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On Quarterbacks and Bowl Practices; volleyball recruits (avec video)

Jake Medlock or Wesley Carroll at quarterback for FIU next Tuesday night in the Beef O'Brady's St. Petersburg Bowl against Marshall?

"Both of those guys are doing a good job," head coach Mario Cristobal said. "We'll let it play out for a few more days, see where we're at. Heck, they've seen enough film on both guys that they'll be preparing for both quarterbacks. I don't think it changes anything for them or us.We'll keep repping those guys. Whoever looks best will go."

They run the same offense, but they run it different ways, which is why I'm sure FIU would love to keep the decision as secret as Formula 7X as long as possible. Medlock's the better runner, creates more space for the rest of the running game and was improving his accuracy before the shoulder bruise. Carroll's more experienced, generally a better decision-maker -- a huge edge in this offense -- and can do enough damage to win if he's hot for just two quarters.

Practicing for bowl games is a funky business. NFL coaches complain about the unnatural rhythms of Super Bowl preparation and that's bang-bang compared to bowl game prep. Bear Bryant once said he never figured out how to properly set up bowl game prep. Even taking into account The Bear's typical poor-mouthing, it's not an easy business.

"Many teams around the country don't have these practices, six of them are in our conference and a couple of others are opponents for next year," Cristobal said last week. "They're going to hear us use the word "develop" a lot. whether a guy is an all-conference or all-American guy or whether he's on the scout team, we can never ever stop developing."

Cristobal feels these practices afford the opportunity for the younger players to get in more work with more specialized attention, which should help in special teams for the bowl game (Marshall's teams play concerns FIU) and in setting the team up for next season. He said the early practices they've found a couple of young players who can play special teams next Tuesday.

"I thought last year's 15 days did wonders for us. Giancarlo Revilla is an example. What he did last year in thos epractices determined what he was in the spring adn what he was coming in as a starter. These practices are priceless."

Wide receiver T.Y.Hilton and kicker Jack Griffin received honorable mention notice on SportsIllustrated.com's All-America team.

ESPN's announcing crew for the game will be Mike Patrick on play-by-play, Craig James on color, Jeannine Edwards in the thankless sideline reporting role.


During the early signing period, FIU signed Ashlee Hodgskin, Gloria Levorin, Gabriela Roman, Hayley Miller.

Hodgskin, a 5-10 setter from Windemere, went to three high schools in four years.


Levorin's a 6-1 middle blocker from Padova, Italy. Playing for Logitronic Fidas Vicenza, she was the 2009 MVP of the Bleu Girl League. She also was the MVP in 2008-09 for her scholastic team.

Gabriela Roman, 5-11, is a hitter from Puerto Rico, a member of 2011 Puerto Rico's Junior National Team.

Hayley Miller, a 5-4 defensive specialist, was a three-time all-county pick at St. John's Creekside High.





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Yes, news!


Great stuff, DJN. Will we be seeing an increase in coverage going into the final week before the big game?

No ones cares..beef bowl

Fiu sucks! They will never be the all mighty U!!!

LMFAO "all mighty"? Do you mean almighty? WOW serious SMH

I dont want to be the U. Especially with the sanctions that the U is about to experience. How mighty are you going to be when you lose all of your scholarships?

Yup, I wouldn't want to be the U ever either.

Another lousy record, no bowl, and NCAA hammer about to drop. Program continues to be a laughing-stock. Even players are realizing this, with a large number of them leaving for the NFL draft despite being relatively unspectacular talents while only being juniors and sophomores. Their agents are likely advising them that leaving now is better than later, as the image of the program and ensuing downward success, is only hurting their draft stock.

Reality bites.

id rather be on a lousy UM team than at FIU FAU or FU..that's reality

It's hilarious to hear the "Super Bowl" and "Bear Bryant" (with the kind of MAJOR bowl games he and his Crimson Tide had to prepare for) being mentioned in comparison to FIwho's little menial Brady's Beef Bowl that amounts to nothing more than just another road game!


