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Camp Mitch sources say: Tim Cramsey new football OC; Copeland update

Sources out at the Mitch Madique Campus say Tim Cramsey will be FIU football's new offensive coordinator.

Cramsey, a former University of New Hampshire quarterback, just spent nine seasons as an assistant coach at his alma mater. The last two seasons, he was the offensive coordinator.

Expect FIU to accelerate to an up-tempo style of offense in the Oregon mode, cranking off lots of plays, trying to get some cheap scores and big plays out of defensive fatique or disorganization in the face of speed.


Speaking of speed, Port St. Lucie Treasure Coast quarterback-to-be-wide receiver Travares Copeland posted on Facebook,

"Daammmmmnnn I'm glad I'm not going2 RUTGERS.......head coach going2 NFL smh well ((fiu)) or ((west virginia)) Morgan town or Miami??????"

Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano is taking the head coaching job with the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nice timing, doing that a week before National Signing Day. You'd think Rutgers commits' cell phones were made of plastique, the way they'll be blowing up the next few days asking, "You still sure?" 

And, before you ask, yes, you can expect them to come after Mario Cristobal, who did some time as a Rutgers assistant. You can bet that'll be used by other schools in the final days as FIU fights for what looks like a good recruiting class together. I don't see Cristobal making that move, however.


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Do you think there's a chance Rutgers will go after Mario now?

Great question RBLAN..

Neal I have a quick question about the recruiting list. How come we are not picking up more Dade and Broward County players? With so much talent in every position in South Florida but less then half of our "Committed" players are from the 305.. Is there more coming in the next few days?


I agree with Gooch7, we should be reeling em in, in our own back yard, but I do know the 954 & 561 are rich in Talent I.e. Ely, Atlantic, Glades Central & Pahokee...Go FIU...Can't wait for NSD!!!!

Cristobal really??? who is this guy? you mean to tell me that not one of your offensive assistant coaches is worthy of becoming your next "OC". They only been with you from day one. Then for you to hire this guy another D1AA guy, at least hire a D1 guy. I can't believe your coaches are backing you on this hire...what a sad day to be an FIU fan.

The simplest answer for why FIU doesn't get more from Miami-Dade is, well, yes, there's a lot of talent down here...and that's why recruiters from everywhere overrun this area. The SEC recruits here, not just Florida. The ACC, not just Florida State and UM. The Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-10, Pac West, Mountain West, Mountain Fresh, Fresh Market...I think I saw Luther from Minnesota State down here talking to a kid's mama.

FIU's improving. But, still, they're like the high school nice guy still who lives in a neighborhood with a plethora of attractive girls. If every cool jock in the state rolls into the neighborhood trying to woo those young ladies with similar looks, a better car, more expensive clothes, a bigger bank account and just as much sweet talk, how many of thoe attractive women will end the night sharing ice cream with the nice neighborhood guy?

FIU's starting to win some of those battles. They've got commits from three first-team All-Dade players, which a lot of schools would love to have. But it's tough competing against even an Iowa, to say nothing of the real perennial powers that come down here recruitng and have developed relationships that go back decades. Then, you have the Marshalls of the world, who also recruit hard down here. And, of course, there's the UM option for some who want to stay local.

Also, some of these kids would like a change of scenery for one reason or another. Visit some college towns on the weekends, whether they're hosting a football/basketball game or not, and it's easy to fall in love with the vibe. And someplace where everything's cheap because so many are broke college students? Sells some.

He's actually made a good decision by expanding the recruiting footprint to states such as Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama. A lot of those guys from small towns like the idea of living in Miami. Recruiting just in South Florida doesn't cut it anymore, there's too much competition.

Excellent thoughts from all the posts. My concerns for next season are two: Is the young QB Jake ready? And will Wayne Tymes be able to seamlessly fill T.Y. Hilton's playmaker role?

Why do you keep posting the same thing everywhere blacsheep? It's pretty annoying, especially when no one has mentioned UM.

I LOVE IT!!! Let’s keep comparing a program thats been around for 86 years to a program thats only been around for 10. This town may or may not want to support 2 college football teams but they'll certainly support a winning team. With the sanctions and a very competitive ACC conference, I only see the canes continuing to struggle or at least coming up short. FIU will only get better each year, winning a couple more Sunbelt titles on the way to being invited to a better conference. And yes, they will be much better this year even without T.Y.

The "U" enjoyed winning and developed a fan base for many years while in a weaker conference, what makes you think FIU won’t do the same? The "U" had a lot of success during a time when recruiting was very lop-sided. Now, practically every program in the NCAA has caught on to the stategy of recruiting the best athletes who may not necessarily be strong academically. The playing field has gotten a lot more level, which kind of explains the continual disappointment delusions of the high-expectation having so called "die-hard" UM fan. It may not happen this year or the next, but don’t be surprised if there is a gradual shift of fan support in this city towards a winning FIU team... i'm just sayin.

FIU Football is improving
2009 - 3-9
2010 - 7-6
2011 - 8-5

UM Football is worsening
2009 - 9-4
2010 - 7-6
2011 - 6-6

just for those who do not know-Cramsey was the guy who worked under and took over for Chip Kelly when he went to Oregon. that worked out pretty well for Oregon. Have faith!

The most important thing for them was to make sure that will it be really working.

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