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Friday noon press conference at the Stadium Club. Could it be about...?

A) The construction of the La Carreta School of Culinary Arts with 100 level class "It Ain't a Colada Sin Azucar So Why're You Asking Me If I Want Sugar?"

B) The burial of the pep band's playlist, appropriately the same year as the passing of its contemporaries, Dick Clark and Don Cornelius.

C) New sport: ice hockey!

D) FIU and Conference USA.

Just guessing...


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Clearly it's Ice Hockey and La Carreta. DUH.

You know what'd be great? If they put me in charge of deciding the music our band is playing next year.

Thank you for your exhaustive coverage on this matter. Without your help this great day would never have arrived.

My first thought was, "Yes! We're going to a better conference!". But, Ice Hockey-- that's makes more sense.

Great day for FIU!

Go Panthers!

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