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FIU men upset George Mason, 79-76 (OT)

FIU coach Isiah Thomas had said he hoped the way the Panthers lost close games last season taught them how to win them this season. It took time, but they showed they did Monday night against George Mason in the Dick's Sporting Goods NIT Tip Off.

After DeJuan Wright missed three free throws down the stretch in regulation, FIU bounced back to dominate overtime and upset GM, 79-76. FIU led almost the entire last 12 minutes of regulation behind Wright and fellow senior Jeremy Allen, but were down 66-64 on their last regulation possession. Allen made a nice penetration, then sneaky pass inside to Wright, who got the short shot and the foul. Wright missed the free throw and George Mason missed a jumper at the other end.

Can't say I wasn't warned.

As I sat at the makeshift desk I like to use near the U.S. Century Bank racquetball courts Monday afternoon, a passing FIU athletic department staffer asked me if I thought FIU would win. I shook my head as if he asked, "Do you want Brussels sprouts?" He said he thought FIU would pull it off and wasn't just talking stuff. He listed logical reasons -- Mason is in their second game under a new coach, the point guard is suspended for 10 games, they played lousy defense and shot horribly from 3-point range in beating Rhode Island in overtime Friday.


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Excellent victory by the Panthers. The team is only now starting to take shape.

And december will bring 6-11" center Joey deal Rosa and his 270 friends.
The beef inside and height advantage with Gilles will win the conference. Wow, not looking like a 5 seed anymore.

Beat them hookies tommorow!

Go panthers!

It was a great game to watch. I wasn't sure if I had bought into the stuff IT was showing us the last couple of seasons, but if this game is an indication for the rest of this season, I am going to shift my stance from "lol basketball" to cautious optimism.

Go Panthers!

It was great to see what height, disciplined play, and the ability to stretch the court can do for a team. GMU is a really good team, they are a perenial post-season team, and to go on the road and win against them is a good sign. Can't wait to see how this team evolves throughout the season.

and Ferguson played 11 min with 2 points. Not bad, tonights game will be a tough one.


espn2 tonight

ESPNU tonight. NOT ESPN2.

ESPN3, ESPN2, Espnu, Espn(fill in blank).

Just awsome to be on!

Go Panthers!

Time to go hunting for hookies!

Yummm...taste like chicken.

Go Panthers!

Why is it that Isiah Thomas can get Lebron James and Dwyane Wade to come play at FIU's arena but he can't get a single decent home game for his team?

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