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FIU gets Middle-d, 74-60 (women), 70-59 (men); Tola Akomolafe ineligible (for now)

Despite 29 points from FIU's Jerica Coley, Middle Tennesseee pulled away late for a 74-60 win Thursday night.

The men's team, playing most of the first half with a lineup of Deric Hill, Tanner Wozniak, Gilles Dierickx, Jeremy Allen and Dominique Ferguson, led Middle's men 29-26 at halftime. But shooting under 30 percent in the second half opened the door to a Blue Raiders comeback similar to the one that crushed FIU's women. Ferguson finished with a game-high 20 points. Allen finished with 19.

As the men's game started, 6-6 forward Tola Akomolafe, who has started eight of the 14 games he's played this season, sat at the end of the bench in a suit. There were some eligibility concerns earlier this week about Akomolafe that have come to pass. The school is petitioning the NCAA. 


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Starting to seem a bit pathetic.

DJ Neal - have a friend pretend to mug Mrs. Cristobal, swoop in and save the day, and make your one wish that her husband tells you where he's at with his contract extension and if he's asking for any program upgrades.

If they don't pay the man he becomes a lame duck coach with everyone waiting for him to be hired away, no?

DJN, how about you answer the people that comment on this blog? I've seen the same question asked about 10 times and you ignore it every time. You're not THAT busy.

The I: I'm sorry I haven't paid you for the fine job you've done as my personal assistant, which you must be, as you clearly know the daily schedule of my professional and personal life.

People have asked repeatedly about what commitments to program improvements the school is making to keep Mario Cristobal. What I've heard I don't have backed up enough to feel comfortable reporting. When I have an answer I feel comfortable reporting, I'll give it to you.

Buc: Right now, he's no more a "lame duck" than he was seconds after he signed the extension last summer. FIU can't afford to pay him as much as many of the private universities and, unless there's some sharp negotiating, can't make the out clause toothy enough to dissuade all suitors. But they can put enough bite in it to make it a little painful. I think I've blogged or written in a story that if there's more money involved, a high percentage could go to assistants' pay to retain or obtain a solid staff.

I've heard from two sources close to the Pitt program that when Pitts personal took a good luck into Mario practices and coaching styles they were so un-impressed that it became an inside joke. They even witnessed a players revolt during bowl practice when Mario wanted full gear and all the players walked out to practice is shorts. It got ugly and in true Mario fashion he belittled his players the whole day. So the pay Mario or lose him is a scheme there is no interest in him elsewhere as a head coach, if so WHERE?..yet FIU continues to raise student fee's to support this program. An 8-5 team who finished 4th in the SUNBELT CONFERENCE and the coach wants a raise?..COME ON MAN

** a good look

See, DJN, that wasn't so hard, was it? I bet that reply took a good five minutes to write. Hell, you even threw in a shot at me.

Stop complaining about being called out for not doing your job. People ask questions, you answer them. If you can't answer them right away, at least acknowledge the question and say you'll report once you feel comfortable - like you did on this post.

Luckily, I've done better for myself than to have to be a personal assistant to a reporter whose toughest task is thinking of a completely unrelated YouTube video to post on a blog that has information taken from Rivals.com.

I appreciate the work you do and the news you provide us with regarding FIU Athletics, but if you can't understand how annoying it is to see the same question go unanswered for weeks, than you must not realize what your readers want.

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