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More on FIU vs. Marshall

Last night, I made the blog post, wrote a separate story, sent it...and it didn't get posted for two hours. Only military folks and my daughter, who has heard my wife and I in South Florida traffic, would have failed to blush at the language that ensued. Probably why the kid didn't wake up.

Anyway, here's some stuff to chew on about this matchup...

The game matches the last two Pizza Bowl winners in the first bowl for each since winning that game. Marshall beat Ohio in the 2009 Little Ceasar's Pizza Bowl. FIU beat Toledo last year. Suffice to say that, while both appreciated doing the bowl thing, both would rather be in St. Petersburg during December than Detroit.

Louisville should steer clear of St. Pete. Both FIU and Marshall beat Louisville at the Howard complex.

Marshall gives up 30.2 points per game, which means unless the Tropicana Field folks slap down the ice rink that the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning played on from 1993-96, each FIU play should start with a starter's pistol instead of a snap count. Or, maybe not -- aside from stat-skewing games against Houston (63-28 loss) and Tulsa (59-17 loss), Marshall's given up 24.0 points per game. FIU's scores 26.2 points per game.

Marshall quarterbacks have thrown 14 interceptions this season. FIU closed the season on an seven-game interception run, 12 over that span.

There's no spread up yet. FIU went 6-6 against the spread the first three games and the last three games. The over played in three games, the under in nine with one game being a push. Marshall went 7-5 against the spread with the under playing in seven games, the over in five games.

Three Sun Belt teams made bowl games, tying last year for the most in the conference's history. The Hill People up at Western Kentucky have taken to doing the Twitter version of assault with broken bourbon bottles against the BBVA Compass Bowl.

FIU's one-stop shopping for bowl activities is on http://www.fiusports.com.

The first things that come to mind when I hear "Marshall" (outside of "Plan")...

*Lost 75 players, coaches and football staff in a Nov. 14, 1970 plane crash. The 2006 movie "We Are Marshall" is based on the reconstruction of the lives and program after that crash.

*Former Dolphins and Jets quarterback Chad Pennington and NFL wide receiving great Randy Moss are alums.

*And this...



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That's just an awesome clip.

I'm excited. I want to see our players in their last game. I can't wait for the 20th. Let's go Panthers!!!!!

Go Panthers!

Let TY go out in style!

Well, while you guys are having fun tailgating and wating for your team to play, I will be working some overime at Winn-Dixie. Yeah, I know you would think I had a better job, but my Uaint degree is a bit overatted. To tell you the truth, i never graduated from there.

Anyways I am freaking out. My team that has cheated it's whole life it about to get it's sentence. I am looking at the recruting pages and see that my team is last in the state in recruting. We lost alot of seniors, and rumor is a bunch are about to transfer because of the sanctions that we are about to receive. I am hoping the U only gets a 3 yr bowl ban, but most likely it will be 5 yrs. I am having suciadal thoughts thinking on how bad the "U" has become and is going to be. It looks like FIU will make it to a BCS bowl game way before the "U".

Guys I have no life, and without Uaint football there is no reason for me to continue. You would have thought by now we would have won one ACC championship game. Maybe if we would have stayed in the Big East. Good luck FIU.

Excellent post, very representative.

For future reference:

Best of luck with getting to a BCS bowl.

I do believe that Buck is a UM graduate. He writes well and thinks logically. Yes, I am complimenting Buc and the UM. And no I don't hate the UM. And yes I usually argue against responding to haters. And no I don't believe it is a great eduction either. Indeed, if you are going to spend that kind of cash on what many Hurricanes believe is a great education, then go to an Ivy league school or premier second tier school. However, Buc has one fatal flaw..... He only feels secure when he is insulting others. And I don't believe him when he says he would also "insult" Bethune Cookman and other Florida universities if they had a blog site here at the MH. The reality is that FIU is a serious long term threat to the UM.

He knows it, and so do we!!! It may take time but we are catching up everywhere, and there is nothing they can do about it. By the way, you could have gone to a State school and saved a hell of a lot of money. After all what's the difference? There are plenty of MDs, CPAs, and Lawyers with an undergraduate degree from FIU, FSU, UF and UCF. Stop the hate Buc and focus on the U's mediocre national perception (at an exorbitant cost, mind you). It's still SunTan U in upstate New York!

