduated from any other university, let's say...Northwestern. I would tell you this right away withouth "having to double check to make sure" I didn't as you felt needed to say...and then for that post to mysteriously disappear.

Do you have access to delete/modify posts?

MIA fan,

Did u know this fau team that is 0-5 will beat fiu in their own stadium this year? Did u know they beat fiu every year? Did u know their stadium is a lot nicer? Plus they dont have to wait years for it to be finished and furthermore it can expand to 65k seats? Plus they will hire Coach Shannon, who is a way better coach than mario cristoballs. HAHA, how does it feal mario, that your team lose on your bday? Hahaha!! Also, that mario couldnt even wear a fiu shift to come out in the U 30 for 30 film because he was too embarassed to show fiu's logo.... Hahahaaahaa


I didn't have to check to know I've never said that I'm from Chicago, I checked both the Cote and UM blog to see if I've ever even used the "Buc Nasty" handle on either of those blogs because it's a strangely specific thing for someone to randomly make up.

But randomly make it up you did, I've only accidentally used "Buc Nasty" on the UM blog one time, appropriately enough to boo a UM baseball article.

BTW, no UM fan would know anything about FAU, like Coach Shannon, or make fun of Mario Cristobal for losing a game on his birthday.

All about the Owls much?

"The year before that UM went to the Orange Bowl and FIU went nowhere.
The year before that UM went to the Fiesta Bowl and FIU went nowhere.
The year before that UM went to the Rose Bowl and FIU went nowhere.
The year before that UM went to the Sugar Bowl and FIU went nowhere."

maybe that's because we were in year 1-4 or so of our program and we weren't even Division 1?

I hear the canes were great back in the 1980's too. Stuck in the past?

Good point about who really is behind the MC losing in his birthday, and Coach Shannon comments, Buc Nasty. I agree with you there.

Still, don't you find it odd your post where you stated you had to double check if you had posted you graduated from Chicago (I'm not the one who brought it up, and for what it is worth, I don't think so) was deleted/altered? I don't think you said anything derogatory in that post, yet it is not there anymore.

Also, what is one of the other names you use in the other blogs you post here?

These UM fans and FAU fans are ridiculous! Anyone who watched the game on Mario's bday knows we lost because both TY Hilton was injured and then our starting QB got injured in the 1st quarter! We had a freshman QB for god sake in his first game!! And even with this we still came close if it wasnt for the refs always holding us back. Then even with an injured TY Hilton and cheating refs, we almost beat Duke. We should be undefeated right now. But don't worry i am sure UCG will lose to Duke in a few weeks. Then I will laugh!

Nothing like waking up in the morning & having some coffee....Oh yeah and remembering, FIU sucks!

FIU will never be accepted into the Big East! They can't hang with USF and UCF or even Louisville! FIU will never be accepted in the Conf USA merger either. FIU will be always left out! Just like they are left out here in Miami and no one cares about u!!

Recognize that it is all about the U!

WOW! Is it that serious about UM and FIU? I am a proud Golden Panther but people act like UM didn't come from humble beginnings. The actual students and alumni don't care. We're between each other schools constantly. It's football! Not civil war. UM didn't jump into a powerhouse and were once scrubs too. If FIU continues to play well or win out then I believe they'll be courted by Conf USA. They want a Florida team. FIU fans be fans not BS talkers. I hate the 'Canes because I'm a lifelong 'Noles fan but respect the U.

The whole FAU thing is absurd. It really is. I was about to go there but I chose that Blue & Gold so the hell with them. lol

Quijote, no reason to use fake non-name names, if you want to talk smack about UCG just go right ahead. You have a very consistent and recognizable writing style, no one cares that you aren't above the trash talk.

Fake names are for little girls.

Read the sun sentinel and what Coach Howard S said about the U. If they don't win, they can't survive. No one cares about the U. Your own players (J.Harris) say they enjoy playing on the road, away at real college towns where people actually care about the school and have a vested interest.


U are a moron and a half! The U is the legacy of Miami! Unfortunately, NCAA and this country caters to the have and not to the have nots. Its to late, we are in and FIU is out!! We have a chance at winning more national championships and FIU will never have a chance! Sorry bro but the system is only for the rich and we the U are the rich. LOL at FIU, the lil tug that won't! Hahaha

DJN, you on furlough or something? Big game tomorrow and we haven't heard from since last Wednesday.

Kitty kat (UMike, Green, Capote, etc....)

Nothing like waking up in the morning, having some coffee, and getting a good laugh from UM trolls hating on FIU. U scared.

and, fyi, regarding can't hang with USF/UCF... we just beat UCF and you guys just lost to USF.

you're loud, and wrong. try again.

You're living in the past "Truth", stop living in the past.

USF was last season.

And that guy was clearly an FIU fan (maybe yourself) setting up a straw man.

FIU can't hang with UCF or Louisville?

Most UM Fans are a bunch of irrational, delusional, living-in the past, unappreciative, unsporting, unrealistic-expectation having, band-wagon jumping thugs.

Yes USF was last season, and your relevance was nearly a decade ago.

hate baby, hate.

And your relevance is...

enough that ESPN has scheduled us a combined nine times across their entire family of networks... including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPN3.

suck it.

Whooo! ESPN3!!! Internet Television!!!

UM has far more and far better coverage than FIU this year.

too bad UM doesn't capitalize on national tv audiences... 1-4 in last five bowl games. way to embarrass yourselves. lol!!!


You're living in the past "Truth", stop living in the past.

UM is far better than FIU by any metric you want to compare this year.

we'll never know who's better since UM has once again denied FIU's invitation to restart the series, per the herald.

u scared. don't blame ya.

Yep. Scared. Afraid we'll lose to a team that can't beat the worst team in our conference.

Has nothing to do with having to pay half a million dollars for an easy win against a team that might ruin our image again by body slamming our holder on an extra point.

FIU is is better than UM in "WIN" metric units!!!

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