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Bermudez up, men's basketball down

But for a first half injury to DeJuan Wright and some missed putbacks, FIU might've pulled off another upset. As it was, they fell to 3-7 with a 65-61 loss to Maryland.


Outfielder Pablo Bermudez was a Third Team preseason All-America pick by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association.


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Ask IT if he is mystified NOW.

I went to the game last night and was happy to see over 50+ fans in attendance. Great showing by FIU. We almost pulled the upset.

This team has a motivation problem. They win or put up a grand fight against teams they are supposed to lose to, and then lose to teams they should be beating.

David, wish to comment on this?

Ferguson was horrible last night! He couldn't make a basket if his life depended on it. If he makes even 2 or 3 of those easy baskets, we'd be talking about an FIU upset today.


What's the story with De La Rosa? Also, keep a close eye on the Pitt situation, has anyone seen MC around campus today?

who is MC and what is the pitt situation?

According to the FIU site, Pete reported that de la rosa should be available by end of year or perhaps early January.

MC is the head coach! U of Pittsburgh apparently wants to hire him as the head coach.

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