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Ball Stuff...

The only question that remains about Richard Pitino's men's basketball coaching staff is who the African-American assistant will be.

Pitino's already hired former longtime Pace High coach Mark Lieberman and Mike Balado of FIU, UM and Miami-Dade Community College. But trying to recruit in basketball without a black coach is like going into a WWF Battle Royale and tossing your competitors all your foreign objects. It'll be used against you at every turn, in ways you never expect. Then, there's the whole can-relate-to-the-player thing.

Barry University assistant coach Michael Bradley, who knows the South Florida recruiting scene well, is a possibility. And Bradley certainly would strengthen FIU's pull in South Florida, which has always been wispy at best.

Expect that decision before summer basketball practices start.


FIU offered defensive end Tevin Jones of Locust Grove (Ga.) Luella High.


Georgia's like Louisiana, where FIU's gotten some mid-level ranked talent away from the local schools: not densely populated, but what there is runs dense with good players, enough to feed many programs.  Don't be surprised if FIU goes Harlan County there as well as Louisiana.


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Thanks for the update DJN, Tevin looks like a beast, hope he comes our way.

Is this really news??? DNJ, you forgot to mention how black must the assistant be? Akon Black, or will Drake Black do good. I guess your still pretty upset about Isiah getting canned, you really dint have to write this; this does nothing but show hate. Ohh, im guessing your mad because the black coach is the last one hired.........Get over Isiah, he was horrible, and will always be horrible being a coach or GM. Zeke needs to stick to making popcorn.

He hired someone already....

Peter, I wrote what many coaches around town have been asking. Plain and simple. And your shade jokes still isn't as funny as Dick Gregory's. If you're going to infer I have a problem with white coaches or black coaches being fired and replaced by white coaches, I refer you to the male side of my wedding party (all white), my surviving in-laws (white), my wife (West Indian/Ukrainian-American Jewish mix), my daughter (ours because the white man who is her biological father didn't want any part of a mixed race child)...

duhhh, Pitino says differently. But maybe you're right...

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