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OC Satterfield Out; Willis In; some others enrolled early

Some football updates while exiled in Dolphinland on coaching search watch:

FIU will be looking for a new offensive coordinator now that Scott Satterfield is heading back to Appalacian State as offensive coordinator. What's your feeling on this move? Good? Bad?

I thought while FIU's offense's scheme played to its strengths, the Panthers did tend to get repetitive and into a pattern (not always the same thing) on play calls. They didn't use their tight ends enough, either, in the red zone and, yes, that did gnaw at me the whole season, especially when you see the matchup problems Jonathan Faucher and Colt Anderson could cause. FIU's offense was both explosive and inconsistent.


Source at Camp Mitch confirmed a verbal commitment by Fort Meade High outside linebacker Jamie Willis. Here's some highlights.



On the recruit front, the word out of Camp Mitch is offensive lineman Delmar Taylor, defensive lineman Fadol Brown and running back Lemarq Caldwell will begin classes Monday. Miami Northwestern quarterback E.J. Hilliard told other Herald reporters months ago he wants to enroll after graduating high school early.

So, that takes a little of the angst from the coaches' coffees about National Signing Day.


Hilton signed with agent Drew Rosenhaus.


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I heard bobo the clown wants to also play at fiu!! FIU will NEVER be the legacy of the U!!! Haha how does it feel to lose in Bowl game FIU???

With the OC gone I hope FIU can find a new OC that utilizes the quarterback under center for short yardage situations and isn't so conservative.

Adam Beasley III AG3 - You are just pathetic.

AGIII how does it feel losing 3 straight bowls? And not going a bowl game 2 in 2007 and this year?

How about the transfers? When will they enroll in classes?

Replacing Satterfield = Good.

I think there may have been some potential, but like everyone seems to think, he was vanilla and the playbook seemed limited.

Don't let the door hit you in the rear on your way out, Mr. S. I suspect that this was one of the upgrades mentioned during talks with MC.

The offense seemed to lose it's punch as the season wore on. Good move by Mario.

Replacing Satterfield = Bab but a chances to be better. Have to find a upgrade to happy with the move. Probably the OC we ever had here.

Not a big fan of the spred offense. You really need to have a great qb to run it. Maybe if they go pro style?

How quickly FIU fans forget that during our worst years (Don Strock Era) we ran a "Pro-Style" offense. Only under Mario Cristobal and the "Spread" have we accomplished anything. Yet people want to change it. Just doesn't make any sense. This is college football. Keep the spread. It's working.

I think this was a good move as Satterfield's offense tended to stall at times. Hey let's look at this way.

If Satterfield got fired, due to the loss against Marshall, I would say that that was law a karma in effect. Last year, in the pizza bowl, FIU had the advantage in the second half of the game against Toledo, as Satterfield was their former coordinator. Now this year's lost can be that Bill Legg had inside information which was used to stymie FIU. Just my opinion there.

As far as the replacement, look at when Geoff Collins left, we got Todd Orlando who increased the defense significantly. So, not to ramble anymore, Lets get a good hire with a lot of experience. Our coaching staff is young and it shows sometime against seasoned vets.
Look at coached like taggert, he learned from some of the best, hence western kentucky having success.

DJN - the salary is the easy part, what kinds of program upgrades is Cristobal looking for from FIU?

thanks for posting the vid, i've been looking for this

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