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A sampler of football stuff...and a big-headed Byron Leftwich

A few things while listening to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" soundtrack and watching the wife make turkey marsala...


The opening line of FIU by 5 has held only at the Wynn. The rest of the Vegas books and offshore sites have dropped it to 4.5 or 4. Means little other than Marshall was a little better against the spread than FIU was. The over/under across the board is 49.


Riviera Beach Suncoast defensive back Davison Colimon, a verbal commit in November, apparently had a good in-home visit Wednesday night. He's a hurdles champion, speaking to his speed and athleticism, but he also has the size FIU could stand to add on the back end.

Prattville (Ala.) High's quarterback/wide receiver/athlete Jalen Whitlow says FIU, Minnesota, Arkansas State, FSU and Auburn are recruiting him, but only FIU, Arkansas State, South Alabama, Minnesota and Samford have offered him so far.


Both FIU and Marshall did some preseason Heisman campaigning to get exposure for their stars and, by extension, their program and school. FIU used Facebook and Twitter for its Hilton4Heisman push. Back in 2002, Marshall went a different, slightly goofier (creepier?) route...




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Eddie Murphy in the background

Take the over to the bank

I hate FIU!!!!! Petition to close the school!!! We dont need a Miami-dade College Part 2! The school is a dump, isiah is a loser. Mc & pg are leaving!!

Oh look at me im Roary the mouse & im FIU's mascot! Plus FIU is in everglades away from cvilization, unlike the U in the city beautiful CORAL GABLES! Would u rather drive a Benz or a Toyota? The U is the Benz!!

^^^LOL Haters gonna hate... and make themselves look like fools at the same time!^^^

Another idiot who is threatened by FIU's continual success. Hey "FIU = MDC 2", you sound a little like "FIU yay we eat Tacos!" I guess you couldn't wait more than 9 minutes to post another anti-FIU comment.

lol I love the haters. They get more creative every day. Can't wait for the bowl game.

LMAO!! That hater is funny! Hey, I truly believe that the more successful you are, the more haters you get. This is proof positive.

GO FIU!! Let's get a strong contingent of fans up to St. Pete! LET'S GO!

The craziest thing is the University of Miami students and alumni are not hateful towards FIU and be between each other's campuses in harmony. Only the non-alumni fans feel the need to express their animosity.

Hugh is 100% right, only MDC graduate "305-till-I-die" UM fans are the ones that troll and talk garbage about FIU. UM alums and students (which I have plenty of friends) actually root for FIU, being that FIU's AD and HC among many other FIUers are former Canes.

You can tell the comment about "Benz and Toyotas" is coming from a person who never went to college. All colleges are in rural places, have you ever seen Tuscaloosa? That comment was funnier than Herman Cain's reference to Pokemon.

They aint no room in Miami for FIU, only for the U. The U is the legacy here. FIU aint nothing! The bowls don't mean nothing. The U won 5 national championship! word

The U won 5 national championship! word, you are right won, they will not win again. It has been more than 10 years since the U has won anything. They also cheated, when they won 2-3 of those championships. The next 10-15 years for the U is going to be a rough road. Your also right the aint no room in Miami for both schools, that is why FIU is bigger than U and the real Miami school. The U is the school in Coral Gables. I feel sorry for you 305-till-I-die, because you are dead. WAAAAAAAAAA The U, WAAAAAAA, The U won 5 championships, WAAAAAAAAA Im scared of FIU, WAAAAAAAAAAA I am a chico gansta who doest even go to Dade College but thinks I am gansta WAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Lol they aint no room, (double negative so that means there is room) yay!

Looks like Eddie Murphy in the foreground too, to be honest. What did you have to pay for that, David?

Can I just say, and this is not DJN's fault but the fault of the terrible fish wrapper he works for, that the coverage of Eddie Murphy in the backgrounds of photos has gotten completely out of hand.

Why was Eddie in the background when he hasn't made a movie in 10 years and Dave Chapelle, who's a much bigger comedian, gets no press?

There are hundreds of thousands of people in Miami who would love to see Dave in the backgrounds of photos, it's complete disgrace that the elitist, Chapelle-hating, writers at the Herald are conspiring to keep him out of the backgrounds of photos.

If that was Dave in the background the photo wouldn't have been posted until three weeks from yesterday, and every knows it. Needless to say I'll be canceling my subscription.

That bryon leftwich looks like a skinny biggie smalls

FIwho has beaten exactly 3, THREE, TRES opponents with a winning record under Coach Cristobal (5 years...cinco anos), and only 7 opponents with a winning record (3 of those I-AA) throughout their (joke) "rise"!

Here's the breakdown:
Louisville (2011)
Troy (2010)
Toledo (2010)
Western Kentucky (2005)
FAMU (2005)
Steven Austin (2004)
SUNY Albany, NY (2002)
*note the 4 consecutive seasons (2006 thru 2009) without winning a single game against a winning team!

Yeah, FIwho is taking over the MIA! LOL!!!


What a loser.

A more recent look:

FIU has gone to 2, TWO, DOS, consecutive bowl games and ended up with a winning record...which was never accomplished ever before. There's always next year...and the next....and the next...

@ FIU Fanatic
..."and the next...and the next..."...and on and on and on for eternity! LOL!

At the rate of FIwho's "rise", you delusional fans of that Glorified High School should expect your first meaningful Bowl game somewhere around the year 2089!

Here's to a long life! (snicker)

^^^ A fan of the scUM talking about winning records. Winning records? When your team next has one you can talk about winning records again...may want to follow a new sport in the meantime; I hear scUM rowing is pretty good.

@ The Idiot Toilet cleaner (above)
Coming from a fan of the program who epitomizes losing (8 consecutive years of losing records in 10 years), all while competing against some of the most pathetic Glorified High School competition in college football, I guess you should be the one to talk, huh? LOL!!!

BTW, the "scUM" you are referring to is The Title Winningest College Football Program of the last 32 years!
...sounds like (as Charlie would say): "WINNING" to me! : )

Enjoy the Brady's Penis Bowl! (snicker)


Enjoy playing with your mom and the dog during the holidays!

I will be enjoying our bowl game!

Meaningless Bowl games are nothing more than just another football game.
Especially the one's FIwho plays in, no one cares except them and their (usual Glorified High School) opponent!

The good news is, Marshall doesn't have a winning record so at least you have a chance at the W, otherwise, it's likely a loss.
...and the fact that they were gutted by such by such football jugger-not's as: Ohio U (44-7), and Tulsa (59-17) shouldn't hurt either!

Now go flex your bowl prowess against your usual garbage a 5 5 High School opponent.

Again your mom and dog are waiting!

I like the toy, where can i buy it?

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