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Giving You the Times of Play

Being mostly from Miami (not exactly an up-and-at-'em town) many FIU fans harrumphed about the noon start time for the Sept. 15 FIU football game at Central Florida, the Orlando school's home opener.

Smile and sleep in, FIU faithful. Game time has been changed to 4 p.m.

Also, FIU's Sept. 8 home opener against Akron and the Oct. 13 home game against Middle Tennessee State will be 6 p.m. kickoffs.

Andy Griffith passed away Tuesday at the age of 86. A generation that knew him only as Matlock missed an ace comedian and comic actor (two different things). A "SAL-LUTE" to Griffith with one of his classic routines.



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FIU vs UCF at 4pm is better than 12pm but it STILL SUCKS ! , 7pm would have been perfect , who determines the time the games starts ?

Good column in Saturday's paper, DJN. Hope a few will get the message.

4pm start is going to be tough for both teams. I hope they come hydrated because that can easily determine the pace of the 2nd half. I was also hoping we kept all our home games at 7pm start but I don't mind the 6pm change.

As long as we don't have a crazy home game at Noon or 1pm.. I would not expect more then 200 fans at the stadium if that happens..


That was a heck of a good column today, DJN. Congrats, and as Diagodog said, let's hope some young kids heed the advice people like you offer them.

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