I mean come on, it's The Brady's Beef Bowl and your opponent Marshall was beaten by Ohio U (44-7), and Tulsa (59-17)!
...and lets just face it, those 2 teams aren't exactly Juggernauts. smh

What I just don't understand if you are the Mighty U, then why are you trolling around FIU articles and posting any comments. Since you are from the Mighty U then you should not be waisting your time reading about the rising FIU program. You should be posting comments in your Mighty U section.

"no one wants to be The U"???...LOL!!!...PULEASE!

Even the players on FIwho's team would kill to be playing for The U.
I mean really, who wants to play Pee Wee college football (and I use the term 'college football' loosely) in a High School stadium in front of 5,000 soccer fans who don't have the slightest idea what's going on on the field?

Here's a better question, who HAVE or EVER WOULD want to be FIwho?...it's own players would rather be playing for Duke! (snicker)...and rightfully so! : )

EVERYONE wants to be The U!!!
Ask the Gators of the University of Florida why they were proclaiming to be "The New U" once they won a couple of titles in the 2K's!


Yo theblacsheep, not LSU, BAMA, OK ST., Stanford, Oregon, Boise ST., Arkansas, Wisconsin, SC, Kansas ST., Virginia Tech... Should I keep going?

Face it, the days of Jimmy and Butch were long ago. The word got out that Florida High School Ball is the place to come and recruit. All the top programs come down here and recruit hard. The top players want to go to programs that are either the top or rising, not CRUMBLING.

Go and post in the UM Section. They need you there.

The posts by these multi alias UM fans says a lot about their character, and insecurities.

Their "defense" actually makes them look even worse.

Bob - most UM fans aren't too worried about our recruiting class.



LOL, every time I hear a canes fan say something like this it makes me laugh really hard and then I pee myself.

@ UM_stands_for_U_of_Michigan
@ Bob

Ask your players! (snicker)

buc/blacsheep/umike/green.... you've had probably ten straight top 20 recruiting classes, and probably a few top 5s and #1 sprinkled in there in the last ten years. wanna look up u's record in the last 10 years?

its mediocre at best.

top talent, mediocre results. well done. lol

Al Golden's first recruiting class is a joke, the Noles will own Florida so who cares about the Canes? Look at the classes, Noles looks like a championship contender while the canes looks like their competing in the MAC. I guess thats why they go post at FIU message boards,they can't compete with the Noles so go to FIU boards and trash talk to them. Signs of a fanbase that is desparate to feel superior.

I'm not the biggest fan of the back and forth nonsense but could you FIU folks please stick to absurd proclamations of UM being a sinking ship and FIU's inevitable rise?

It's painful to read you guys try to make coherent arguments about UM's classes or looking like a MAC team or whatever - imagine how easy it would be for some UM jackwagon to just point out FIU's position comparatively.

And for anyone who enjoys south Florida football - do check out Duke Johnson's video above, 375 yards ON THE GROUND and three touchdowns to lead a 20 point comeback for Norland in the playoffs last week.

Kid does things that can't be taught, he's a supreme south Florida talent, no matter where he winds up.

Pathetic UM fans trolling an FIU fan page claiming that "FIU will never be the U" when in fact we dont want to be the U.

I promise you that these trolling UM fans are Miami Dade College kids who have never even seen the UM campus AND will soon stop trolling when the sanctions hit and hit hard.

Remember that when Miami experienced their first sanction and were winning 5 games a year in the 90's, they couldnt put 12K fans in the OB. What do you think will happen when you get your second sanction and play out of a rented stadium in North Miami Gardens? 7 - 9K fans might go to the games.

At that point, the trolling will stop.

well said GOLD.

Attendance? At their lowest (1997) UM averaged 30,000, there hasn't been a year since that they averaged below 40,000.

FIU doesn't average 20,000.

The U is a big program , why cant they get there own on campus stadium ? they can say all they want about Sun Life stadium u cant compare it 2 your own campus stadium , FAU small program own on campus stadium , FIU small program own on campus stadium , the U 40 to hour drive borrowed stadium

Buc Nasty its high school football, Todd Marinovich was the best high school in his class, and yet he ended being a junkie. Don't hype up high school kids because noone ever knows if they have the discipline to take football serious at the college level.

