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FIU men get by South Alabama 65-62.

Accident that FIU's three-game losing streak ends with DeJuan Wright's return Thursday night at South Alabama?

So, now there will be bouncy vibe around the team going into Saturday's acronym showdown with FAU. If FIU didn't expect to be 5-13 (2-4) coming into Saturday, FAU, the preseason conference favorite, certainly didn't expect to be 6-12 (2-3) going into Thursday night's game at Troy.

Both the men's and women's games Saturday, the premiere of the upgraded U.S. Century Bank Arena, will be shown on ESPN3.com.


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Lets go knicks...
fire D'antoni and take Thomas.

Hire Bobby Hurley.

Thanks for sharing with us

The FIU men's bballgame is being shown on ESPN3?! This is a good sign after we were on ESPN earlier this year vs Maryland. Let's beat down those Owls!!

I believe the game is on ESPN3 because it is being picked up by the Sun Belt Network meaning it might be blacked out locally and airing only on CSS.

Seems like this is the type of information the reporter would include in his blog... oh well...

If you are in Miami, you should be at the game to support the team. So it shouldn't matter if it is blacked-out in Miami.

Seems like the type of thing a fan would do... oh well ...

I agree with you, 4Ever. I will be there. But the information should be shared, regardless. What is someone is working or has to watch the kids or who knows what? The information should be at their disposal.

I highly sugesgt you seek psychiatric help. Seriously! Because no BEST COACHES hiring scenario will become a REALITY for Lil' Herbie, bUbba. dUh.And believe it or not, DANA absolutely won't return to Lil' Herbie-ville! Simply because he's got a very good thing going in green, beautiful Oregon. Quality of living is realtively better than the small town Lil' Herbie capital, for instance.A stronger alumni and fan base. Talking hoops. Not pigsking action. Of course, Oregon is the SUPERIOR program than Lil' Herbie now. Howdy.A relatively better new arena. An area, the Northwest and Northern California, which produces stronger H.S. talent than the Lil' Herbie state and surrounding RURAL enclaves. For instance, Portland, Oregon produces some SERIOUS prep talent, with players going to schools such as ARIZONA, KENTUCKY, KANSAS and U.C.L.A. to name a few WHO'S WHO in major college hoopdoms.And of course, a mens basketball program which has had relatively better success than that annual BOTTOM-FEEDER program in the small town Capital town. Case in point. The Ducks have had an ELITE-8 run. Has Lil' Herbie even won a N.C.A.A. Tournament game. Didn't think so.In other words, DANA is staying put in the Oregon Trail state. Bloody well GUARANTEE it!!

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