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A little football & futbol femme

Love working in he Graham Center, but it's a red sun planet as far as my wireless card's concerned. Also, FIU men -- I appreciate your etiquette, holding doors in restrooms and all. But unless everybody's doing their business while jackhammering, there's no excuse for those floors.

Anyway, wide receiver Willis Wright sat out Thursday's practice after twisting his knee Tuesday. He'll be undergoing tests this afternoon. Right guard Curtis Bryant came out during the game for Jordan White with an ankle injury, but did practice and is expected to play Tuesday, as is Glenn Coleman (shoulder, missed the last three games). Safety Chuck Grace, I would put at doubtful, at best.

Josh Brisk and Jack Griffin will be punting off this week to see who gets that task Tuesday against Troy. Similarly, Griffin and Dylan Lynch will have a kick off to determine who does kickoffs. As unspectacular as Griffin was in replacing Brisk Tuesday, Lynch matched that mediocrity on kickoffs. Or, perhaps not even that. With 22 seconds left in the half and FIU having just taken a 6-3 lead, allegedly, the plan was to boot it deep. Instead, Anthony Kincy fielded the ball at the 20 and hustled it up to the 44. Two Ryan Aplin runs and a 49-yard field goal bomb later, game tied, 6-6, at halftime.


Coach Thomas Chestnutt took the blame for cutting things too tight on the women's hit-it-and-quit-it Thursday trip into Monroe, Louisiana. The lack of down time before the game so affected the team, which will be on their way back home Friday morning, that they were up 3-0 at the half on Louisiana-Monroe and cruised home by that score.

FIU's now 10-6-1, 7-1-1 in The Belt, and achievers of a third consecutive 10-win season, a program first. Kim Lopez volleyed home a ball into the area from Chelsea Leiva. Victoria Miliucci (a fan of the Dolphins of the NHL, the Toronto Maple Leafs) scored after a corner kick got knocked down in the area. Leiva finished the run of three goals in seven minutes by beating the goalkeeper to a Deanna Rossi ball and chipping it by the keeper.

Monroe's 0-9 in the Sun Belt, 5-12-1 overall, but Chestnutt said, "Our last time here, we went to double overtime. It's always tough to come here. They do a good job at home."




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