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Silence Speaking Volumes

Since Friday, FIU athletic director Pete Garcia and FIU football coach Mario Cristobal have observed a sort of media silence on the reports that Rutgers was interested in Cristobal. This comes with Cristobal, who just last week hired a new offensive coordinator at FIU, trying to corral a potentially strong recruiting class with some precarious elements.

So, there's no surprise that there's a Newark Star-Ledger report out today saying an announcement of Cristobal as Rutgers head coach is imminent. Silence speaks volumes. Especially in some parts of New Jersey.

Cristobal denied the Star-Ledger report this afternoon.

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Just want to make sure I read correctly...

Cristobal denied the NJSL report in a conversation with you, this afternoon?

Weak sauce.

Go MArio...take the knights where the chimp couldn't take them...Orange Bowl Bound at large bid coming soon!

Finally some moderation to clean out the scUM.

Thanks David!!!

Thanks DNJ, I was getting tired of those repetitive comments which were borderline spam.


DNJ, you were the only one that was right on this. Your a Pulitzer Prize nominee in my book.

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