There is not an example you could produce where I insulted FIU and it wasn't in direct response to someone insulting UM, and I don't know that I've ever mentioned Bethune-Cookman.

Your education is what you make of it, I had more opportunities as a marine biologist at UM than I would have had anywhere else in the country.

UM is ranked 38, UF isn't top 50, FSU, UCF, USF aren't top 100, FIU isn't top 200.

You can get a better education at FIU than Harvard if you take better advantage of your opportunities. But your school's reputation does matter to some people.

Long-term threat? A commuter school on Tamiami Trail in the ugliest part of Miami is a threat? Yep.

fIU is the school of the future and always will be.

Mario will be gone soon. You will be back play D-II soon. Ask anyone outside of Miami-Dade what an FIU is and you will get blan stares.

Future threat?


The only people that truly believe that the U is a top school are it's graduates. Im not sure us news & world is the true barometer. By the way I was admitted to several schools after high school, with um being one of them.

As to puhhlease's argument(?), I can only state that if he/she is a um grad .... Well enough said. When you resort to racist rantings about ethnicity or heritage you are far from "superior." I do agree Mario may be gone soon but then again he and his brother are those so called "accented" Miami students who stayed home for college that you so detest. By the way, several of my friends, neighbors and friends stayed home to commute to the um. And they may even have accents. Finally, as to your unknown argument and ugly neighborhood, well look at Boise state. And USC is in a so-called ugly neighborhood.

Please tell me that your source for the Godfrey rumor wasnt uncle lukes rant on the new times.

That same idiot who argued with Sid against the Randy Shannon hate by throwing out the race card and using MC's then unsuccesful record to say: why not him too!

Luke is a worthless wannabe football "coach" thats upset alocal star kid got benched due to lack of performace.

I will add that going to um for marine biology makes absolute sense buc. Marine biology program at the u is tops in the nation. And as to Bethune I agree you didn't mention it. My point is that um grads have this absurd obsession with FIU. I believe it has to do with the undeniable fact that FIU is making huge strides. By the way, I am not one of those fans that believes FIU football is better than um. It isn't. But they can certainly compete and yes they can beat um. Believe it or not.

I can tell you that the places that care which school you went to, are the type of places that are looking for Yale or Harvard Grats ... not UM, FIU, USF, UCF, UF, FSU grads.

News flash - many professors work in both schools. News flash - UM and FIU's medical programs have a partnerships to share classes. News flash - I work with UM and UCF grads, my boss is an FAU grad, his boss is an FSU grad, his boss is an FIU grad, and his boss is a Clemson.... what's that mean? absolutely nothing

^^^Haters gonna hate, and make up shizzz^^^

Pleading ignorance? Didn't know there was an entire race of spanish speaking peoples called "hispanics"?

This is America, people can speak whatever language they want and at the end of the day the only people that aren't taking spanish speakers seriously are racist bigots like yourself with nothing to offer anyway.

ChiaPanther, I don't know Uncle Luke personally, don't follow him on Twitter, don't listen to Sid's show and haven't picked up a New Times in a couple of months.

trash bowl game..two trash teams

I can't wait to see the Canes in their bowl game. Oh wait...

MiamiSouthPaw, what do u mean? UM is going to a bowl this year, its called the Charmin Toilet Bowl!

FIU in the rise, I would bet you are still in undergrad. "Charming Toilet Bowl?". That is funny? Maybe when it was first said 50 years ago. But wait, do you think the bowl game FIWho is going to is better? In St. Pete? The only area of the state that is perhaps uglier than your west Dade campus?

Think again. When college football goes to four 16 team conferences, you will be dying to play in the Charmin Toilet Bowl. You will also be left out.

Next year UM will be lucky to win 6 games. Everybody is bailing out. Goodbye Mr. Streeter. Goodbye soon Lamar Miller. When the NCAA drops the hammer, the recruits will bail out too. If you couldn't beat Maryland or Boston College this year, it's only going to get worse.

FIU couldn't beat Duke, Louisiana something, northern Texas, or western Kentucky, and they're losing the best player they've ever had.

FIU fans shouldn't be worried about what UM's going to do next year.

