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Freshman Gilles Dierickx, the 7-0 Belgian-by-way-of-LA center, got his partial scholarship release and will leave FIU. So will sophomore forward Dominique Ferguson, who never got his scholarship release and will declare for the NBA Draft.

Ferguson said even if he isn't drafted -- the likely result, in my opinion, after what even his supporters on the coaching staff felt was a disappointing season -- he believes he can find a place to play for pay overseas. He insisted he wants to finish school. He told the committee reviewing his scholarship release rejection he wanted to go to a smaller school where he could get more one-on-one tutoring.

Meanwhile, FIU recently was checking out Boca Ciega High guard Dallas Moore and Coral Springs Christian 6-7 forward Nura Zanna recently, both class of 2013.





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this program is trash,,trash president rosensnub..and a ahole ad Garlicia

You know so much about FIU trashday. Do us all a favor and get lost!

Good riddance to players that don't want to play for Coach Pitino.

Wow, what a shame...
I was thinking Gilles would stay considering Isaiah didnt play him often and he looked lost in offense...good luck Gilles

As for Dominique, ahhh....yeah, NBA draft?

I am surprised D-Ferg thinks he might find a home overseas. Don't let the mediocre play of Gilles fool you D-Ferg, the really good players overseas skip college and would embarrass you. D-Ferg might end up on a second or third rate European squad, but he will never see the Euroleague and certainly won't see the NBA.

For all the criticism of the department, they have released Gilles and JDLR from their scholies, and didn't hold Milton Doyle to his. The only sticking point has been Ferg, who wanted to leave before Isiah got fired.

Pete Garcia is bottom feeding garbage. He could care less about the student athletes. He should have given the kid his release. With a new coach coming in it would have opened up another schlorship for the team.

This story was on the "Mike & Mike" show this mornig and they really trashed the FIU program on nationwide TV and radio. Thanks alot Pete you scum of the earth hypocrite.

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