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Occupy Beef O'Brady's St. Petersburg Bowl movement rolling at FIU

MLK would be proud. Never have so many in Miami under the age of 70 organized and campaigned so hard to head for St. Petersburg.

Between The Beef O'Brady's Bowl being a 3.5 to four-hour drive from most FIU students, the bowl possibly needing a team and FIU needing a bowl, FIU fans have decided upon an aggressive courtship. Sort of like Charlie Dog...


  The blitz of the bowl's Facebook fan site https://www.facebook.com/#!/stpetebowl?sk=info and Twitter feed forced acknowledgement from the Beef O' Brady's Bowl folks on both social media spots. On Facebook, the bowl said:

"We love all the support FIU fans, BUT, you've got three hurdles to overcome. USF Football, the Pittsburgh Panthers and UConn Huskies would have to lose this week. While possible, and we are watching closely, the BIG EAST Conference has the spot, UNLESS they don't have a bowl eligible team left for the Beef O'Brady's St. Petersburg Bowl. Keep up the enthusiasm as it may come down to Saturday afternoon to see who'll be traveling to St. Petersburg, Florida!"

South Florida (5-6, 1-5), which the game would love to have, hosts No. 23 West Virginia (8-3, 4-2) Thursday night. West Virginia needs the win for the Big East title and is coming off a 21-20 win in its yearly Backyard Brawl with Pitt. Speaking of Dan Marino's alma mater, the Panthers host Syracuse at noon Saturday. Both are 5-6, but one of Syracuse's wins was against 1-AA Rhode Island. UConn's 5-6 and likely to get D-Con-ned by 8-3 Cincinnati, which still has a shot at the Big East title.

And who's clinched a share of the Big East championship? Louisville, which FIU spanked up in bourbon country.

What I found interesting in the message was no mention of the Conference USA side of the game. I've written what follows several times in the last two weeks, so feel free to skip it: by my count, C-USA has six commitments to non-BCS bowls and five bowl eligible teams to fill them. That's down to four teams if Houston smokes Southern Mississippi in the conference championship game and goes to a BCS bowl. Perhaps the bowl's figuring on getting a C-USA team how ever things fall this weekend.

While some bowl projections put FIU in the BBVA Compass Bowl, I'm not sure why, if you follow the money, it makes sense to take FIU over Western Kentucky for that empty slot. Unless, that is, Western Kentucky winds up going somewhere else, in which case the Compass Bowl just might phone Camp Mitch with a late date request.



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OCCUPY TAMPA/ST. PETE, READY TO SPEND SOME $$$$ @Jackson's & the other bars/restaurants all Bowl week!

FIU on the rise!!!!

FIU already beat the Big East Champion & already beat UCF, who beat Boston College, who beat the U!! Come on St. Pete make it happen!!! I want to spend my Christmas in Tampa!!


That cartoon was hilarious!!! FIU = Charlie the dog


FF II UU!!!! FIU!!!!

I don't think Beef'O wants us.... they're just being kind. They'd rather have anyone else. even though we're only a few hours away. It's a stigmatism.

FIU we are sexy and we know it!!!!!!

wiggle wiggle wiggle


OMG Charlie the dog predicted the "towers are falling" @5:30 into the cartoon. Creepyyyyy.

Go FIU!!

FIU, lets show Beef O Bradys some love. FIU fans are being invited to Beef O Bradys in Cooper City at 7 PM (8655 Sterling Road - Cooper City). The owner has agreed to lobby for us as well.

Good work DJN! BoB is going to end up with us and we got to travel people!

The cartoon was made some 24 years before the World Trade Center towers was built!

BTW, isn't it awesome that FIU can have it's best record in history and have to result to begging to be invited to some menial little insignificant bowl?...


Isn't it pathetic that, considering its former dynasty, UM has been the epitome of mediocrity for the last decade, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future?

More impressive than UM's 39 game rented-home win streak from 98-2003 is your streak of comments on FIU articles/blogs.
Maybe you are right; calling the bowls FIU is hoping to attend little, menial, etc but for a 6 year D-1 program its all about the growth, building, etc.
What do you call these bowls;
No Bowl, Sun Bowl, Champ Sports Bowl, Emeral Bowl, MPC Computers Bowl, Peach Bowl (1-5 win/loss record).
How about these: Chick'F' A Bowl, Gator Bowl, Champs Sports Bowl, Music City Bowl, Emeral Bowl.
Or Outback Bowl and TaxSlayer Bowl?
None are BCS bowls that by your criteria are the only non-insignificant Bowls.

But please continue your FIU readership, the Herald appreciates your hits.

After tomorrow's USF game the piscture for the Beef Bowl will be a little more clear. Regardless Im happy that we are out of the picture for Cali, Texas, and Hawaii. I rather have St. Pete's but Alabama is not a bad call either. Only thing is we lose lots of money if we get the Compass Bowl($750,000) comapred to the Beef Bowl (1M).. Show me the Money!


I know that idiot UM fan started this so I'll just point out the obvious and leave it alone.

Aptly-named-quixote, FIU is striving for mediocrity but likely won't get there within the decade. When they finally do get into a real conference they will have quite the learning curve. You post as much on UM articles as any UM fan and you would do well to end your quest to have FIU supplant UM because all the Sancho Panza fans who buy into that thinking are just going to be disappointed and might even lose interest when it doesn't come to fruition. UM isn't going anywhere and there's no reason Miami can't have two decent college teams.

chiaPanther - UM's home winning streak was 58, not 39. And there are intermediate bowls below the four BCS bowls, the prestige, payouts, and audience of the Peach, Sun, and Citrus bowls are much greater than the MPC, Music City, or Beefaroni.

yo Buc....remember one thing pal you have to crawl before you walk the program is only 10 yrs old (wonder how the Miami program was doing back on their 10th yr?....hmmmm) At this juncture a second consective bowl will work to help build program (regardless of bowl significance) I call it progress. I wish UM well after sanctions something tells me they are in for a big surprise, but i'm not a hater...I love to see the canes and noles play for something meaningful been watching for the past 30 yrs of my existance. I do agree Miami is big enough for two good teams and FIU will be one of them standing...beleive that!