Talking about attendance, those numbers are fixed, canes have had at the most 5 thousand people at their home games and thats not including the marching band. The stadium looks empty, remember the UVA game? The only sell out that Sun Life has had is the Noles-canes game last year.

Again, for everything you have to say about UMs attendance or stadium or our amazing recruits potentially becoming junkies just pretend I pointed put FIU's respective position, I'd rather skip it.

Hey guys this is Buc Pancy, sorry I have been AWOL but I am back. I have the next 5 days off bagging groceries at the Dixie, so lets get it on. In case you have not heard Ray Ray Armstrong is comming back his senior year. Yes you know what that means 6-7 season instead of 5-8. Yes, yes Lamar Miller is gone, but hey we got Duke Johnson. He is the best RB prospect ever. He will bring us back to the promise land. Anyways...FIU is horrible, FIU has people that cnta wrute coreect, FIU is a bunch of spaniards, and yeah you guys will never be on our level. I am letting you know this because????? Well, I really do not know. See, I am a UM fan who regulary makes comments here, but do not fear you guys, because we are the al mighty U. Yes, we may cheat, but c'mon... there is no need to worry. I heard that the NCAA is only going to give us a one year bowl ban for paying 70+ players. Yes, the U will be back and we will go from not winning never wining an ACC Championship to wining 5 more National Championships. It does not matter that we have a stadium that is rented, or that our record is worst than FIU, or that we are scared of playing FIU. We are the best because of what we did in the past. WE are the U, it does not matter that we actually can be compared to FIU because that is non-sense. See we are the U, we are the best program ever. Yeah I have no life........................

That's more like it, thanks.

buc nasty...

per your lie that miami never averages under 40k attendance, nobody is believing that crap. CBS Sportsline just busted your ass


and the ohio state game earlier this year, look up any pic and you'll see an huge anount of silver and red, not orange and green.

Don't need a picture, I was at the game, less than 1/5 buckeyes fans out of the 66,000 in the stadium. Averaged 52,000 in 2010, which is when that CBS story is from.

Stop trying to make actual points about UM, it begs the question of how FIU compares.

UM is a sinking ship and FIU is inevitably rising like a phoenix to take its place, leave it at that.

Lord I feel like I'm commenting in another language when I'm commenting to Buc, I did not say that UM players are junkies, what I meant is that you can't say that a just because a kid is good in high school does not mean he will do the same in college. Damn Buc you think they are amazing but look at FSU's class, now thats an amazing group of kids. Many canes fans have admitted that this is a new era and those good old times are just a thing in the past. Canes are not tough enough to go against the pro style offense of UVA and the one back offense of V Tech and UNC especially now that Larry Fedora took over at Chapel Hill. It should be fun watching Al Golden sip mojitos and getting paid to be 4th best in the coastal.

Yea, I'm stoked about Duke Johnson, could be wrong. Enjoying Norland's playoff run regardless.

Anyone care who's going to be the starting quarterback for your bowl game? Why not talk about that instead?

Buc canes can't average 10 thousand to their home games. Hell I will admit that canes fans to travel well going into Doak Campbell Stadium to their canes lose.

Because your the one who brought up Randy Johnson... why are you backing off from talking about Randy? Are you now questioning your own rational?

Not much to say about Duke, just a lot of awesome runs to watch if you're interested in south Florida football.

Not going to mention FIU's announced attendance but here's UM's if you're curious and you comment actually is valid for the 1937 campaign.


You take those videos DJN?

Must be hard to keep your finger off the zoom...

Buc numbers are fixed, most private schools announce farfetched numbers, at times they just post tickets sold or promotional packages that are given to the media. Good try though I congradulate you on your google search skills.

Silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIU fans, there is no need to go back & forth with these U fans that don't know anything about community or honor. They destroyed my beloved OB & mocked me. These same fans will be begging OBabalawo for me to lift my curse!! They will see how bad it will get, I am just getting started...Trust in OBabalawo!! They messed with me & my religion, now they will pay! FIU fans just get PG to finish the stadium like he promised & u will get my full blessings!

Quote Obabalawo Nevermore!!