So why is a UM fan on an FIU blog? Sounds like you don't practice what you preach. By the way, that Duke team beat Boston College. Central Florida beat Boston College. FIU beat UCF. Oh and how did Da U do against Boston College? Not so good.

Gotta agree with buc. Why do we care what happens at um? And thanks for going after Puhhhhlease (I think) on his obvious rascist views. But buc we did beat north Texas !

I'll continue to rag on UM because I don't go on their blog. I don't post on The U blog because I don't want to be associated with losers and has beens. But since a lot of them like to hang out here, I'll be more than happy to put them in their place. Oh, when was the last time UM won a bowl game? It's been so long, I can't remember. Suck to be U

My bad, complete guess on all three, I knew FIU lost to a few sunbelt teams.

DJN - since UCF is going to the Big East is FIU first in line for Conference USA?

I don't know if they're first in line, Buc, but they're high on the list.

Duke beat Boston College who beat Miami but lost to Central Florida who lost to FIU?

You do know that Miami also played Duke, right?

Check this out:


FIU is better than LSU because FIU beat Louisville who beat Kentucky who beat Tennessee who beat Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt is better than LSU because they beat Kentucky 38-8 and LSU only beat Kentucky 35-7.

A Brief Recap of FIU Football's Short History

FIU wins its inaugural game against Saint Peter's College (27—3).

FIU becomes the fastest school in the history of college football to move to Division I FBS, formerly known as Division I-A.

FIU and the Miami Hurricanes meet for the first time. Nine minutes into the second half the two teams engage in a brawl.

FIU Athletics Department hires a new athletic director Pete Garcia, and new head coach for the team, Mario Cristobal.

FIU was the second-youngest team in Division I-A. The majority of the team were freshmen.

During the 2007 season, FIU played its home games in the Miami Orange Bowl during the expansion of FIU Stadium to 20,000 seats.

FIU beats North Texas in the last college football game ever played at the historic Orange Bowl prior to its demolition.

FIU defeats Arkansas State University to clinch the Sun Belt Conference Title, earning FIU its first bowl berth in the short history of its football program.

29 days later, on 26 December, they became Little Caesars Champions.

FIU defeats current Big East Co-Champion Louisville.

FIU accepts an invitation to play in the 2011 Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl, the school's second consecutive bowl game.

Hey Guys, This is Buck PAncy again. Like I told you I have no life. All I do is keep checking this blog out to respond to you guys. I'm sorry I keep doing this, but I am depressed. Today Tommy Streeter and Marcus Fortson anounced that they are going to the NFL, next week it is rumored that Lamar Miller will do the same. Well, all I got left in my life is hate for FIU. I mean, I am so, so, so, scrared of FIU that I have made it a mission to continue on this blog. That is why I am called Pancy. I am in total denial, I am a believer that the "Uaint" will be back. We will win 5 National Championships this year. This time without cheating. We will rock our rented stadium every game. We will build a new legacy. See we got a coach that came from Temple for the next 12 years, and we are paying him guaranteed. I am a believer, yes I am a believer, my name is Buck Pancy and I respond to every post, espcially the one who mispelles everithyng. And you want to know why? because I am better than you people. I am a "Uaint" graduate, and we are soooooooo much smarter and succsful than you people. Hercules, Hercules, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

@ ItsGreatToBeAnFIU_Panther

FIwho has beaten exactly 3, THREE, TRES opponents with a winning record under Coach Cristobal (5 years...cinco anos), and only 7 opponents with a winning record (3 of those I-AA) throughout that (joke) "illustrious" history you chronicled above!

Here's the breakdown:
Louisville (2011)
Troy (2010)
Toledo (2010)
Western Kentucky (2005)
FAMU (2005)
Steven Austin (2004)
SUNY Albany, NY (2002)
*note the 4 consecutive seasons (2006 thru 2009) without winning a single game against a winning team!

Yeah, it is amazing what FIwho is doing! LOL!!!

@ theblacsheep

2006 thru 2009 were probationary years for violations that FIU self-reported to the NCAA. If you can’t see the point I was trying to make with my post on "A Brief Recap of FIU Football's Short History" then you my friend are either a delusional, unrealistic expectation having Canes fan, or quite simply, just an idiot.

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