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FIU vs. Marlins at Marlins Park; Diamond Dinner; Pool Control

A couple of baseball notes:

Wednesday, March 7, in Exactly How Deep Are The Feds Looking Into This? Stadium the Marlins will play FIU in a split squad exhibition game at 1:05 p.m. 

The Diamond Dinner, to baseball and softball programs' fundraising what Harmon Killebrew was to the Minnesota Twins, will be Feb. 11 at the Graham Center Ballroom. The event will include food (dinner...good), alcohol (cocktail reception...better), a live auction, a silent auction and guest speaker Lou Pinella, an insanely competitive player and manager.


In their final home meet of the season, FIU's women of the pool blew Central Connecticut State out of the water with a 174-120.

Sophmoore Sonia Perez Arau won the 100-yard freestyle, 200 backsrtroke and the 400 individual medley. On Senior Day, seniors Kariann Stevens and Vicnan Torres won the 400 free relay with freshmen Klara Andersson and Nadia Farrugia. Stevens also won the 100 butterfly. The freshmen took individual firsts in the 100 free (Andersson) and 200 free (Farrugia). Freshman Jeanmarie Madison won the 200 breaststroke). Sophomore Johanna Gustafsdottir showed nice versatility by winning the 100 back and the 500 free.

Diver Sabrina Beaupre won the 1-meter and 3-meter events. But, if you're reading this far into the pool part of the post, you probably assumed that. 


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Any insight on football recruits? I know you hate the recruiting scene, but unfortunately I am addicted. I do, however, agree with you that the whole star system for recruits is a reach at best. But nothing brings out the optimism in a college football fan like NSD. And hope is what drives most fans. Read that TE Brooks is now going to Kansas. Any possible transfers? BTW, thanks for your great work as a journalist regardless of whom or what you are covering.

What's the latest on the recruiting trail? Any sleepers?

Marlins schedule says its at 7:10.

DJ Neal - thanks for the response, don't pay no nevermind to the International, he's a weirdo like his cousin the Continental.


The way the Post Gazette reported it was that Cristobal was the #1 choice until he started re-negotiating with FIU and Pitt got impatient.

I thought a modest salary raise had already been worked out so that Cristobal could wait for his dream opportunity without having to turn down quadruple pay for every opening that comes up.

I guess we'll find out about the salary or program/staff upgrades when they happen - but do you think that there's any chance that Cristobal wasn't guaranteed a raise and just missed out on coaching an ACC team for $2 million a year? Is it really that big of a stretch for FIU to make his salary closer to $ 1 mil. a year? The difference is eleven bucks per student...

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