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Source: FIU & Cristobal in negotiations for extension

A source close to FIU head football coach Mario Cristobal said FIU has been in aggressive negotiations involving a contract extension and other football program improvements. Cristobal received an extension through 2016 and a raise the day before training camp started, in August.

Various media reports out of Pittsburgh have Pitt moving on from Cristobal to Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst.


Thursday at The Branch will see the long-awaited arrival of 6-11 Joey De La Rosa out of The Bronx, St. Raymond's Academy and Orlando's Montaverde Academy. He'll play against Bowling Green in FIU's third home game of the season.

Jerica Coley went for 17 points and Fanni Hutlassa had a double-double with 13 points and 10 rebounds, but FIU still lost 58-53 to Middle Tennessee State Wednesday in their first Sun Belt Conference game of the season.


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any sources feeding you information as to possible HC candidates?

Pitt won't go after MC. They have better options.

Hilton should play in the old timers all star game.

David you are clearly the BEST sports writer on the Herald staff. The way you covered FIU this year was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for your dedication, Panther Nation looks forward to enjoying your coverage for years to come.

Now regarding Mario, surely we aren't that naive to think the Marshall performance hurt Pitt's interest in our coach. If FIU blew out Marshall, I'm quite sure Panther Nation would all be a little more nervous today. While some question Mario's game day coaching, I think the bigger problem lies in offensive coordinator Scott Satterfield. Mario needs to address the offense, it was VERY predictable and didn't adjust accordingly as games wore on.

Concerning reports about FIU being in aggressive negotiations in upgrading Mario's already upgraded contract, there is also discussion about "other improvements around the program." Do you have any insight as to what improvements are being considered?

Quijote, I disagree I'm the best writer on our staff, but thank you for the oompliment.

President Rosenberg mentioned a practice field when he listed all the possible construction projects on FIU's docket. Maybe that gets moved up in the timetable. Cristobal's August extension gave some more discretionary funds that could be used for assistant coaches and just Stuff You Need In TCB. Maybe more of that. I don't know for sure.

I agree with Quijote. SOMEone needs to address the offense for this team--that would seem to fit the description of "other improvements." I never saw an adjustment all season long, and the playbook was identical in every game. Where were those supposed "new wrinkles" installed for Marshall I'd like to know. There is no doubt that MC is a good recruiter, a role model, and the possessor of a fine organizational mind. But he needs help on game day. This team did well, but think what the record might have been had there been half-time offensive adjustments made in all those close games where the offense simply went into Groundhog Day mode.

I agree with Quijote and Diagodog the offensive play calling was horrendous for the later half of the year. The defensive calls at the end made me reminisce on the Arkansas State game when the defense kept biting on the play-action. A QB running for 150 yards is unacceptable in my eyes. Did the DC ever heard of QB spy? Then, comes the PA all game by Marshall and the D fell for it when it would have counted most with good field position to at least get a field goal in a few plays. I would always watch the deep ball because that's what killed FIU all season. FIU just have to get bigger and faster. The talent is there. Better football IQ and executing by the players can go a long way.

The blocked punt was crazy, too. How do you NOT max protect when you're that close to your end zone.

The didn't build Rome in a day so whatever.

This talk of a Cristobal extension is ridiculous. Who are these sources close to Cristobal? Members of Garcia's staff? David: Your coverage of the games has been excellent. However, you appear to be disconnected with the reality of the off the field issues. Go back to last year's bowl game victory in Detroit and Garcia's public statement that his priority was to sign Cristobal to an extension. Priorities don't start in December and require nearly seven months to address if handled professionally. The truth, as fans have been told by "sources close to the program" is that the university retained a firm to evaluate the performance of the athletic department. Allegations of sexual harassment and mismanagement were rampant to the extent that the firm recommended the termination of Garcia. When this didn't happen, there was an internal uproar. As Garcia sat and did nothing with Cristobal's contract, he manuevered to save his own job and ended up with a new contract, raise and new life at FIU much to the amazement of coaches of all of FIU's teams. We are fortunate that Cristobal stuck around through this and patiently, through his agent, negotiated a reasonable deal for himself. Cristobal should have left last year instead of put up with this athletic department's antics that demonstrate there's more loyalty among Garcia's drinking buddies than there is among his own staff.

So where and when do we expect to see another contract extension? Why haven't you written anything more about this since your first article? As one of the holders of a suite at the stadium and an avid supporter of Cristobal, I am disgusted by this apparent FIU charade. Your colleague got it right. Cristobal earned the right to leave FIU. Garcia, who stands on the sidelines with high-heeled girls of questionable character, has earned the right to go nowhere -- because no school other than a naive FIU would have him.

Do your reporting. Go find the facts. Your coverage is off base.

David: What's the update on Cristobal's extension? Will we have to wait until August to hear about it? This is ridiculous.

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