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Football game times for Arkansas State home game, FAU; Gniadek Sun Belt Pitcher of the Week

Or, rather, game times for two of the games that will be on of the ESPNs.

Arkansas State at FIU, Oct. 4, will be a 7:30 kickoff on ESPNU. What might be the last FIU-FAU Shula Bowl for a few years will be on Nov. 16 at 8 p.m. on ESPNU. 


Senior Jenn Gniadek threw a complete game, four-hit, 11-strikeout shutout against FAU to give FIU a 2-0 win, its school-record 15th conference win of the season. This earned Gniadek the Sun Belt's Pitcher of the Week honor.

FIU, the No. 3 seed, begins the conference tournament Wednesday morning at 11 against Troy at FAU.


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Looking forward to watching what is (hopefully not) the last Shula Bowl. Should be an interesting measuring stick for both of these programs.

Just saw Florida International's leaving the Sunbelt, congratulations! Out of the bomb shelter and into the cellar - one step away from getting above ground (if the Big East still exists in 10 years...).

Too bad Florida Atlantic isn't leaving with them, I know FIU makes a lot of money playing cupcake to good teams but they should strongly consider keeping an out of conference spot open for FAU every year.

There's nothing more important to a young football program than a rival - a game that everyone wants to watch every year regardless of how the team's doing.

Don't think UCF is even in C-USA anymore, they can't very well force a new rivalry with whatever out of state schools are in that conference.

Just my uninformed opinion.

Also pay your coach.


No offense, you're an idiot. We make a lot of money playing cupcake to good teams? We don't play money games, that's FAU, we play home-and-home. In case you didn't notice, we beat Louisville and UCF last year in two of our three home-and-home games, so we are doing just fine.

Yea well your school is a glorified community college, your football team is abysmal, and you're a doo doo head.

Pay your coach.

Out comes the scUM vitriol from underneath its hidden agenda. Buc face nasty should concern himself with things not FIU.... for example, why is he still a virgin? How can he clear up those old acne scars? Why do his co-workers hold their breadth when he walks by? Does his car really make him look less suicidally lonely?

GTFOH already.

Oh Buc, are we trotting out tired insults again?

This blog averages one comment a week, do you really check it every half hour to see if anyone has posted something or is that just an amazing coincidence?

Make sure not to respond for at least a couple hours.


Buc is the most loyal commenter on this blog. Always first.

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