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Hilton runs 4.36 at Friday's Pro Day

T.Y. Hilton began FIU's Pro Day this morning, attended by scouts or personnel men from all 32 NFL teams, by running an unofficial 4.4 (media timed) and a second 40 that FIU folks got at 4.36. Hilton didn't run at the NFL Scouting Combine because of a quad injury. More than the speed in shorts -- NFL teams have his football speed on tape -- he needed to show recovery from another minor injury.

Of the spring practice scrimmage that preceded the Pro Day, head coach Mario Cristobal said, ""The offense, at least the No. 2 offense, came out strong. The first team defense played especially well. They put a lot of pressure on the offense to perform and perform on third down. Not too many friendly third down sitatuions.

"The offseason as it should, has paid off a bunch. It's the smallest injury report we've ever had and we played hard. We played 100 plus plays today, not including special teams. I believe we had four penalties, which is still four too many, but in terms of a game, it's a little bit of an improvement."

"(Quarterback) Jake (Medlock) came out and did some good things. I thought (freshman quarterback E.J. Hilliard) really flashed today, made some big throws. Both (wide receivers) Glenn Coleman and Wayne Times took a couple of routine plays, made a guy miss and made the defense pay for it. That was against the (No. 2 defense). We had success against the ones as an offense as well, but not the same amount of success. We didn't bust that big play against that No. 1 defense. A little bit of that, too, is when you have guys like Richard Leonard and Jonathan Cyprien who can hunt down a guy after a tackle is missed. It makes a difference."


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Go TY!

Amazing how much those tenths of a second matter - that 4.4 probably won't help much even though the home-clock 4.36 ties Travis Benjamin's combine run for fastest 40 of all WRs.

I hate the Dolphins GM but I liked that he had his draft board set before the combine.

The shuttle is a better gauge for WRs than the 40 but there's no substitution for seeing these guys run like someone's chasing them.

Hilton will be a great value for whoever picks him.

Let's be accurate here, Hilton ran 2 times. 4.35 into the wind and 4.33 with no wind on the 2nd run (on the 2nd sprint his get-off was not as fluid)otherwise he would of been sub 4.3 no doubt.

***Times are per the official NFL Pro Day result.

Also he measured in at a surprising 6'1" and ran a sub 4.2 when no one was looking.

He is better than any receiver comming from the "U".

Wait, did I just say that?

He's the same player as Travis Benjamin, he's a different but less valuable player than Tommy Streeter (i.e. Streeter will be drafted first).

Want to compare the best receiver to ever come out of FIU to the best to ever come out of UM?

He's official time is 4.34 .

He's better than Travis without a doubt. And this isn't about UM, so please keep the U stuff in the other blog.

Cardinals, Texans, Panthers, and Dolphins had multiple scouts there.

Man, if Dolfins get T.Y., I'll buy season tix right now!

streeter is not better then TY. this coming from someone that line-up and played them both. Streeter one route and not overly great at it. TY, smaller and much easier to jam, but his quickness in space is elite.

panthers!!!!!!!, Texans and cardinals will be a good fit

Hilton is a playmaker, he will be successful at the next level.

Streeter is not better than TY, but he'll be picked first because he's big and fast and NFL teams value potential over all else in the draft.

Last year I wouldn't have said Benjamin and Hilton are the same player but Benjamin really improved his route running and coming back to the ball and Hilton was injured a lot and neutralized by horrible competition in some games.

Toss up on which of those two is picked first.

We shall see whether he shines or is quickly forgotten. Hope he makes it. It would make for a great story.

Hilton will be picked before Benjamin he's a better receiver and special teams player. Hilton had 4 td's on kickoff returns, Benjamin had 0.

Good Luck TY; everyone is pulling for you....305 all the way!

Alao glad to hear E.J. (Miami Dade County POY!) is kicking some serious @SS! Push Medlock to the brink of perfection ir take his job. In either case it makes team better.

Can't wait to see that new LB class hit the field over the summer. Go Panthers.

Does anybody have information on the scrimmage yesterday? Who were the standouts?

Miami's scheduling a home and away with FAU - could have been us if only our cowardly lions hadn't gone green with penis envy and tackled Miami's holder and kicked him in the head while he was on the ground because a Miami player bowed to his home crowd after a touchdown.

Too bad.

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