@ chiaPanther
With just 3 games remaining in the 2005 season The U was ranked 3rd in the nation, and were poised to compete for their 6th National Title.
AND...the MPC, Emerald, Champs, and Sun Bowl are all better Bowl invites than FIwho's lone Bowl appearance (Little Caesars Pizza Bowl) vs (their typical glorified high school) Toledo!

FIwho has to elevate themselves to mediocrity before they can even possess a realistic notion that they have room to talk about The U!


theblacsheep - If you read the comments above yours you'll see that you're the one who's descended below mediocrity to talk about FIU. Not a good look.

Steven - If you're actually asking, in their first season in 1926 they went undefeated against colleges that no longer field football teams (including University of Havana) and in their eighth season in 1934 they played in the first ever Orange Bowl.

Took them 50 more years to win a national championship.

If the jump from being a doormat to just being bad is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 100, the jump from being bad to being mediocre is another 50 and the jump from being mediocre to winning a championship is yet another 100.

The problem with the quixotic mentality is that it assumes that #1 UM needs to literally fall off the face of the earth for FIU to succeed and #2 if UM is out of the picture FIU will automatically continue their "inevitable rise" to being a good football team.

Unfortunately the secret on south Florida's talent has been out for decades. FIU will never be able to win the way UM won in the '80s, UM can't even win the way they won in the '80s.

FIU needs to find it's own formula for success and the more fans are convinced that everything revolves around FIU supplanting UM the more disappointed they will be when that never happens.

And as we all know, discouraged Miamians don't attend sporting events.

Despite my moniker I'm also not a hater. As hard as it is for me to support FIU with so many FIU fans delighting in UM's recent struggles, I do want them to have enough support that it is worth it to UM to play them every year, because it would be great for the city.

Quixote thinking about UM getting the death penalty:


@ Buc Nasty
I guess I didn't realize that YOU were the final authority on the subject!
...anyway, if it's alright with YOU, any program that has an overall record of: 39-78, has only 2 winning seasons in it's history, and have only participated in 1 (sub-par) Bowl game, DOES NEED TO AT LEAST RISE TO MEDIOCRITY BEFORE OPENING THEIR MOUTHS CONCERNING THE U!

Hey all you FIU twitterotti campaigners - GET ON THE HORN!

Let Cristobal and your defensive coordinator know - this linebacker Lamar Atkins out of Norland is the REAL DEAL!


the 4th place team in the sunbelt conference doesn't deserve a bowl..im sorry

Yo idiot Coaching,

FIU lost 3 games by a combined 10 points. Even the Arkansas State score is midleading cuz it was tight until the 4 quarter. In the Duke game, go back and look at it. The refs cheated!! They couldnt handle a "sunbelt" team beating TWO Big East teams. Also, we had both TY Hilton and our starting quarterback get hurt!!! Trust me I have no doubt this team with TY & Caroll healthy would beat a crappy UM team that barely beat USF 6 to 3!! And lost to BC who UCF killed!!! Get use to seeing FIU in the top 25 for years to come buddy!! keep hating, shows ur scared!!

"During the 2007 season, FIU played its home games in the Miami Orange Bowl during the expansion of FIU Stadium to 20,000 seats. The Golden Panthers concluded the season with a win against North Texas 38-19. It was the last college football game ever played at the historic Orange Bowl prior to its demolition and the last home win at that stadium (the University of Miami Hurricanes had played their last home game there several weeks prior and lost to the Virginia Cavaliers 48-0 in the worst home shutout loss in their school's history.)" - "SI.com - News and Scores from Sports Illustrated"

That above is why I have cursed the U!! Long live my beloved OB. Keep calling me crazy & ignoring me..They can block me from all of their blogs & websites...Hahhaaa, but OBabalawo gets the last laugh...

I am still learning how to use this twitter stuff. But come follow me FIU fans & enjoy the U's downward spiral as my curse continues!!

FIU I have blessed thee!! Thank you for letting the OB go down in respect & honoring it with modeling your new stadium after it. I will continue to bless thee!!!

Follow me on Twiiter: @OBabalawo

...um, FIwho has never been (and lightly wont ever be) a top 25 TEAM, let alone program!
BTW, If there ever was a top 25 team from the Sun Belt Conference I must have blinked! LOL!!!



NEVER QUESTION the power of OBabalawo. I will give FIU my full blessing, once AD Pete Garcia completes the stadium like he promised me. Then u will see how everthing changes! The U on the other hand took my beloved OB!!! My curse will continue!!! They will never win a National Championship as long as I live. Feel the wrath of OBabalawo!!! The Orange Bowl curse continues!


FIU program is ten years old, but in only its sixth year in Division 1 football.

Welcome to the FIU Family! Don't feed the trolls (haters).

@ OBabalawo

Hog wash....yawn.

What losers who come here to hate! Go back to the hole that came from!

FIU will be a top 25 program in the future it's only a matter of time!!

@ panther viscosity
"time" is an unavoidable variable!

...but even "time" in all it's inevitability will be challenged in assisting you (and FIwho) in your Delusional Prognostication of Grandeur!

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