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Some Football Stuff

Today's story: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/12/15/2548479/bowl-win-for-golden-panthers-could.html

You know it's a loose day at practice when AC/DC plays during some of the early team drills and players from the two-deep dance and sway to hip-hop on the PA system during the scout team scrimmage. On the sidelines were some local television cameras.

This was a "Monday" practice for Tuesday's game, albeit one without the responsibility of classes or tutors hanging over players.

Running back Kedrick Rhodes said his ankle wasn't quite 100 percent healthy, but he would be starting Tuesday. Mario Cristobal promised some new wrinkles would be added to the offensive and defensive schemes even if just for show, reasoning you can't give an opponent three weeks to get ready for you and come at them with the same stuff you used during the regular season.

Speaking of Cristobal, some of the lists made by the media covering the University of Pittsburgh have him as a potential target for the head coaching job that opened up when Todd Graham went to Arizona State. Cristobal's name gets thrown around with every opening, but wouldn't this have thrown another layer onto this game had South Florida beaten West Virginia and Pitt wound up in St. Pete against FIU?

Anyway, Graham was making a reported $2 million per year in total compensation. If you're willing to lay that kind of jack out for a coach, the buyout of Cristobal's contract, $453,183 wouldn't be much of a problem. Not saying either has pursued either at this point. Just saying the extension Cristobal signed the day before 2011 training camp started would be a low hurdle that would be taken in stride.

FIU's renaming the weight room Friday after Doctors Hospital Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.


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I doubt that Cristobal leaves, he's too fond of Miami. Pitt wouldn't be a good fit, it's to unstable, they've had 4 different coaches in 13 months. , Pitt should've never fired Wannstedt who lived and breathed Pitt football.

The Herald represents the U baby 24/7!!!!

Wannstache retired. Was not fired.

I think the official action was that he "stepped down". I remember a lot of people/media speculating that was in lieu of being fired.

On another note, I always get excited for new wrinkles, as long as they're football related.

MC will stay a panther

The Pittsburgh coach was making two million a year - what does FIU pay Cristobal?

wanstashe went to coach Defense at buffalo last i recalled after his "resignation"

I Believe that if FIU wins Tues, it'll be good news for the program but we will lose out MC. I hope he stays because CUSA should be calling a lot sooner than people think.

Cristobal is more important than a bowl win, nobody is going to remember who won the Beef o Brady bowl in a year.

They should offer him an extension ASAP.

He already has an extension.

Also, I've heard reports that Mario already took his name out of the running. So, there's that.

Where have you seen that Cristobal took his name out of the running? Better question, *why* would he do so?

Pitt is a stepping stone job, and some day he will bolt to (i.e.) Miami or a similar "big time" program. Those big time programs sure as heck don't pluck their coaches from the Sun Belt Conference. MC is merely positioning himself for the next big thing, and will likely pocket $2 million per year in doing so.

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