Thanks Obabalawo, sorry our president had you thrown into the nut house.

2011 7 393,451 56,207


Average of 56k/game?!?!?! Quick... gimme some of that crazy shizzz the author of that page is smokin'!

Attendance numbers in every sport come from tickets scanned. Not every ticket scanned has an accompanying body that sits there all 4 quarters.

Not a "private school" or even a college football phenomenon.

Apologize if you thought I was "trying" to make a point. That was me trying not to make one, hence not including FIU's corresponding numbers.

You like Medlock or Carroll Joker?

That beast, will pay for what she did to me. OBabalawo is not crazy, I am a man of good energy & they began this by not listening to all the years that me, my family & friends put into blessing the OB. I only attack when they attack me first. What the OB meant for the community they did not care!! Have fun seeing ur "professionals" in the NFL President!! But never will u get that National Championship! Forever trust in OBabalawo on this. They will make attempts on my life, but i am always protected...

Quote OBabalawo Nevermore!!

Attendance numbers in every sport come from tickets scanned. Not every ticket scanned has an accompanying body that sits there all 4 quarters.

Your not on point on this, most schools exaggerate the numbers to get boosters etc, to support the programs. Most of the programs do it, heck look at TCU attandance numbers. Just like the canes, TCU is a small private school that exaggerate the numbers to appeal boosters and conference commisioners for expansion opportunities.

Now Buc that we got that out of the way... I think we can have a civil dispute on QB's if you want....
I prefer Medlock over Carroll, Carroll is a pro style in the pocket type QB and that doesn't suit well in the spread. If anything Medlock is a "dare devil" because he enjoys contact, to the point that could cause harm to his health.

All struggling teams give away tickets to exaggerate attendance - the Dolphins do it every week.

That's what $10 tickets for school employees are for.

But FIU, being a public school, must be above that, right? Being a public school they have a hundred thousand alumni clamoring for tickets every week like OSU and Penn State, right?

Again, really don't want to hate on FIU but I can't stand when rational FIU fans try to make legitimate points against UM because it's ridiculous and irrelevant.

If DJN had any sense at all he would make up an absurd fake name like "TheU 24/7 " and throw out some generic hate on every single blog he writes.

It's the only time anyone posts anything here.

How about for the bowl game?

Carroll's rapport with Hilton strong enough to make him worthwhile? I saw a couple FIU games this year and if I was running that team I would just make the bowl a showcase of a supreme talent that all the big state schools were too dumb to recognize.

The problem with Carroll (yes he has the experience) but the question should be how can the spread offense beat a 4-3 d (like Marshall that has a NFL caliber guy in Vinny Curry), to me its clear spread the ball, honestly I don't see Carroll doing a good job spreading the ball which involves of reading your progressions. I feel that Carroll could do more as a "coach" composing Medlock. Face it a kid like Medlock could do harm to keep Marshall off beat than Carroll. Pacino's speach in Any Given Sunday when he says its that one second too early or too late will make the difference, I think that is what Medlock brings to the table.

Buc, TY was recruited by UF among others. He chose FIU cause his baby picked an FIU hat multiple times between others that were given to him as choices.

But FIU, being a public school, must be above that, right? Being a public school they have a hundred thousand alumni clamoring for tickets every week like OSU and Penn State, right?

Now Buc your not understanding my point, its different for public schools because they don't depend so much on private donations. public schools recieve money from the Government and private schools don't which is why more private schools depend on their athletic departments to promote the name. Although many public schools do the same.

Buc Nasty,

If you are sincere with your apology then thank you. U do not know what I have been through. Bendiciones para ti. Ideally I would love for the Beast president to apologize to me on behalf of the community & for mocking my religion. The feds will never b able to uncover the lies that were fed to us. Mr. Braman is a good man, he listened to OBabalawo when I told him there were back deals & kickbacks going on for the Marlins Stadium at the expense of the community. The energy was so black during these times that OBabalawo knows the truth regardless of what the Feds can discover. But this is not about the Marlins, this is about The beast who started it all and rejected everything I warned her about. She has no clue all the hardworkd that was put into my beloved OB. And then the 48-0 lost just to infuriate me more! Beast will pay by way of OB Curse! She is the leader & this is her doing. Community honor means nothing to the Beast. But the wrath will be felt and known, hard and clear. The OB Curse can now only be reversed either if she builds a new OB in my beloved OB's honor or until UM plays FIU @FIU Stadium. If I were u Buc, I will start getting people to start signing the petition for the new OB: http://www.change.org/petitions/hurricanes-fans-for-a-hurricanes-stadium

