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FIU-FAU game time set at 6 pm & other tidbits; Beaupre Sun Belt Diver of Week

The headline, one of the few times I'll refer to FIU Stadium by its given nickname, pretty much says it all: game time for The Shula Bowl between FIU and FAU on Alfonso Field at FIU Stadium will be 6 p.m., Nov. 12.

Wide receiver Glenn Coleman's bruised ribs apparently have healed and he'll be fine for Saturday at Western Kentucky. Defensive tackle Joshua Forney (sprained knee) and free safety Chuck Grace (sprained knee) both are day-to-day -- officially. Grace was fielding punts out of pads before the Troy game and Cristobal allowed that he'll probably play Saturday. It's no accident FIU's pass defense, lowlighted by a gold kryptonite vulnerability to the play action pass, went into a recession when Grace went down before the season's fourth game.


For the second consecutive week, Sabrina Beaupre has been named the Sun Belt's Women's Diver of the Week.

Beaupre won the 1-meter and 3-meter competitions at FIU's meet with North Florida, Campbell and FAMU Saturday in Jacksonville.


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I can't believe the Big East is going to pass on FIU!! Can someone explain to me how FIU will be able to get into a BCS game without being in the Big East?

Mootest. Point. Ever.

DJN - assuming that report is accurate does anything change in terms of FIU getting invited to a real conference? Would they be first in line to replace UCF in Conference USA? Since geography doesn't seem to matter at all anymore could the Mountain West be an option?

My prediction: C-USA and MWC form one mega conference.

C-USA picks up FIU, FAU and either LAtech or North Texas to remain at 12.

Still no AQ status for fiu until the NCAA changes

Buc Nasty -- In this era of this discussion on this blog, I've always said I see FIU landing in Conference USA, whether or not UCF's there. If they're not, well...you're losing a mid-state Florida school with a massive enrollment that's been trying to beef up its football profile and athletic program overall. Why not go after a southern Florida school with a massive, growing enrollment that's trying to beef up its football profile and athletic program overall? They'll get the Miami-Fort Lauderdale TV market, hope like heck FIU can build some juice up into the West Palm-Fort Pierce TV market. The combination of the two, which is what the pro teams and UM can claim, gives you the No. 10 TV market.

The programs being invited to the Big East are farther along as football programs and overall athletic programs (yes, I know FIU beat UCF, but this isn't about one game or season.).

Didn't realize that the MWC and C-USA were merging and that those two want the Big East to merge with them.

The Big East desperately needs Boise St. to defect from the MWC, otherwise their automatic BCS bid is going to be taken away and they'll have to merge into the superconference.

What a mess, WTF is Obama doing with his time?


Why did the Miami Herald say that the FIU FAU game was scheduled for 1pm? There is supposed to be the first basketball game today at FIU at 6pm. I knew it was for 6pm,but the herald had it shown as 1pm yesterday and today I find out it is back to 6pm. Why did this occur?There was originally TBA, then 6pm, then 1pm, now 6pm. Were there multiple changes?

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