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Basketball games, football tickets & golf outings

As expected, we'll get a psychologist's dream, a Freud Shootout (or is it Oedipus Throwdown) this season in men's basketball: son Richard Pitino, Jr.'s FIU team trying to slay father Rick Pitino's Louisville bunch.

But don't be surprised if it's not just a one-shot deal, but a home-and-home series lasting at least the first two years of The Pitino Era at FIU.


Season tickets go on sale for men's football at midnight tonight at http://www.fiusports.com.The first 500 new season ticket buyers who buy two tickets in the sideline sections get a limited edition replica of Alfonso Field at FIU Stadium. Limit one replica per account.

I should've blog posted about T.Y. Hilton's 4-year deal when I found out about it Thursday evening. But, I lollygagged a bit, then fell asleep watching the Thunder swat the Spurs and, well...

Good for T.Y.


Friday's FIU Athletics Golf Outing on Doral's Red Course got drenched. So you know the names that follow are almost as serious about their golf as Bishop Pickering.


Andrew Vargas, Eric Kaplin and Juan Cueto shot a 52 in the scramble scoring. Six shots back were the foursomes, Tom Shull, Brad Randall, Blake St. Clair and Chuck Beurman; and Frank Gonzalez, Daniel Chavez, Carlos Arboleda and Robert Shafer.


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It's cool DJN, we're not turning to you for breaking news...thankfully.

Lol ..thanks FIUer, I'm glad that it wasn't me who had to make that remark.

Anyways....its true, if I want information about what has happenedat FIU just read Pete Pellegrin's PROWL.

It would be great to pick up the Herald and read about the things Pete can't. Recruiting, Rumors, coaching interviews, former coaches, hidden scandals, planned projects, interviews with potential recruits, etc.... you know the kinds of things Manny and even Susan hiy on their UM blog.

I guess pride in their work is too much to ask. Or actually enjoying the subject matter way too difficult..

Oh well? Don't worry DJN you'll I'll still read your stuff after I've gone thru twitter, yahoo sports, espn, SI, google search....lol

And here I was wondering why the Herald makes DJN cover Florida International like a high school beat, with updates on how little Ashley did in her swim meet and all those other sports that no one is ever interested in.

Turns out that the demand for coverage of FIU golf is so high that the fans are going elsewhere for their updates.

Chia... what's even more sad about the fact that Manny, Susan, and several others not only write/blog about UM, but they do it on Sundays!

Hey Herald, I suggest you go check out CSNBB, a popular NCAA sports forum. The C-USA section is exploding with FIU fans and discussion. You guys are blind to think FIU family doesn't support its school one bit. Provide us with a decent platform, and we will support it.

I have defended the Herald often, but have to agree that the information is too basic. I recognize that our fan base is currently small. I also recognize that UM has been the athletic power in south Florida for decades, but the Herald should recognize that FIU's base can only grow as time passes. Will it be too late Herald? Will the damage have been done? Is the Herald willing to lose this budding fan base?

On a separate note, DJN IS a class act. I do thank you for your hard work. And I still love your writing style. I hope you stay covering FIU sports. I know your coverage will be extraordinary come football season.

no one cares about FIU..here is an update about your programn..its sucks no one cares..read this everyday and move on

I was going to leave this alone, but since you griped so energetically...

I'll just say if you make it to other parts of the sports section, you'll see I haven't exactly been measuring dingleberries the last few weeks and months. You don't like that the Dolphins or the Heat or the Panthers suck up the time of the lone FIU blogger? Call the Herald hierarchy and tell them to hire a Dolphins beat writer or a second FIU beat writer (hint: better shot at the former than the latter).

I broke that Mario Cristobal definitely would not go to Rutgers from Super Bowl and updated my Signing Day blog from 7 a.m. through both teams' interview sessions and well into the night. The first Pitino blogs were reported and banged out while covering the Panthers in the playoffs.

I'd be happy to have nothing else to do but breathlessly report on all things FIU. But, that's not the way it is and it hasn't been that way for months.

And if I have a day marked "off," I work enough six and seven day weeks that I usually spend it doing the mundane things that add up to having a life. If I'm on vacation, I might not give a loud fart what happens at FIU or anywhere in the sports world. Unless the school, say, oh, fires the men's basketball coach out of the blue. Then, I might spend much of my last 24 hours in the Coachella Valley blogging and sitting on a curb to get the best cell phone reception for interviews.

But, to some of you, I have no pride in my work. Or care about the subject matter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVHBQ9dr9Po

Ok then, you are owed an apology. I don't have a problem with you at all and as stated above you areTHE man! Keep up the good work.

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