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New sport in 2013: women's sand volleyball; told ya' so on Godfrey

Women's Sand Volleyball becomes FIU's 18th interscholastic sport in the 2013 spring with Rita Buck-Crockett as the head coach. FIU will field five doubles teams.

NCAA Division I sand volleyball began in August. According to the American Volleyball Coaches Association, in addition to FIU, adding the sport will be FAU; FSU; Florida Gulf Coast; North Florida; Jacksonville; Stetson; Mercer; CSU Long Beach; Pepperdine (possibly the most beautiful campus in America); USC; Hawaii; College of Charleston; UAB; Tulane; and Georgia State.

Buck-Crockett was the head coach of volleyball programs at FSU (2004-06) and Iowa (1998-2004) as well as the Swiss National Team (1995). As a player, she was on the U.S.'s 1984 silver medalist team and was a world beach champion parntered with Jackie Silva in 1989.


Central Florida quarterback Jeffrey Godfrey will be transferring from UCF, his father confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel. The elder Godfrey said a new school hasn't been decided upon yet. According to the story, the sophomore from Miami Central High is prevented from transferring to a Big East or Conference USA school, covering UCF's new and old conference. Godfrey will have to sit out a season, then have two years of eligibility left.

FIU's in the Sun Belt (for now). FIU also has redshirt freshman Jake Medlock, who started two games this season, and two recruits from the high school class of 2012. So, maybe there's no need. But you can bet there's interest.

An interesting thought...


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Hey Buc Pansy - yes. I'm jealous of FIU.

Wow..I guess LUKE told us all.

I'd like for Luke to call MC after trying unsuccessfully to compare Shannon's losses to MC's then unsuccessful college career.

FIU could definately use the qb competition, but a C-USA qb with an entourage? Really? Luke as mentor? Talk about hitching wagon to the 80'-90's....
I hope UM takes him, as he is reported by Luke to want a shot at UM. BTW, Godfrey also partyed with Nevin. This is one player I'm really indifferent about.

Let's see. we are supposed to get excited about the possibility of bringing in a QB that we soundly beat? Hey, I know, maybe Tony Sparano could do some coaching for us. Godfrey is not without talent, but the very thought of bending a system to adapt to a malcontent who is somewhat less than the seconding coming would seem a big mistake. Meantime, who is going to play QB in the BOB, DJ. Any word on that?

We're a week away from out bowl game and we haven't seen a new article from The Herald in a week. Meanwhile, the newspaper that covers Marshall has at least one new story out regarding the Bowl Game every single day. What gives, Miami Herald?!

Likewise with pikedanny.

On the Godfrey situation, all I can say is d*mn! Why because he hit a bump on the road with this season at UCF? They benched him and all but that should make him compete even harder and show 2010 wasn't a fluke.

Hey, pikedanny, a newspaper has to keep its priorities straight. First off, there was that breaking news about sand volleyball, which took everyone by surprise. Then, there was the half pager on now-dormant-until-spring UM and Lamar Miller deciding to declare, along with maybe some other guys...how do you turn away from that? And oh yeah, gotta lend in-depth coverage to who the Fins might dream will even talk to them about their coaching job. So what does that leave for an actual bowl game being played by a team with a winning record? I'm thinking a nice big two column layout below the fold on the day of the game, if Prince Fielder isn't in town for a looksee at the new stadium, that is.

Yea, what south Florida sports fan would be more interested in the Dolphins firing their head coach than a college team preparing for something called the BeefoBrady Bowl?

Miami Herald faked the moon landing, conceals the existence of Bigfoot and killed JFK.

UM put them up to it.

I'm not throwing out a conspiracy theory here. Just asking a question. Marshall's newspaper is running with this. Why isn't The Herald? Nothing more to it. No bigfoot not lochness monster or JFK. There are stories. Bill Legg, former FIU OC is now at Marshall. Rakeem Cato was an FIU commit for most of his recruitment. Write something! Interview someone! Give me more than the snippets you've reading on your Rivals Subscription!

SO MUCH to write about. I agree with Pikedanny.

Reason why I will never subscribe to the Herald again. Nothing against Neil which does a great job with the Blog and all the other things they ask him to write about..

As for the Godfrey issue, I personally think we have a heck of a good QB coming up next year. He can scramble and throw the rock pretty darn well. One more year under his belt to learn the system and he should be ready to go. We also have plenty of competition with some of the new guys we are bringing in.. Don't think we need a QB we beat! We are at a different level.

Great addition to the Women's program. I just hope this does not effect the amount of scholarships on the guys side. The Title 9 thing is a great idea on paper but it makes men's athletics really hard to receive scholarships (except for football)..


Miami's sports scene is somewhat different from that in Huntington West Virginia, their local paper should be entirely devoted to Marshall while FIU is sixth in the pecking order behind the four professional sports teams and the more established college team.

The Dolphins are king down here, that horrible team generates more interest than the star-laden Heat or Marlins, nevermind college teams.

When you're complaining that the Herald is covering the Miami Dolphins firing their head coach ahead of some crappy bowl game the local college is going to you're a bit out of touch with the interest of the sports fanbase down here.

I'm not asking them to tone down Dolphins coverage. I'm asking them to actually do some reporting about the local college program that is still in season. Nothing odd or "out of touch" about that. I don't care if we're 10th in "pecking order." This is a Division I (FBS) football program going to a post season bowl game. It's not a BCS game but it's still a bowl game less than 5 hours away. If you don't think the local paper should be covering it, than maybe YOU are a bit out of touch.

I know you, Buck Nasty, always look for the worst in posts by FIU fans because some are unrealistic about their expectations for this program and the attention it "should" receive, but this isn't one of those cases. There are stories here. There is interest from the FIU community and I am of the opinion that The Herald should do more to promote the second consecutive bowl game for the major public university in the city. I don't know how you can realistically and objectively say that is too much to ask.

No doubt the Herald isn't covering the Beef o Brady bowl, we just disagree on the reason why.

You think the writers dislike FIU, or don't respect FIU, I just think the coverage reflects the interest of their readers considering everything else going on with south Florida sports right now. It's not not a BCS bowl, it's the Beef o Brady bowl. The interest is solely within the FIU community and it seems to me that it's the team's job to win over outside fans, not so much the local newspaper's.

But I could be wrong, who knows?

I don't think the writers dislike FIU. I apologize if that's what I implied. I was just giving reasons as to why they SHOULD cover it. I have no idea why they haven't. It just seems like a no-brainer to me. Public University with a D-1 football team in a post season bowl. Cover it. Plain and simple.

Anyway... let's move on...

Thanks for the intelligent back and forth, Buck Nasty. You get a bad wrap on this blog.

Honestly guys, this is the most mellow and reasonable I've seen Buc Nasty in a while. He's not spewing hate. It's true. We are 6th in South Florida when it comes to sports. Which is an upgrade from 49th two seasons ago. Sparano firing is big news. Marlins Free Agency, big. Heat offseason, big. Hell, even the Panthers are in first place in the division.

UM which does have big following has many of more talented players declaring for the draft (foolishly in most cases since most of them aren't 1988-2009 UM talent). Their fans care because it's a double edged sword. They may get continued draft notoriety while losing too many leaders too soon.

We have a non-BCS bowl game of little consequence outside of FIU's recruiting and exposure. As of now, TY Hilton is the only seriously declaring for the draft from FIU and we all pray he can scratch the 2nd Round at least. Let's just be happy with any success and growth, and not claim any heights we haven't reached yet.

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