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Halftime: FIU men trail, 33-31

FIU blew out to a 14-4 lead on FAU before trading the rebound for the turnover or forced shot at the offensive end of the court. The Owls closed to 20-17, hung that close for four and a half minutes, pulled even 25-25 on Raymond Taylor's three-pointer from the Turnpike, then took the lead on a pair of Greg Gantt free throws. Gantt usually kills FIU, but this afternoon, it's forward Jordan McCoy. McCoy, off the bench, has four rebounds and a game-high 12 points in 15 minutes.

Dominique Ferguson has 10 points to lead FIU in scoring. Brandon Moore has five rebounds, but also two fouls, the most of anyone in a loosely-called game.


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You guys are right. Nebraska is GREAT. They just play in a really tough laeuge. They would probably win the conference if they were in any other laeuge. The Blue Jays really stink. They don't have near the facilities, training table, recruiting budget, or academic support that Nebraska provides. I can't believe that anybody could cheer for them. Nebraska is the best at everything. I remember Steve Pedersen telling us that. I fact, we would have won the football national championships the last three years if the refs had not been against us. If we beat Iowa on Thursday, we will have won FIVE road games since 2002. How can anybody root for the Bluejays??

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