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Spring Game! Whoo-hoo!...Ball gets a 'Toine.

FIU's spring football session ends Friday at 7 p.m. with the Blue & Gold Spring Game on Alonso Field at FIU Stadium. You'll have a chance to see the freshmen who enrolled early as well as the toddler version of the new offense FIU hopes to have in late adolescence if not young adulthood by the fall. Also, allegedly, there will be about 100 recruits in the house.

Admission's free. First 200 students get a free t-shirt, something no college student can have too many of in their closet.


Antoine Myers, a 6-3 point guard from Baltimore Forest Park High by way of Pensacola State College, has verbally committed to FIU.

Myers averaged 7.6 points, 1.8 assists, 4.3 rebounds and 1.0 steals per game last season for Pensacola.



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no one cares

Sounds Luke a great time friday. QB play is key.

Any news out of FIU's spring practice? The Herald runs a daily story on the Hurricane's lack of news.

would have been a nice article the day of the spring game to talk about what we should be looking forward to watching during the practice. Early enrollee Hilliard backing up Medlock. Who from the WR core is going to step up now that TY is heading to the NFL. That our whole starting D is back, but who could knock off one of the starters.

guys the herald's fiu coverage has been pathetic since pete peligrin left.

jcalex go to fiu sports blog for an article on spring game: http://fiusports.typepad.com/the-prowl/

QB battle should be interesting.

pete peligrin was awful..and now hes at fiu miserable and worthless...they guy was looking for tickets and a ride to fiu's bowl game..get out of here

Trash day, what a shame your mother coud not afford an abortion.

trash day i personally know pete, and there is ZERO truth to your claims about him not having a ticket or not finding a ride.

another scUMbag in disguise


You think you guys could manage better than 5-6 versus FBS schools?

Sure could if we played FIU's 'schedule'.

also got a PG from Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas named Gio Guzman last week


well you should personally go check on pete and see that he irrelevant at fiu, he is a blogger who get little respect..ask him how bad he is treated and how often he is laughed at

Sure could if we played FIU's 'schedule'.
Posted by: It's pronounced 'Dumas' | April 01, 2012 at 03:38 PM

Evidenced by the close (and not so close) losses against the mighty Terrapins of Maryland and Boston College

The Terrapins of Maryland and Boston College would have wiped the field with FIU.

What's a 'Louisiana Tech'???

Dam DNJ, I know you are the man and everything, but you got to step your game up. The coverage of Spring Football is no good. It seems like your not interested any more. Can we get some news, anything???? Can you tell us what is in the works over there? I saw your article about the scrimage, but what do you think? Do they look any good, any news on future opponets? Any news on FIU going to a better conference??? Any news on the stadium??? Any news on possible transfers???

If anyone can respond that would be good, I am writing from Hong Kong, and was a transfer student from China. I fell in love with FIU football and this is my only source of news. Is FIU Football still runing the spead offense on 3 and inches??? Did they do any I formation plays??? Is the new O-Coordinator any good, and new wrinkles??? Best of luck to all, I am hoping to be there for homecomming, and had an amazing experice while I was there.

They don't look good, your future opponents are teams no one's ever heard of, FIU's not going to a better conference, your stadium is still filled with high school bleachers and Matt Barkley isn't transferring to FIU.

For the haters, you can run but you can't hide....

Stadium north bowl will be completed this summer and once the move to the new conference ALLIANCE is announced very soon - you'll see an annual game between FIU & UM in the next few years.


UM will never, ever, ever, ever, ever play FIU again.

It costs UM hundreds of thousands of dollars because it's such an easy win and there's always a chance that some cowardly lion with an inferiority complex will body slam our holder on an extra point because the guy who scored a touchdown bowed to the crowd.

And of course a brawl might ensue that reflects poorly on the only team anyone's ever heard of.

It's kind of funny how um fans think so highly of such an average college. Ugly campus, decent education and for the past ten years average athleletics. Keep living in the past while enjoying your high student loan payments. Oh that's right one magazine thinks your a good education. That's right. How much of your tuition goes to pay off us news and world report?

I guess never winning an ACC championship entitles you to talk smack towards FIU. What a joke.

Just checked. Sorry, U haven't won the ACC. But I did check and the world still thinks U are suntan U.

UM is a top 40 university. FIU is outside the top 200. Enough said.

Just checked.

Sorry, U haven't won...anything.

Same stooge, just different usernames. Ignore him.

More to the point, what DID happen during Spring Ball? Even PP didn't have very much to say. Were all the practices closed? Did any of the various quarterbacks take a snap under center (THAT, at least, would have been news.} You still there, DN?

Updates are ace!

Defense dominated spring ball, but not much else went on. The offense was pretty anemic. It's spring ball so it's hard to tell if the defense is that good or the offense just hasn't put it together yet.

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