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Richard Pitino will be the next FIU men's basketball coach

Apparently, the plan was to get a Pitino.

Sources confirm a report from http://www.allkyhoops.com that FIU will bring in Richard Pitino, son of Louisivlle coach Rick Pitino and a Louisville assistant under his father three of the last five seasons, as the next men's basketball coach. Pitino the younger spent 2009-11 as an assistant at the University of Florida under Billy Donovan, who played and coached under Pitino the elder. This is his first Division I head coaching job.

The hire comes just nine days after FIU fired Isiah Thomas after three seasons and a 26-65 record. It remains to be seen how many players will still transfer or how many recruits will keep their commitment to FIU.




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This is chicken manure. The A.D. was planning this all along.
I hope all of those kids transfer.

Good hire, Pitino has connections in Florida... he can recruit local. Get some new players...

BAD MOVE..the job was never open....shame on you Rosenberg for letting Pete Garcia make a fool out of you.

Most Louisville fans hate to see Richard Pitino leave. So, here's hoping he keeps developing and brings his energy and knowledge to FIU.

Welcome to FIU, Coach Pitino!

Based on what many Louisville fans are saying, this seems like a great hire. Welcome to FIU Coach Pitino!

great hire. Our guys will be playing a ton of press like L'ville next year.

If he has any success he will be gone. Nothing but a stepping stone.

I'm stoked! We may actually have a guy (R. Pitino) who WANTS to be @ FIU and actually COACH! Didn't like the timing of IT dismissal b/c it sounded reactionary, however that he SHOULD OF been fired, NO DOUBT!!!!

Welcome Coach Pitino! GO FIU!!!

Another great hire by the A.D.!!

FIU coaches now include Mario Cristobal, Turtle Thomas, Kenny Arena, and Richard Pitino!

GO F-I-U!! Conference USA/MWC here we come!!

This is actually a great hire.

Wow!! FIU and Pete Garcia do it again! Great job!

Great hire. Has tons of FLA high school connections. Congrats to FIU on a great hire.

Winning more than 8 games would be upgrade over previous deadbeat coach. Welcome to FIU Coach Pitino!

Go FIU! In Pete Garcia I trust!

I TOLD YOU ALL WHAT A DIRTB*G GARCIA WAS...but, no one wanted to listen.

The guy is human waste!

Too funny....you FIU'ers were all jacked up when Isiah took the job....NOW, you're acting as if Pitino is some great coach...he's never coached Division One BB before...one would think that YOU PEOPLE over there at "Florida Immigration U" would have learned by now NOT to open your big mouths too soon.....

But, you never learn.


Someone is in need of his meds.

Welcome to FIU, Coach Pitino!

This is a great hire, if you know anything about college BB you know he's apprenticed with some of the best coaches in college. He's a great recruiter, works hard, and can relate to t he players, of of the things IT could do. And yes this is a stepping stone, but so what. This job is a good one, but will be always be a stepping stone. So might as well get a great coach and keep him while you can. There's nothing wrong with this job being a stepping stone.

cxd, I'm glad Pete was thinking this all along.... shows he's smart. because IT was NOT the answer. He still wants to be in NYC messing up the Knicks. He's been a failure as a league owner, as a GM, as President of a team, as an NBA coach, as a college coach, time for him to go to the D-league. Great player, but nothing else.

Cristobal never was a head coach in Division One Football before coming to FIU, and he's been successful. Experience is not a requirement to becoming a successful coach. Pitino has learned from some of the best coaches in college basketball while being an assistant.

No, no no, this is 'Richard' Petrino, not the head coach.

You'd think from the reaction of FIU fans they just hired Isaiah Thomas or something.


Strong hire! Garcia nevers ceases to amaze. Great at his job and great at hiring coaches.

Welcome to FIU Pitino!

Great hire for you guys!! FIU came into Louisville last year and I was actually embarrassed for your players. Thomas just sat there the whole game and did NOTHING. It was not an impressive coaching display.

Richard is a tireless worker/recruiter and really knows the game. I predict you will be in the NCAA tournament within 3 years.

Final Four here we come (again)!!,

It's Richard Pitino not Petrino. At least if you're going to troll, troll properly.

Hey UMcanes, check your scUM school stats, you'll see Inbred-Boy, if you can read that UM has nearly as many IMMIGRANTS as FIU. ScUMcanes!

Lets get this thing going into Conference USA...
All first time Head Coaches MC, Turtle, Kenny, and Pitino...
All hungry! All committed to their future....once again excited for the future.
I hope some of the guys decide to stay after speaking to Richard.

Would be interesting to see the biggest pound per pound player in the Sunbelt (Joey de La Rosa) actually being coached along with one of the best 3-point shooters in Woz and the smooth game of Gilles.... Inside out with Taylor?
Dominique? Who knows since he's shown he doesn't want to be in S. Fla. asking for his release going on a month or so.....Pre-IT's departure.

