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A little football & futbol femme

Love working in he Graham Center, but it's a red sun planet as far as my wireless card's concerned. Also, FIU men -- I appreciate your etiquette, holding doors in restrooms and all. But unless everybody's doing their business while jackhammering, there's no excuse for those floors.

Anyway, wide receiver Willis Wright sat out Thursday's practice after twisting his knee Tuesday. He'll be undergoing tests this afternoon. Right guard Curtis Bryant came out during the game for Jordan White with an ankle injury, but did practice and is expected to play Tuesday, as is Glenn Coleman (shoulder, missed the last three games). Safety Chuck Grace, I would put at doubtful, at best.

Josh Brisk and Jack Griffin will be punting off this week to see who gets that task Tuesday against Troy. Similarly, Griffin and Dylan Lynch will have a kick off to determine who does kickoffs. As unspectacular as Griffin was in replacing Brisk Tuesday, Lynch matched that mediocrity on kickoffs. Or, perhaps not even that. With 22 seconds left in the half and FIU having just taken a 6-3 lead, allegedly, the plan was to boot it deep. Instead, Anthony Kincy fielded the ball at the 20 and hustled it up to the 44. Two Ryan Aplin runs and a 49-yard field goal bomb later, game tied, 6-6, at halftime.


Coach Thomas Chestnutt took the blame for cutting things too tight on the women's hit-it-and-quit-it Thursday trip into Monroe, Louisiana. The lack of down time before the game so affected the team, which will be on their way back home Friday morning, that they were up 3-0 at the half on Louisiana-Monroe and cruised home by that score.

FIU's now 10-6-1, 7-1-1 in The Belt, and achievers of a third consecutive 10-win season, a program first. Kim Lopez volleyed home a ball into the area from Chelsea Leiva. Victoria Miliucci (a fan of the Dolphins of the NHL, the Toronto Maple Leafs) scored after a corner kick got knocked down in the area. Leiva finished the run of three goals in seven minutes by beating the goalkeeper to a Deanna Rossi ball and chipping it by the keeper.

Monroe's 0-9 in the Sun Belt, 5-12-1 overall, but Chestnutt said, "Our last time here, we went to double overtime. It's always tough to come here. They do a good job at home."




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Any news on C. Grace?

...Also, has Todd Orlando made any comment on his struggles (or rather his team's struggle) to contain running QBs?

FIWho continues! Hahaaaaaaa Laughing at all u 5 fans! FIU has a horrible unfinished joke of a stadium! Go take some notes from FAU's finished stadium Hahaha

All about the U!

I see them losing to Troy & the owls! This team has no heart & the coaching staff is pathetic. HOw many penalties?

5 National Champions (bask in your past) aka Green & Orange/UMike/Green/etc

Your inferiority complex is showing.

So many ucg fans in here, it smells like death penalty on this blog. Take it somewhere else boys, we do not want anything to do with you.

And they don't either, considering they've once again declined FIU's invitation to resume the series again... per the Herald's Barry Jackson

Yep, UM's "afraid" to play Florida International all right.

We'd drop that powerhouse Duke from our schedule too if they weren't in our conference.

Oh, well now if Barry Jackson said it...

Marco Rubio is a liar!!! LOL WHAT A JOKE!!!

Buc Nasty, what are some of the other names you use in these boards? How many of your posts have been mysteriously erased, or was the one you wrote you had to double check if you had posted you graduated from Chicago the "only one"?

FIU Fanatic,

I am not in the busness of having other names. Plus I am not the one who erased the thing about me having gone to the Univesity of Chicago.

I did not write the above post and I can't imagine why someone would want to steal my screen name for the purpose of writing a seemingly sensible answer.

At two o'clock in the morning on a Friday...

