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All Quiet on the Western Dade (Radio) Front

Which doesn't bode well for FIU having its football games on radio this season.

From what I'm hearing -- and not hearing -- nothing's close except Sept. 1, Opening Night, at Duke. FIU and Beasley Broadcast Group don't have much time to get everything ironed out for this season. The window for selling advertising gets increasingly anorexic each day.

In today's world of online streaming and 72 ESPNs topping the pile of sports channels available via dish or cable, nobody would argue radio's role in bringing games to fans and alumni is what it was even 20 years ago. In fact, other than cars and some folks at the game, you wouldn't be wrong in asking, "Who listens to games on radio?"

But when the answer comes back, "Fans of almost every other Division I team," it's not what FIU wants to hear.


I'm not a guy who looks at quarterbacks and says, "Oh, HE wins" or "How many games has HE won?" Too many other factors go into winning a football game or a series of them. It's no accident Ronnie Lott has the same four Super Bowl rings Joe Montana has. The four Super Bowl rings owned by Tom Brady and Peyton Manning? Adam Vinatieri has his own version of each. No coincidence.

That said, as I filled out my preseason All-Sun Belt Conference ballot during my week of news desk rotation, I could only think: barring injury, Jake Medlock, it's your position to lose and, after that, your Sun Belt title to lose.


Offensive tackle Caylin Hauptmann could be better than Orlando Pace and Jake Long put together this year and he won't win the Outland Trophy (nation's best interior lineman) award this year. It's hard for voters to decently analyze and compare interior linemen from big name schools seen regularly. But that Hauptmann's even named to the 71-player watch list for the storied Football Writers Association of America award says FIU's getting more national notice.


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Did all the recruits who were signed for the 2012 class make it on campus? or did some not qualify?

Haupman is a good tackle, needs to cut down on holding and personal fouls.

Gotta win the game @Duke!

Come on PG, get radio done! If not this year, I'm sure we'll have a nice radio option once we're in Conference USA baby!

Calyn Hauptmann is a mauler... love seein that dude play. DJN, what do you think his draft chances are assuming he continues to play at a high level?

Im telling you, FIU Radio is a no go because of Rick Sanchez; im sorry to say it but let's be real.

DNJ, Any word on TY??? I have heard that they are real happy with him up there in Indy, heard he has been blowing by people. Any chance you get the Herald to send you up there to see him close-up. Im picking him this year in my Fantasy Draft.

No offense, but unless I missed something, how is QB of the Year Medlock's to lose? The Sun Belt is bringing back EACH of the top 5 passers from last year, including Robinson and Aplin (who have been top 2 two seasons in a row). It would seem to be THEIR'S to lose, no?


Will Jean - Under what sense of objectivity is that a "no"? I'm just curious if he's some incredibly-highly regarded QB for some reason. He put up average numbers in the few games he's seen action in, so unless we're expecting an incredible jump, one can HOPE for him to be All-SB, but not expect it/call him the frontrunner.

Miacane86.....no. Dont know what else to tell you. Get the F out of here and worry about who is going to replace Jalooser Harris. FIU will have a better record than Uaint.....Fyou by the way.

Will Jean - That's nice, but not once was I disparaging. But now that you bring that up, AWESOME! But if for some reason FIU didn't have a better record in the SUN BELT CONFERENCE, it would be f*ing hilarious. Make fun of the ACC all you want, but wake me up when you're in a BCS conference.

Also, I FOLLOW FIU FOOTBALL! And not in a "f them" way. Which is funny, since 99.9% of FIU students don't care about FIU Football, but most are Canes, Gators or Noles fans. So why you're yelling at me for bringing up a perfectly valid question is beyond me. Must be an inferiority complex.

Just ignore the Miacane86 "ass clown". He is trolling for some attention that his mother never gave him!

Wow, is that the kind of fan base we're becoming? I think miacane86's question is a valid one... Cane, I think if all goes according to plan it will be difficult to give the award to the QB with slightly better numbers but inferior win-loss record. Just my opinion.

Instead of focusing on the statics and "inferior win-loss record" be a true fan and support the team by purchasing your season tickets for the 2012 FIU football season. Prove to your buddy (miacane86) that 99.9 % of the alumni and students love the Golden Panthers and are behind them 100%. Go FIU!

Wong, Rick Sanchez has nothing to do with the FIU radio deal.

ChampionUnderdog, I don't know what his draft prospects are. I don't even know how high some scouts have him on their radar. His penalty per game thing, though, must stop. He's not good enough for NFL scouts to overlook that.

Miacane, you misread it. I said the quarterback position is Medlock's to lose (which it is -- see tomorrow's story or today's post after I update it) and the Sun Belt title his to lose. There is no QB of the Year in The Belt. By Sun Belt standards, FIU's loaded on both sides of the ball. The one area anyone questions is quarterback. The feeling is, barring injury, the quarterback position is FIU's only Achilles heel as far as winning the Sun Belt.

DJN, most of the media is owned by Jews. Once the deal gets finalized, if ever; i bet you dinner at China Garden that Rich Sanchez will not be back.

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