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A look in the pool preceded by ball(s) recruiting

Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson junior Andre Horne, a 6-8, 230-pound forward, has made a verbal commitment to FIU for the 2013-14 school year. Horne averages 9.5 points, 6.0 rebounds and 3.5 blocks per game.


Head coach Mario Cristobal was marching through Georgia Thursday on a recruiting sweep.

One interesting transfer into the program is senior cornerback AJ Annelus. Interesting because of his rather serpentine path into South Florida. Annelus graduated Grandview (Mo.) Senior High in 2008, making him likely 22 when He redshirted for a year at Santa Monica Junior College before playing two seasons, then transferring to the University of Idaho. He spent the 2011 season there, getting into two games. Now, he's at Florida State College in Jacksonville, preparing to transfer to FIU.



FIU won six of the 12 events at Thursday's FIU Relays, giving them a 12-point win over second place Eastern Michigan.

The six winning teams were in the 300 backstroke (Jenny Lee, Elly James, Danielle Meara); 800 freestyle (Vicnan Torres, Sonia Perez Arau, Nadia Farrugia, Colleen Quinn); 500 free (Kariann Stevens, Torres, Farrugia, Quinn); 200 free (Kelly Quinn, Stevens, Torres, Farrugia); the 400 medley (Klara Andersson, Stevens, Perez Arau and Meara); and the 400 free (Farrugia, Torres, Quinn, Grace).

The swim team will be back in action Saturday in the FIU Invite.





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Coach Thomas was on the Radio with Sid yesterday and Sid spoke of other Broward area committs. Anyword on them?

We all kinda assumed that already blacsheep, but thanks for confirming.

Did Hilliard enroll at FIU already?

FIU will never recruit better than the U! High schoolers reading, trust me u do not want to go to a garbage school like FIU. There stadium is a joke and Coach Cristobal is too!

Dear Recruits,

Please pardon the hating trolls that are obsessed over visiting FIU blogs and spewing ignorance.

The facts is there is only one team in South Florida that went bowling this season: FIU. Only one team that can aspire to bowl game next year: FIU. Only one team that had a winning record this season: FIU. Only one team south of Boca with an on-campus stadium: FIU. Only one team not facing a massive NCAA investigation: FIU. Only one team that is building a future instead of obesessing about the distant past: FIU. Only one team that has won their conference championship: FIU.

Follow no one. Build your own path. But no matter what you decide, please don't take your advise from some dude who mispells his own name (blacksheep) or a micro-blogger CP3 wanna-be named AG3.

#TeamFIU #FIUFamily

FIU is on the Rise! Ignore the haters.

DJ Neal - any idea what Cristobal is looking for aside from salary in his next contract? Post Gazette said he was looking for 'program improvements'.

Coaches? Facilities? Free soda in the locker room?

story of Aj Annelus is all wrong he's not at Florida state college aj is finishing his senior at idaho.his Little brother DJ Annelus is currently at Florida state college at jacksonville DJ will be transfering to FIU in July.he's 5'7 190 4.49 speed played cornerbacj in high-school switch position now playing runningback
class of 09 grandview senior high

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