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Source: Cristobal's staying

A source close to Mario Cristobal texted me about 10 minutes ago to say Cristobal is staying at FIU.

Smart move to make the choice and get it out today before recruits started to answer those phone calls and texts that come in every time a head coach gets linked to another school. This is the second time in two months Cristobal's chosen FIU and his hometown over what would've been a signifcant raise and a job with a higher profile program in a higher profile conference. And make no mistake Rutgers had chosen Cristobal as their No. 1 choice.


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Eat crow scUM haters. Feel free to readjust your rear view mirrors again...objects closer than they appear.


A message to potential student athletes, potential season ticket holders and the South Florida community in general: Coach Cristobal has now turned away from the Big East and the ACC in order to build a champion at FIU. You all need to take notice.

I love it, your coach interviews with another team, winds up staying for whatever reason, and your concern is on what UM fans think about it. Pathetic.

Pay your coach!

Great publicity for him and the school since he didn't end up at Rutgers. I gotta agree with Buc, no reason to mention UM, don't troll them.

All this tells me is that Cristobal is open to move.... The folks at FIU need to have a plan in place. If FIU has a decent season this year, he'll probably get "an offer he can't refuse".

I don't understand how he could refuse this offer but it's a third chance for FIU to do the right thing and meet him halfway.

Cristobal might stay awhile for a million a year, he obviously wants something within reason because he risked and lost out on quadruple the salary from Pittsburgh to try to make it happen.

It's 10 bucks a student, WTF is the hold up? Three strikes and FIU will have to find someone new to rebuild a program that hasn't even been built yet.

How hard is it to believe what he says, maybe he really does believe in building FIU.

The reason he is open to interviews is because he needs leverage to negotiate his contract. How else will he ever get a raise if he becomes contempt with not taking interviews. He has more stability here then at any of those other places, a lot of coaches wish they could buy that stability.

If you'd pay attention to any of the other headlines or blogs written about FIU you would see that a lot of the UM bashing being done by FIU supporters are usually retaliatory. The UM hate being dished out by the "die-hards" is a lot more mean spirited and disrespectful than the comments being dished out towards the "U" by the FIU fans.

^^^^^ Bingo.

And since when did this guy Buc Face Nasty become an FIU enthusiast? Just a snake slivering in the grass.

Any thoughts of Mario Cristobal or FIU scUMsanitizer?

First time for everything.


Hmm, gave me the correction to the post but deleted the post itself.

I just looked at the comments section of the Cristobal story (*) - one mean spirited UM post, four positive UM posts.

And that's how it works on the internet, a handful of idiots like that UM fan and scUMsanitizer dominate the discourse.

Look at all the nonsense on the unreadable UM and UF blogs - they aren't even rivals! You won't find a single comment about BOTH their rival FSU on either one because FSU doesn't have a blog in the Miami Herald or any idiots to childishly and mindlessly trash talk.

FIU fans should be grateful that there aren't any real haters out of the 10 people who read this blog and that DJ Neal cares enough to remove the nonsense when it gets out of hand.

I am grateful.

Definitely glad that Mario is staying. He has taken interviews, but part of that is professional courtesy and part of that is strengthening his own negotiating position.

Mario has shown himself to be dedicated to this program, and he knows that you can build a winner at a school like FIU (TCU and BSU are examples). It takes lots of hard work, but it can be done, and we are moving in that direction.

The newspapers up in NJ say his agent had negotiated the ENTIRE deal, $1.3 million, who on staff was being retained for recruiting purposes, etc... and with it all done, he pulled out. I don't think you have to worry about Mario going anywhere for years - screw over an AD like he did Rutger's and the AD community is not likely to let you do it again, especially to them. Who the heck would believe a word this guy says?

Hey "theblacsheep", how many UM games did you attend last year?

This was a close call and this will be a self perpetuating problem in the future if FIU starts to make annual bowl trips, puts up 10 win seasons, and gets ranked. Bigger programs than Rutgers will come calling for him.

What is wrong with some UM fans? I grew up a UM fan, but as an FIU alum we now have our own team and I still support UM. But, some under-educated fans spew out nonsense that UM is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Over the past four years UM has gone to 3 bowl games and have lost all of them. UM is turning into Notre Dame, only living on the past because there is nothing to look forward to tomorrow.

Nevertheless, FIU needs to continue building success and I hope for a 10win season, the Sun Belt Conference championship, and a better bowl next season.

I feel bad for David J. Neal because he has to clean up after this clown.

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