But you have ackonwledged on at least one post here that you use at least one other name in Miami's forum, and "exclusively" this Buc name here, so your statement on the previous post appears to be a lie then? Which one is true? Also, that particular post where you stated you had to double check to see if you had posted somewhere you had graduated from Chicago is now gone. Why? What did you do to warrant such 'harsh' actions, when the post didn't include any foul language nor extremely inappropriate derogatory comment? What do you think about that happening?

Well I guess I know who wrote the 2 AM post.

But I don't know what you're asking me, what statement is a lie?

Please, proceed with your answers to my questions...

Sorry bud, I don't understand whatever discrepancy you're seeing.

Have a lovely saturday and please don't answer yourself using my screen name again.

It appears you are judging me using your lowly standards. I, unlike what you already ackonwledged...even in the post that got deleted....only post with one name. On the other hand, you use at least 2, presumably several. You don't even remember if you lied saying you graduated from Chicago, so you had to "double check"...that post, after beinq questioned, gets deleted and/or altered. How do you explain that?

Correct, I don't believe anyone else reading this blog knows what you're talking about and I do assume you posted the 2 AM message.

Last time I'm going to answer this, someone (probably you) said "Buc Nasty said he graduated from Chicago on Greg's blog several months ago.".

I thought it was a strangely specific accusation for someone to make up out of the blue, so I double checked to see if "Buc Nasty" had ever been used in Greg Cote's blog or the UM blog, these blogs are completely searchable. And of course it hasn't been.

Or if you like, go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe. I didn't go to UM. I went to the University of Chicago, where I was enrolled in their world famous computer hacking program. Three months ago I accidentally let it slip on Greg Cote's blog in the Miami Herald that I went to Chicago, a very unfortunate mistake since it was the only thing I'd ever posted there. I was able to hack in and delete the message but not before you read it. You brilliantly called me out on my web of lies here and I made a second error admitting to my deeds, which of course I had to hack into DJN's personal computer to delete.

Go Chicagoans!

Again, I'm not the one that acknowledged that I use more than one screen names on these blogs. You are the one, so don't try to lump me together with you and with your usual actions here.

Besides DNJ and The Herald has all the information to verify I'm not the alleged "alter Buc Nasty" that you are trying to led believe here. There might be others like you that use several screen names, unfortunately.

So your assumptions are incorrect, since you are basing it in how you conduct yourself in these blogs.

So, what happened? What are your other screen names you use here?

"Chicagofan91", "DeepDishLover", and "Ditkaisgod03".

But I always make sure to go back and delete those posts from the Miami Herald's mainframe.

Apologies, please ignore those stupid posts and go back to enjoying the deafening silence of a terrible Miami-based fanbase that knows their team has no chance of success this year.

Buc thank for stayinng over last night. Our intellectuals battles, are a real turn on. Now I know why they call u "DeepDishLover". Your welcome to stay over whenever u like...Call me


Wow, BuckPancy your still on here. Why? Your team is scared to play us, not only in football but in every sport. It's the truth.

I feel sorry for you, you are so insecure that you go on another's team blog to make yourself feel better about your crappy team. Bottom line, your team is done for the next 5-7 years. Have you forgotten that the U has broken NCAA rules by paying 77 players. Not only that, but you guys were still horrible. If your gonna cheat, at least win. BuckPancy, wait for the 10 scholarships a year penalty, plus 5 year bowl ban, many transfer leaving UM, and your last remaining talent "Lamar Miller" to the NFL.

BuckPancy, get ready to be rocked by the NCAA. I guess you can call this the calm before the storm. The "U" will become no more than an afternoon storm here in South Florida.

Ohhhhh, BTW talking about stadiums....FIU's might not be done, but at least we dont have an opposing Heisman Trophy winner playing in our stadium. Shows you how much respect is left for the "U" here in South Florida, matter of fact, I think there is a bigger fan following of GATOR fans then "U" fans down here. BuckPancy, your pathertic. Your team doesnt even own that stadium. You guys are renters, hahahahahahahaha. Section 8 renters,,,,,,hahahahahahahha. You guys are gonna be horrible for the next 7-10 years, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,

Wow....But that wasn't me posting earlier this morning either.

