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Hilton Pro Day Video (belatedly) & groundbreaking stuff

Sorry I've been away in Dolphinland since returning from Tampa, where I thought the FIU-South Florida Women's NIT game at the Campus Recreation Center would be preceded by a gym class playing Dodge Ball, Pinball or Prisoner's All. Much anger and dysfunction up in Davie.

I also just regained my camera, thus allowing me to post the video of T.Y. Hilton's Pro Day, albeit 12 days after I intended. 





This Friday at 3:15, the school will be holding a groundbreaking ceremony for the new north side of Alonso Field at FIU Stadium. Knowing how construction projects often go in Dade County, if they get this thing done on time, I think they should hold a serious party with hours of Afro-Cuban bongos, booty shaking and enough pork to beach the Steelers.



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lol. funny

Is the construction to finish the 'lower bowl' or northside of the Stadium commencing now? Does anyone know what would next year's Stadium capacity will be?

Phase three includes a seating capacity increase and expansion of the northern side of stadium including additional suites, press boxes, and a second stadium club. Currently, the north side of the stadium is bleachers that are remaining from the original 1995 stadium. Phase three would demolish the bleachers and complete the ring around the field of the stadium. Construction is due to begin in Spring 2012, and is expected to be finished by September 2012 for the 2012 football season.[12]

Phase four: TBD (planned)

Phase four of construction to FIU Stadium is contingent upon fanbase growth and demand. Projections call for construction in the future, but could be depending on the continued growth of FIU Football.

Seating capacity will increase to 45,000.
Expanded upper concourse
Construction of additional luxury suites and club seats
Restaurant overlooking the field
Main Street FIU
2-story expansion of fieldhouse

Dave - What was your impression on how he did overall?
Did he appear as fast as he usually is?

What vibe did you get from the scouts there?

Ahhh, C'mon DJN. What was it my "Slick ------" comment? that got my post erased. I was asking a question, I remember seeing Cristobal saying that after the last football practice that they were going to tear down the H.S. bleechers. I see the H.S. bleechers still there, FIU and Coach Cristobal were showing off how the lower bowl was going to be completed. Yesterday was the first day of Spring and I have not heard anything....

If your going to do something, do it right. Dont talk all big and bad and not come through. I'm sorry but I am sick of being the potential school. Last year was a disaster for FIU, this year FIU and every year FIU should win the Sun-belt. You FIU fans should expect more, and not be afraid to critisize especially when it is warranted. Remember Cristobal was a few hours from leaving FIU to Rutgers just a few days before the National signing day. He is not that loyal as you think. Step your game up Cristobal, and win an outright championship before you talk like your Saban.

C'mon man, FAU has a better stadium than us. How embarrasing. FIU fans should not accept that.

what are you talking about?.. the project to complete that stadium already started....

They have a better looking stadium.... yeah... and they have to play body games for the foreseable future because of it.

While they are getting killed by the Alabama's of the world, we get to play Lousville, UCF, USF, Rutgers, Texas A&M, Pitt AT HOME and build our stadium at our own pace.

FAU didnt have a choice but to spend 70 million and get killed in football games every year, because they had fallen so far behind.

I wouldn't quite say last year was a disaster for FIU, if it was a disaster for FIU then what was it for FAU? FIU is improving but it takes time and doesn't happen overnight, the program is heading in the right direction. However, this upcoming season must show improvement from last and beating Duke is a MUST to start off the season.

I think the football team will be better overall. Certainly the talent is better than it was two years ago. However, this does not mean that our record will be better than it was the last two years. Louisville will be much, much better than last year, and will seek revenge. Central Florida is seeking revenge and is equal in talent to FIU's talent (their fans are going to go nuts once they read this since they think UCF is up there with USF - - which they are not). But UCF is an away game and will be a very tough game for us with the revenge factor. Duke is still ACC and is an away game. Arky State is a fantastic team and has been for a few years now. There only hurdle is beating out-of-conference competition. They have great talent and awesome transfers.

ULL is much, much improved and have great RB, QB and good WRs. They will be tough. WKU may have been the best in the conference last year after a mediocre start. They may have lost their stud RB but they have a fantastic coach and great recruiting plus transfers and JUCOs. And I am still always concerned about Troy. They are not done by any stretch. They have recruited well. Same with MTSU. Don't take these programs for granted.

We are bringing in a new QB and new OC. Let's not get cocky or overconfident. One game at a time. Remember that the ULL loss last year took most by surprise, including me. We are still a work in progress and can lose on any given Saturday (or Tuesday or Thursday or Friday for that matter with our crazy SBC TV schedules).

In sum, FIU WILL be improved but lets not get overconfident or cocky. I'm hoping for the best but can also see a few losses coming with this schedule. But the good news is it's a matter of time before we are a major program. Of course one loss will bring out doom and gloom himself - B&G.

Should read * "Their"* not "There."

FIU Fan Losing Faith: Yep, it was the ethic/racial component, playing to a stereotype, that got your original comment erased. And, for the record, it was Pete Garcia who first said the stands would be coming down right after the Nov. 12 home game against FAU. Your other comments are too over-the-top ridiculous to address.

Panthers All Day: I don't know how he looked or what the scouts said. That week, as was the case the previous two years, I was Doral Guy. When things started later than anticipated, I had to leave for Friday's earliest starters at the Cadillac Championships. That's why I left my camera with our trusty intern, who covered spring practice most days for us, to shoot the video.

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