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Pictures from inside a Cage

EarlyJuly2012 014

But there's still some work to do, especially behind the new north side stands...

EarlyJuly2012 016


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Awesome thanks for the pixs. They got the work done quickly once it got going.


Well it's about time. I was getting nervous about this. Thanks DJN for the update. Now lets hope we can improve upon last years attendance, so we can add that second deck; I say 5-7 years away.

Thanks for the photos DJN, looking good !!!


We always hear about players that transfer from different programs into FIU, but I would like to know if we lost any players that transfered OUT of FIU..

I honestly think with 95% of the defense coming back and a very strong running game plus some outstanding WR's we can make some history next year. If we do have a successfull season (Ex:10-2, Sunbelt Champs, and a Win in a Bowl game) then expect a new coaching staff for 2013.. As much as I would hate to see Cristobal and his staff go, that will become reality sooner then later. I don't think FIU has offered him a bigger contract and I doubt they have increased the Assistant Coaches Salery. Regardless they ALL have build a strong program out of nothing. Those Coaches work their ass off..

Go FIU!!

I also believe with a good season record Coach Cristobal is gone , with what he has done at FIU many BIG TIME programs will come after him next season no doubt , somewhere South United States .

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