Buc, follow me on twitter & u will recieve a blessing this week. U will see the energy unfold in front of you. My gods are good to those who are good to them. Twitter.com/@OBabalawo

And btw FIU Bowl Ready, T.Y. Hilton's baby chose the FIU hat because babies are closer to the Gods. They can feel the energies that be at work. Have Fun at Bowl FIU, early X-Mas gift...

Buck, what is your point to all of this? C’mon man, get a life. You respond to everybody on this blog. The reality is that FIU has made tremendous strides in the last 8 years both in their football program and academically. UM will always be good academically, but the luster is gone. When you think UM you think about their dirty football program. Speaking of your football program, the last 8 years have been horrible, and the next 8 will be worse. FIU is happy where it is at, we are proud of the advancement of FIU. I don’t understand why you continue to compare us. Football wise, we are closer "successful wise" to UM, than UM is to Alabama or LSU. Sorry to tell you, but UM has a long way to go before you gets into the top ten. If it makes you feel better to bash FIU because your team is bad, then go ahead; but remember you guys will not play us. Instead you prefer playing FAMU. Nobody is scared of UM anymore, I think you are stuck in the 80s. The atmosphere at your games are horrible, and the players you are getting are not that good. You want to speak attendance, we are improving, while UM is declining. Next year is going to be straight embarrassing for you guys. Wow, man you are in straight denial. You guys have fallen hard, I mean really UM? You guys aren’t even respected anymore...BTW, don’t bet to hard on Duke Johnson going to UM, once the U gets a 5 year bowl ban, and the current UM players start transferring he will get lured by another program. Dude, get a life and stop acting like UM is any good. You can say what you want to make yourself feel better, but you can’t run from the crappy record and performance your team has shown.


St. Pete should be so much fun!

Unless something major happens at practice (WC twists an ankle) my guess is that WC will start (Mario sticking with the one who brought him to the dance and all), with Medlock in the wings should Wesley stall through the first quarter and a half. Of course Mario might always try the curve ball, hoping Medlock comes out and runs and runs and makes no dumb mistakes and the game opens up and we never look back. Doubtful.

I'm wondering how our DB's match up with Marshall's skill players. Wish there was a little more analysis of this sort going on between people paid to do it, but maybe we amateurs can mange a bit. Be a lot more interesting that who's bashing whom.

"than" who's bashing whom.

@ Wong Xi Wang

The U was ranked in the Top 10 mid-way through the 2009 season (#8), was ranked #3 toward the end of 2005 (and poised to compete for another title) before losing to Georgia Tech.
FIwho has never even seen the top 25, or even top 50 for that matter!
That says two things:
1) The U's last 8 "horrible" years are far better than anything FIwho has been able to accomplish.
2) The distance between The U and Alabama can be measured in feet, while the distance between The U and FIwho would be better measured in miles!

FIwho certainly does have an ignorant fan base...but what would you expect from a bunch of refugees from countries where Soccer (or Kickball as we say in the US) is the prevailing sport! smh


OBabalawo - keep up the good fight.

Joker - I'm not sure how public schools or FIU work but UM makes more money from hospital bills than tuition. We are collapsing Jackson because we have better facilities and doctors but only accept patients who can pay (leaving mostly uninsured patients for Jackson). All the revenue from merchandise, ticket sales, television, and bowls almost pays for the rest of our sports, the athletic department runs at a slight loss, subsidized by the undergrads' athletic fee.

UM isn't dependent on our football team financially anymore, they don't pad their attendance stats more than any other team.

Haven't seen Medlock play but Carroll seems to force the ball into Hilton - I liked that.

Are the UM fans that read these blogs that infuriated by / terrified of / infatuated with FIU that they have to come here and make posts like this every single time?