It has to b a great move if um fans hate it!

What a awesome hire ! The guy is basketball smart like his Dad and Florida's 'Billy The Kid' ! Can't wait to see this guy coach like Rick and getting the South Florida kids ! It will happen !

Did anyone happen to get their FIU season ticket renewal packages in the mail? WOW! I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that I was going to have to pay an extra $800 in donations to keep my seats. I love my Panthers football, but I am really disgusted right now. Just not right! I will be calling to complain for sure.

If he's anything like his father, it'll be a good move. Gives a little more meaning to when FIU plays louisville in football next fall.

I love how Pete doesn't try to compete for the big names. Instead, he goes after the up and comers and always hits the nail on the head.

Great hire by FIU!!!!!

Great hire for the Panthers.

Roger Bowman,

Ya I saw that too, I'm guessing it has something to do with the program trying to move to CUSA, they have to raise ticket prices to keep up with rising costs. If I had the money I would renew my tickets in the same section but with my seats requiring an additional $800 donation I think I'm going to downgrade my seats to somewhere a little cheaper.

Great to have Pitino here at FIU!!!

UM trollers can go suck it somewhere else....

Congrats FIU on a great hire in Richard Pitino. We hate to see him go, he is a tireless coach like his dad, just not as uptight (good thing). He will transform FIU basketball. As far as the Her-icane haters, enjoy their envy of your hire! We cannot get the has-beens to schedule us in football since the last 31-7 beat down Louisville gave them up here. lol

I agree with the posts above - FIU only exists in relation to UM, what UM fans think about FIU hiring a good coach's son is what's most important here.

I don't know much about Coach Pitino other then he is coming from two VERY good programs. He also has Florida connections so that will only help recruting. Most FIU fans (including me) don't know much more then that about him. Thats Fine with me.

I will NOT say that we are going to the Final Four or even the big dance any time soon, but Im pretty sure we will get closer to being a .500 team and hopefully be competative within 2 or 3 years. NIT in 3 years would be AWESOME (in my opinion)..

Welcome to Panther Country!


The praise from Cardinal fans is proof that Pitino has earned the respect of people that know their basketball. This is a man that has been part of two elite programs and learned from two elite coaches. I can't wait to see what he can do at FIU.

I also have ambiguous praise of Coach Pitino.

He's a good recruiter and a hard worker - the brains behind the operation.

FIU will be in the Final Four within the year.

ño!!!! FOLLOW ME AT twitter.com/fakepetegarcia !!!!! DALE FIU!!!

What a great hire for FIU!!!!

UM fans should be green with envy!!

This guy's dad is a good coach!

Long time Louisville Cardinals fan, FIU stole the only thing that made our team any good, they'll be the ones in the Final Four next season for sure!

I only hope that Rick can get some tips from his son before he leaves, if they even bother playing basketball next season without him that is!

Oh look, the haters are out in force today.

From ESPN:

"FIU director of sports and entertainment Pete Garcia gone again to the public relations well. The difference, at least this time, is that their latest attention-grabbing coaching hire might actually be able to, you know, coach."

"The younger Pitino brings his name with him, so he has that public relations advantage, but he is also a legitimate college basketball coach in training, one who spent much of the past decade breaking down tape and learning under two of the nation's most successful college hoops coaches, one of which just so happens to be his father.

It's a win-win for FIU. Indeed, given the Thomas disaster, Richard Pitino -- inexperienced as a head coach though he may be -- might still be the absolute best possible scenario for a program hasn't broken the .500 mark, let alone made it to an NCAA tournament, in over a decade.

At the very least, however Richard Pitino performs, it can't possibly go worse than the past three years. It's a step in the right -- and an entirely more sane -- direction."

My thoughts exactly. Up and coming proven assistant, that happens to have a strong last name in the NCAAB world. Great hire.

The fearless UMsters are at it again. Here on the FIU site bringing sarcasm and silliness. Of course they eagerly remind you that FIU fans are dumb for having to bring up UM in their posts without realizing that they are constantly "talking-down" anything FIU. The hypocrisy is delightful since they are the ones coming here to brag. Also, the constant racism exhibited by the graduates of a magazine-rated top educational system is extraordinary. (wonder what they paid for that rating??)

Apparently, Florida Immigration University is an insult. I guess UM is all white and US born. Cute.

On a personal note, I like what FIU is doing. I will root for you unless you play the Gators. Good luck with this hire. Hope it was worth firing Isiah.

This is a great hire for FIU! He will recruit well. Wait till you see how well prepared your teams are next year. Plus The kid can flat out coach, not to mention hold press conference for hours. We will miss having him in Lville.

I'll definitely be rooting for FIU now Well except when we play. Excited to get our rematch on this fall! Go Cards!!

There's no doubt that FIU made a great hire in Richard Pitino. I hate for the Cards to lose him, but I am happy that he'll have this opportunity to show what he can do. I too will be an FIU fan now, except when they play Louisville.

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