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Beasley -- not Adam or QAM

OK, here's what I've been able to find out about 560WQAM's bid for the radio rights to 2012 FIU football:

It wasn't QAM's bid.

Though QAM's logo was on the bid and the bid was read as coming from QAM and station owner Beasley Broadcast Group, the proposal actually came from Beasley. Beasley wanted to open talks with FIU to discern whether or not producing and managing FIU football broadcasts, largely using a staff already in place at QAM, made sense for the company. No games would be planned for QAM, but for another Beasley station. Or, time would be bought on a non-Beasley station.

Something's got to be done soon if FIU's going to be on the air this year. As a football program and athletic department that promotes itself as being on the rise -- and is going into a new conference in 2013 -- it's important for FIU to have all the trappings of a school playing Division I (yeah, yeah, FBS) football.

And that means radio.


Orlando Freedom wide receiver Jeff Badet, to whom FIU has made a scholarship offer, has announced that he'll commit somewhere on July 4.



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Great article DJ Neal - only there's no rule that says your feet have to be set to establish position in taking an offensive charge.


Ohhhhhh, wow....for a second I thought you meant that Adam Beasley was going to be the FIU radio announcer, if he did then I think it would have been a long season for him. FIU fans would have thrown tomatoes, potatoes, and frozen eggs at him as he walked in and out of the stadium.....

Maybe the reason why no radio station wants to get the rights to broadcast football games is because of Rick Sanchez. That guy is horrible, i remember one time when I was listening to him and every other word that he said was "I gotta tell you"....He also used to reminisce about his days when he played football like he was an all star or something....that guy is not even 5'-5", if I played football against him I would knock his head off and give a concussion.

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