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Jerica Coley Sun Belt POW (again)

Sophomore guard Jerica Coley now has a hat trick of Sun Belt Player of the Week awards for this season, four for her FIU career.

Coley put in 25 points against North Texas, 18 against Denver, both wins for the Panthers. She also had a total of 12 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 blocks and 2 steals.


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These girl is incredible. Not only is she hands down the Player of the year for the Sunbelt but one step closer to being named All-American (as a SOPHOMORE)..

Very impressive.


Greg Cote just wrote an article talking about how great South Florida sports is, and mentions several different sporting teams and events, even mentions horse racing @ Gulfstream, cricket and sailing, and doesn't even make a single mention about FIU.
http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/02/13/2 ... -full.html



WE MUST ALL CONTACT HERALD IMMEDIATELY, and we must also CONTACT FIU IMMEDIATELY. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH... and frankly some of it is FIU's fault for not doing whatever is necessary to prevent this disgraceful shiz from happening.

Wow! Lighten up Francis. All of a sudden, Blacsheep doesn't seem like the most delusional poster. We have a new winner!

Greg Cote doesn't work for FIU...

Agree with southpaw and buc. Stop fighting the wrong windmill quijote. Cote is cote. Personally I don't care for his writing except some of the dolphins pieces. And his random thoughts piece is old and tired. Hasn't made me laugh in years. So Don't read his articles. Simple as that.

But stop complaining about the coverage. It's good and will get better as FIU grows.

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