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Then, came Benson...

Not this guy...


...but this guy...


The Sun Belt officially announced incoming commissioner Karl Benson (above in a photo from sportsnola.com) and introduced him via teleconference.

Benson presided over the Western Athletic Conference over the last 18 years as it waxed and waned similar to Charly's intelligence. Before that, he was the Mid-America Conference commish for four years. Benson's Costa Concordia captain jump to the Sun Belt as the WAC undergoes shrinkage and change shows the man possesses keen survival instincts, at least on an individual level.

His vision for the conference is of more schools, 12 of which play Division I football (unlike Denver and Arkansas-Litle Rock), with a conference championship game in football. Nothing new there. Outgoing commissioner Wright Waters has said the same thing. Benson wants to keep the Sun Belt in Florida to maintain a conference presence in a state so fat with football talent.

No fool he, Benson surely knows Conference USA wants the same thing for its mega-conference alliance with the Mountain West, which spun off from the WAC during Benson's watch (Flowers for Albequerque?). That means FIU and, as Three Dog Night sang, one is the lonliest number. So bringing FAU in along with FIU would merely pass along the Florida-free problem to the Sun Belt.

"We've (the schools and commission) have to show them the Sun Belt, in its current composition, has areas of achievenment equal to what any other conference may otter," Benson said. 




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