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Football Gameday X, many XX games

I had a furlough day Friday and I'm still chaperoning a sleepover this morning. So, while they're playing Trouble and before I take them out for a wagon ride:

FAU's young. Unless FIU comes out flatter than the Eggo Minis I just served for breakfast or makes some incredible mental screwups -- like taking a 13-yard sack when you're up by two in the last two minutes -- it should be a happy home senior sayonara for FIU.

FIU 33, FAU 10.

That's just one black man's opinion. I could be wrong.


A 2-0 loss at Central Florida Friday night ended FIU's NCAA tournament after one game. They finish the season 13-7-3. I might have more later on the game and season wrapup.


Sophomore Jerica Coley put up 22 points and 11 rebounds as FIU routed Jacksonville, 63-37 at The Bank in the season opener for both. Coley, starting at point guard this season instead of two-guard, also had eight assists and seven blocked shots. One freshman, Kamika Isom, chipped in 12 points and , another, Zsofia Labady pulled down 10 rebounds.

Monday, FIU hosts Florida Gulf Coast at 6 p.m.


FIU hadn't lost to South Alabama in seven years, almost two full classes. The Panthers hadn't dropped a set to South Alabama in three years. The Jaguars were 9-17, 4-10 in the Sun Belt and figured to be a fodder on the front end of a regular season-closing Alabama Weekend for FIU.

And FIU lost 3-1 (25-2, 22-25, 18-25, 20-25).

Jovana Bjelica had 15 kills. Sabrina Gonalez had 11. Marija Prsa had 11 kills and 11 digs. Jessica Egan racked up 47 assists.


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obv you care enough to post on every single thread ;)

Hey Quijote - how is UM on ABC today???? This game was listed with no television coverage at the begininng of the season, HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN??!!!

For those keeping score at home, that's three games on ABC, four games on ESPN, two games on ESPNU, and two games on ESPN3 for UM with one TBD.

FIU has had zero games on ABC, one game on ESPN, two games on ESPN2, one game on ESPNU, 6 games on nothing, and two games TBD.

Not that I care that UM has better coverage than FIU, just that Quijote is loud and dumb and needs to stop trash talking on every single UM article that's written in this paper.

Hahaha the U lost...Suckers. The U on a downward spiral, FIU on the rise. Some people are slow...FIU have consistently improve every year, meanwhile thug U has gotten worst and worst...HAHa!


Damn iphone...

Nothing better than showcasing your team on ABC to remind everyone in South Florida how much you SUCK, right scUM? Right.

If UM "sucks" then what does that make FIU?

You lost to three schools nobody's ever heard of.

You lost to the worst team in UM's conference, a team UM beat by five touchdowns.

Get a grip.

Then why do you post here? You're making FIU matter just by your mere presence. If FIU is so low then why are you wasting you time being a troll in their blog... Get a life dude

Yeah. Why? it's completely pointless.

True. FIU matters because it has haters on it's blog. They have arrived. It was inevitable.

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