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The Eastwood, Van Cleef and Wallach of FIU sports weekend

Been gone for a few days covering other stuff. Short post now, more in a couple of hours.

FIU Stadium looks less like The Cage than The Birds today. Turkey vultures stalk about the empty lot east of the field when they aren't hovering around the stadium edges. Menacing-looking birds tweet under the bleachers. I'm not opening any closed doors around here today...


About the Byron Leftwich doll: it was hanging around The Herald newsroom before I approrpriated it to sit on a South Beach bookshelf several years ago, west of the Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning Indy 500 winners and pace cars, east of the action figures (including Superwoman and Power Ring from Earth 3).

Anyway, here we go...


On his visit, Orlando Freedom High defensive end Dieugot Joseph visited Ocean Drive and eat at The Rusty Pelican. Joseph already was singing FIU praises before the visit and did just what he said he'd do -- verbally commit to FIU during the visit.

Haines City linebacker Josh Glanton reaffirmed his committment to FIU on Twitter after being romanced otherwise.

Port Charlotte defensive end Marcus Gilchrist, 6-4, 240 pounds, also, reportedly, verbally committed to FIU.


Lose at home to Alabama State last Saturday, lose to Texas Wesleyan this Saturday...but beat George Mason that's now 7-3, beat a hot Coastal Carolina team that's now 8-1, beat Stephen F. Austin, which hadn't lost in its ETech Lumberjack Classic, 58-56 Sunday. Oooookay. Bet that got Maryland's attention for Wednesday's game up in College Park.

DeJuan Wright got the Tournament MVP nod after an 18-point night in which he was five of six from the floor. As a team, FIU shot 63.2 percent in the first half and 58.3 percent for the game including 57.1 percent from three-point range. Sophomore Dominique Ferguson threw in a season high 13 points and pulled down five rebounds. Sophomore Phil Taylor dished out five assists.


Sophomore guard Jerica Coley  poured in 32 points Sunday against Western Kentucky. The rest of the team had 16. She was 10 of 27 from the field. That's a Maravich-ian number of shots...until you consider the rest of the team was five of 30.

That FIU lost 65-48 doesn't change that Coley's averaging 24.7 points per game, 8.2 rebounds per game, 5.5 assists per game and 1.33 steals per game. She averages 1.79 assists to each turnover. She's an 88.7 percent free throw shooter, meaning the only point to fouling her are the two points after she hits the free throws. 

Anything in the previous two paragraphs to call into question head coach Cindy Russo's assessment that Coley's the best player she's ever coached? 


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Wow... FIU will not only have the BEST recruiting class in the Sunbelt, but a pretty damn good one overall. Maybe we break the top 50 in the nation??


What's the scoop on ticket sales? Also, what's up with the basketball team, terrible losses and pretty good wins?

DJN - are any FIU players going to that Schnellenberger-Bowden Florida all star game?

Think it's an awesome idea, give all the Florida talent that isn't on the NFL radar yet one last chance, already got my tickets.

QB Wes Carroll.


any news of Joey De La Rosa being cleared to play now that the first semester is over? TIA

I know Wes got invited to the Florida All-Star game. We should have a couple more Seniors getting the Invite as well..

BTW where is the game taking place and when is the game? I also think it gives a great opportunity to this players to show their skills one last time. Florida football is way to athletic and fast to pass up.. Great job!


Awesome - the game's January 21st, probably not the ideal venue for this crowd but it'll be up in Boca at FAU's stadium.

I got some club level 50 yard line seats for $50 apiece so it's a great deal on an afternoon of football - also a chance to see Florida's two most legendary college coaches on the sideline again.


I think Lamar Miller might play in the game, well now that he is leaving UM.......

Thanks Buc.. I think FAU is not a bad location even though Orlando would have made more sense. They have a very nice brand new stadium and they could not have picked two better coaches. Talk about BIG TIME HALL OF FAMERS!

Go Golden Panthers!

Question was Willy Wonka real? Where can i visit his chocolate factory?

I got some club level 50 yard line seats for $50 apiece so it's a great deal on an afternoon of football and a great source as well.

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