I can't imagine the implication of putting Lamer Miller's name in quotes?

Good win for the Canes. The Canes fans though should petition ESPN to just show the game on the field and not pan to the stands, they are 50% full, at best. Also, when is Sun Life/JRS/Pro Player/No Life Stadium going to honor the 1993 FSU Champions, it is almost their 20 year anniversary? Maybe during the half time of the next FSU-UM game?

UM eats fiu for breakfast! Don't be jealous, that its all about the U! Can't wait to see fiu lose all of its remaining games

FIU Fanatic makes me giggle...


Oh yeah us FIU panthers are super jealous of seeing our rival team be celebrated on our rented home turf, only to then have salt rubbed onto our wounds by seeing Tebow Time once again on our rented home turf.

Loud and wrong buddy! That's what happens with U go cheap and don't invest $$$ into your program.

Your crappy 20,000 fan stadium cost 50 million dollars, UM could easily have a small piece of crap stadium on campus.

The problem is that they have several games every year that people actually want to see and there's no way to get 60,000 fans in an out of Coral Gables.

nobody is buying that lame excuse buc. nobody is fooled by that 60k number. maybe you'll achieve that if you ever play UF again, only UF's massive alumni base would be able to fill your stadium as witnessed in 2009. HA! your average attendance this year has been 32k... google it.

poor old coral gables can't figure out how to maneuver 30k people, six times a year? lol

Speaking of UF Alumni, Stephen Ross went to UF. Yup, the owner of your rented stadium is a Gator. HA!

66,000 for the Ohio State game this year.

Have you ever been in coral gables? 66,000 people outletting onto US 1?

Donna Shalala raised 1.6 billion dollars in the multi year MomentUM campaign. Money isn't the issue.

I think much more than 60,000 people use US1 during rush hour every day... MUCH MORE than 60,000. LOL you're so clueless.

66,000 for the Ohio State game which 20k were Ohio State fans... everyone saw the abundance of red and gray on TV buddy.

Again, you ain't fooling nobody. And the majority of that money Donna Shalalalalalalalalalala has is going to academics.

All FIU fans have to say about UM is that we don't have an on campus stadium and we aren't as good as we used to be.

Your students still have to drive to their stadium because they all live at home with their parents and your team has never been good.

You don't get half as many fans to your games as we do, and our attendance is embarrassing.

Again, you aren't fooling anybody with your ignorance. FIU currently houses 10k students amongst their on campus housing properties. Just ten year ago, there was only one housing community, now there are dozens. There are 45k total students, so only about 20% live on campus. Yet, considering UM only has about 12k students, you can safely assume more FIU students live on campus than UM students.

Try again, Buc. BTW, you're 0-3 this morning. LOL

Why do UM trolls keep coming on FIU boards?!? What's their problem?

Because in the twisted minds of FIU fans who think that UM fans are devastated by playing in an NFL stadium and insanely jealous of FIU and FAU's crappy stadiums, FIU scored a major victory with the Dolphins hosting a "Gator Day".

And you all let us know about it on the UM boards.

Fortunately there is a stadium in dade county, albeit extreme north western. Otherwise UM would've probably followed FAU's lead and played in Lockart Stadium. And you are devastated, the only ones booing Tebow were those in orange and green. LOLOL

LOL you guys are pathetic!!! LOLOL

Yes, because orange and green are the colors of the Miami Dolphins, the home team against which Tim Tebow was playing.

BTW, I was rooting for the Broncos because I was so disgusted by the Dolphins having a Gator Day.

I and most UM fans are glad Tebow made them look like idiots.

Buc, you meant to say "envious" and not "jealous." you can be jealous of your girlfriend's male friend, but not jealous of an item like a stadium. However, you can most certainly envy someone else's life or stadium!

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