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Honors Aplenty and Men's Hoop Tells Its Story Walking (Out)

A day of awards for FIU ended with fired men's basketball coach Isiah Thomas getting an honor from his former FIU players -- they walked out of the FIU Athletic Academic Awards Banquet in protest of Thomas' and the staff's dismissal Friday.


Feelings on this? Was it rude to their fellow athletes, many of whom showed up in packs to support men's basketball, at an event giving laurels to the top jocks of both genders? Or was it a reasonable way to make known they didn't like what went down Friday and, maybe, the way it went down? (already, the word going around coaching circles was the staff got bum-rushed out of their offices). Clearly, they value Thomas beyond his basketball knowledge -- you don't find many eight-win teams even getting out of a chair for fired coaches.

When I heard about this, I couldn't help but think of Otter declaring to the Faber Panhellenic Council, "You can do what you want to us. But we're not going to sit here and listen to you bad mouth, the United States of America! Gentlemen!"

The walkout does call into serious question how many players will transfer, how many 2013 verbal commits go back on the market and how many 2012 freshmen will want to get back on the market.


Earlier, Collegiate Baseball News announced that FIU junior Jabari Henry was the Louisville Slugger National Player of the Week, the second time in Henry's career for that recognition. Henry's four home runs in five games last week helped him pile up 13 RBI for the week.

The baseball team won the Community Service Award at Monday's banquet. The Swimming and Diving team got the Addidas Athletic Director's Award for classroom excellence; the Michael Felsberg Spirit Award; and the Champs/Life Stills/Challenge Cup Award. Senior midfielder Victoria Miliucci got the Academic Excellence Award. Sophomore guard Jerica Coley was selected Student-Athlete of the Year .


Georgia State, which once shared the Trans-America Atlhetic Conference (TAAC) with FIU will join the Sun Belt in 2013 as the league appears to be stocking up for the inevitable departure of some schools (most likely ones that start with "F" and have a major airport in the county). The Atlanta-based school started football recently.






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Proud of those guys. Isiah should have got another year.

I think that move was a little misguided by the basketball players...

Bum rushed DJN? What happened exactly?


Im not sure if the Athletic Banquet is the right place for this. That banquet is a very special moment for most student athletes.

Speaking of Athletic banquet I wonder who won the Spirit Award that now is named after one of our former athelets that was KIA (Lt. Mike Felsberg).. A true defenition of what an FIU Golden Panther should ALWAYS be..


Not an FIU grad or fan, and certainly not a fan of Mr. Thomas, but given the fact that Thomas coached for FREE for his first year and has only been there for 3 and was bringing in better recruits than FIU has ever tapped into, he should have gotten more time (unless something was happening behind the scenes that we don't know about). Pretty classless move by FIU.

Again i think the players stood up for what they believed was a wrongful dismissal of not just their head coach, but the staff as well. This shouldn't bother Pete Garcia very much, he wasn't even there at the Banquet people said. He stayed for the first 15 min and left. Some AD.
I have also heard that the staff was told to pack up their offices and get out immediately. In the middle of the day, thats crazy! That is just classless on Pete Garcia's part.
3 years to rebuild a program, and the first year was a wash anyways. He got the job late, and had no time to recruit.
Well FIU has just set back their basketball program about 4 years in my book. Congrats Pete, you did a heck of a job on this one.

Good for the players. They didn't cause a scene - they quietly made their point and let the ceremony continue so all the other sports could collect their awards.

I'm not sure if Isiah & his staff would have turned them around in a couple years, but he was recruiting well, and unless there was something else behind the scenes, this silly AD has ensured FIU basketball STILL won't be anything of note for the foreseeable future.

Pete Garcia always has been and will always be classless.

Thomas had only been there for 3 years and was bringing in better recruits than FIU has ever tapped into, he should have gotten more time. Pretty classless move by Pete Garcia. I call for Garcia's resignation

Yeah! García should resign! Let's forget that he's actually made FIU Athletics what it is today, into something respectable and strong! Let's forget that baseball and football are kicking butt and on the rise! Let's forget that we've kept our football coach, who is not a hot commodity being chased by teams like Rutgers and Pitt! NONE OF THAT MATTERS! ABAJO CON PETE!

Alternatively, we could all stop smoking the good stuff. Results matter. IT was not producing them.

Not to mention all the unethical conducts warnings Pete Garcia has at FIU...lets keep him..he is doing great!!

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