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Silence isn't golden

Before Greg Schiano hung up the phone from letting Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti know he'd need a new head football caoch, the rumor mill had FIU coach Mario Cristobal as one of the favorites for the job.

This would be a bombshell any time. Having it happen days before National Signing Day could be an ICBM into what's shaping up as a fine recruiting class.

That's when somebody should've said something.

This seems like the time for an "I will not be the Alabama head coach" even if talks are occurring (a source close to Cristobal says they aren't, although the Newark Star-Ledger reports differently). FIU needed to squash these rumors as their reaction is being watched by several kids with other coaches in their ears and on their phoes: "Yeah, you liked him, but, next year, some Rutgers kid will like him., too"

Sources close to Cristobal said he hasn't been contacted by Rutgers. A Newark Star-Ledger Sunday evening article said the opposite. Whatever, it's late in the recruiting day for this to be or remain an issue.


FIU had the Mini Dazzlers at each of their last two home basketball doubleheaders. I'm an old school father who's pretty liberal in teaching my daughter on matters of reproduction and not being ashamed of your body. Still, tarting up a bunch of little girls tarted up with too much makeup and too little attire, then letting them do a routine that includes pop-that-stuff hip thrusts is flat out creepy. It was creepy when the Heat had their kiddie version of the Heat dancers. It's really creepy at FIU.



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I haven't witness the Mini Dazzlers at FIU, but I have seen it at Heat games. I agree with you, I too think its a VERY poor taste. With all the backfire and outrage of "Motherly Pimps" I mean "Toddlers and Tiaras", I'm very surprised FIU would do it.

Couldn't agree more. Child cheerleaders are creepy. Same level, if not worse, than those children forced to compete in pageants (cue "Little Miss Sunshine")

Im actually WAY more worried about Pete Garcia not doing ANYTHING about these. Cristobal has asked for a coupe things (in which he has all the right to ask for). Non of the things his asking are impossible for FIU to provided and make happen. If MC was asking FIU for a $2M raise then I would be the first to say "look for another coach" but his trying to look out for his assistant coaches and a couple other things.
I think Pete Garcia has done an amazing job upgrading the Athletic Dept but he is dropping the ball BIG TIME on these one. Very disappointed in Mr. Garcia and the Athletic Dept.
Time will tell!


GOOOOOOCH!!! You didn't win the ING marathon yesterday... what's up with that?!?!

dont worry too much about the mini-dazzlers. no oen is going to the FIU men's basketball home games anyways. The full grown dazzlers should worry about IT.

I would rather see the Golden Oldies any day than little girls dancing a move that has no other name but p*ssy popping.

And their parents are always sitting there on the sideline with such pride. Makes you wonder what their aspirations are for the kid...

Its offical Cristobal gone. Sorry FIU u guys stink again

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