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Coley, Beapre win Sun Belt Player of the Week awards; swimming rules in Little Rock

Back in the non-bowl part of the FIU sports world last week, two sophomore women threw it down well enough to win Sun Belt Player of the Week Awards. And the swim team overcame a slow start to dominate the University of Arkansas-Little Rock Christmas Invitational.

On the court, sophomore guard Jerica Coley won the women's award mainly on the strength of a career-high 33 points and 14 rebounds against Central Florida. In the first half, Coley outscored UCF 22-21. That's right -- she had 22, the entire UCF team had 21. The Knights eventually outscored Coley, 46-33, but officials also counted Coley's teammates for a 61-46 win. In FIU's 68-30 defeat of Lynn University, Coley tied career highs with eight assists and three blocks to go with her 14 points and seven rebounds. She's seven into the nation in scoring, 10th in blocks per game and 16th in assists per game.

Sabrina Beaupre's going to retire the Sun Belt Diver of the Week award. Her fourth win of the season rewarded the complete shattering to smithereens of her own FIU and Sun Belt records in the 1-meter and 3-meter dives at the UALR meet. Her 1-meter record used to be 295.72. It's now 323.85. The 3-meter went from 306.75 to 356.0.

Sophomore Sonia Perez Alau rolled up three firsts and a second and set FIU records in the 200-meter backstroke (2:02.53) and the 400 Individual Medley (4:25.97). Her 2:05.29 in the 200 IM was a pool record.

Freshman Jean Madison won the 200 breaststroke (2:26.14) and sophomore Melissa Moreno won the 200 butterfly (2:10.15).


Riviera Beach Suncoast defensive back Davison Colimon, a verbal commitment to FIU who has Tweeted he doesn't want to leave Florida but playing in the cold might make him a better NFL draft prospect, Tweeted he's having an in-home visit from FIU tonight.

Orlando Freedom High defensive end Dieugot Joseph will have his official visit to FIU Friday and probably will make his verbal commitment. 

 Oh, by the way, some of you got a little too nasty and/or racist in your comments on previous posts. I had to Sarah Connor them.



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Sarah Connor them. Very effective visual. Nice way to end an article. And now we now you are inspired by music, cartoons, movies, your family life, and TV. Ok then. Waiting on the next DJN visual. Like your writing,

If I speak with an accent (even though I was born here) does that mean I will write with an accent too?

What is an FIU degree worth? Try getting a job outside Miami-Dade. You'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Btw st pete is beauftiful, fiu puhhhhpleassss is an idiot. Prob never been out of Miami!

It would be nice to see Davison come to FIU. Playing in the cold will not make him a better NFL prospect, plenty of top prospects come out of the Southeast, arguably more than the Northeast or Midwest.

Anyone who thinks St. Pete is beautiful has never travelled. Of course, compared to that west Dade rat trap you came a campus, St. Pete is Paris.

St. Pete has, arguably, the most attractive downtown setting of any city of size in Florida. But, hey, why listen to me when we've got a guy who can actually spell "Paris" to tell us about beauty.

FIU? Puhhlease : I have a very high profile position in DC and know many established panthers on wall street and the bay area. These opportunities were possible because of FIU. So go ahead panthers; see what kind of jobs you can get outside of Miami-Dade County.

Arguably? Arguably? We are talking about St. Pete, FL not St. Petersburg, Russia, right? Who would this "argument" be with? Sure, if you throw enough qualifiers in there, like "of its size," whatever that means, then you would whittle down the number so that only St. Pete is left. Clever. Awful reasoning and worse argument, but clever.

Hey, the Tamiami Canal is, arguably, the prettiest, least offensive-smelling waterway of its size within 1 mile of the FIU campus. See how that works?

FIU puplease! I have traveled the world, yes even to Paris & i can tell u St Pete is beautiful. That bridge, beach just amazing. Go one day and visit the Dali art museam, it might change ur view on life! And yes agree the sweetwater is a dump, but luckily are campus is not in the city of sweetwater & a canal and 8 st blocks it. But anyway are Campus inside is beautiful & keeps getting nicer each time i go. U should check it out. Way nicer than um small campus, with old building & that hideous metro rail

*our not are

Have you been to UM's campus FIU on the Rise?

Or is the closest you've gotten driving by the metro on US1?

Last night I checked with my Anglo wife, and I am sad to report that I have an accent!!! Thanks to puhhhlease I have decided that I am worthless, and will now be seeking refuge in the UM blog with Manny "my accent doesn't matter because I am a fan of the U" Navarro. Farewell all my accented friends I am off to Coral Gables where Hispanics are not welcome unless they play baseball for the U, or their name is Cristobal. I may learn proper English at the UM games with the Hialeah fans of the U that are apparently all UM grads and are all anglo. Wait I already live in Coral Gables! Wait UM games are filled with Hispanics (I know I went to two games)! What now? I am off to a good university like Yale where I can learn English with an Asian accent, since even puhhlease knows that Asians are smarter than white Anglo Saxons.

I respectfully request that we cater to racist puhhhlease and trade Navarro for DJN! DJN does not have an accent and is no longer welcome here! I will be back with the campus beauty issue next!

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