And yes, the average football fan at FIU knows what a blitz is, but thanks for asking. Feel free to come out to the bowl game too if it tickles your fancy.

blacsheep admit it you came in the boatlift with the rest of Castro's rejects...
You are so delusional Bama and the canes are feet apart? What a delusional clown, Bama 13 National Championships and bound for number 14. canes are no where close to what Bama LSU USC or even Florida State. Miami was ranked #10 after week what 3? at the end what happened? Got embarrassed by the "ALMIGHTY NOLES" lost to UVA, Viginia Tech, USF and then Notre Dame, those Catholics put the "Cons" in thier place.

Buc were have you been the last 10 years, canes administration have become the "fiscal conservatives" of college football. They don't want to spend on upgrading anything, heck the administration hasn't just cut the budget on just the athletics they have put cuts to all aspects of the school. Wasn't the janitors protest major news in coral gables?
BUT BACK TO THE POINT OF MONEY.... money doesn't just come from tuition, private schools depends most of their money from alumni and donors... you know people that like the school so they will give money to the school. (Examples: Luther Campbell, Nevin Shapiro, etc)

I've been watching UM fundamentally transform its university.

Donna Shalala, for as much heat as she gets for letting two bad coaches preside over the football team for a decade, has been amazing and ruthless.

That strike - she brought in new janitors, didn't give UNICCO a single benefit beyond what they get at any other facility they work at, and landscaped over their protest camp with flowers. UM is bankrupting the Jackson medical system because our hospitals are better, our doctors are better, and we don't have to accept patient who can't pay. She got a huge chunk of TARP money to build the biotechnology park in Overtown.

She's raised over 1.5 billion (with a b) dollars over the past five years, and all in very large chunks donated to very specific projects or departments. Most of it went to chaired positions for researchers who are now bringing in millions of dollars in NIH and NSF grants. That money didn't come in little hundred thousand dollar chunks from football fans or Nevin Shapiro's pocket change (Uncle Luke's never given a cent to UM BTW). Last year UM got a 5 million dollar donation which Shalala begrudgingly matched to build all new athletic facilities but the reason that project hadn't happened for decades is that it doesn't matter in the big scheme of things, football will not return that investment for us.

Like I said, I don't know anything about how public schools or FIU works - I just know about UM and I'm telling you that football doesn't pay our bills anymore.

blacsheep such a delusional clown who can't even defend his point the signs of a lonely refugee who wishes he could be an American. Stick to baseball and leave football for the men. But since you want to talk about 2009 the FSU game ended on a catch and the referees missed the call, V-Tech like always dominated the canes which then lost to a rebuilding Clemson team, and then lost to UNC and a bowl lost to Wisconsin. Such a delusional clown 9-4 7-6 and 6-6 seems like a team is heading down. Hey refugee, don't worry since my tax dollars pay for your section 8 home you don't need to thank me, your ignorance is enough.

Buc, I will say that under Shalala (from my eyes) they are trying to build a serious base on academics. At the same time from the little I know miami has historically been known for law and science.
"Our faculty receives approximately $383 million annually from public and private agencies to conduct research, build state-of-the-art facilities, and support over 5,000 graduate students and postdoctoral trainees."
Now what I have been saying (I'll take the fault because we aren't seeing eye to eye) is that support groups and grads give money to the school. In other words the better it looks on paper the more resources will come.

I understand the logic of what you're saying, but it's not the case anymore that UM is dependent on the football team financially.

The merchandise sales and the little ten thousand dollar donations that alumni decide to make when the team is good just aren't significant.

Of course they still need the football team to build a sense of community and a collegiate atmosphere so they have the same motivation as any college to buy a thousand tickets to give to their staff to make their attendance look a little better.

"Of course they still need the football team to build a sense of community and a collegiate atmosphere so they have the same motivation as any college to buy a thousand tickets to give to their staff to make their attendance look a little better."

Buc your on point here, can't disagree.

"But since you want to talk about 2009 the FSU game ended on a catch and the referees missed the call"

Hey, Einstein, you do know we live in the age of instant replay, right?...simply pathetic!


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