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A few words from the president...

Post Beef O' Brady's Bowl luncheon, after talking to FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg about the impact bowls and the football program have had on the school's visibility, I asked him if the Pitt rumors were unsettling and has Mario Cristobal told him that he would be FIU's coach next year?

He replied, "I'd rather not comment on that. All I can say is I think it goes with the turf. When your'e successful, everybody loves you. So, I think that's a great thing. But, the particulars, I'm focused. I'm focused."

For what it's worth...



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sounds like mario is outta here.

agreed, sounds like mario is gone. How likely is it now that butch is the next coach?

sure does. it sucks but i trust that pete garcia will bring in someone that will pick up right where mario leaves off after tomorrow night (in the event that mario does leave, of course)

Butch Davis is a nice coach but I'd prefer FIU just hire away Nick Saban.

Jim Leavitt..

At least make an offer - meet him halfway, before Pitt decides what they're going to do.


Buc Nasty, mind your own business. Nobody cares about your opinion or what you say. Get a life.

How about Kevin Steele? I think he is with Clemson now. But he was linebackers coach at Florida State before moving to Alabama as DC. Guy was FSU's best recruiter for years and brought in some big names. If I recall correctly though, he had a terrible record when he was an HC somewhere (don't recall). But hey we learn from our mistakes and the guy can sell the program to any recruit. I still would like Butch but that is unrealistic. Manny Diaz would be good as well.

I'm going to agree with Buc Nasty, whether you guys like him or not: let's throw Mario an offer. He deserves it, and he's the best thing to happen to FIU Football along with T.Y. Hilton.

Aloysius mcgillicutty of Slippery Rock Community College is the most likely candidate for replacement!
...who is he?
...who knows, who cares, but he's the only guy who would take a coaching job at a program with a 10,000 seat high school stadium, who's 6,000 fans that show up for games are a bunch of foreign soccer nuts without football knowledge, and who's football tradition consist of a single win over a BCS opponent, has only beaten 7 teams with a winning record throughout their pathetic 10 year history, and have only had 2 winning seasons (7-6, 8-4) in the same while competing against some of the most laughable Girl Scout Troops in the nation!
Yes, Aloysius is in waiting! : )

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