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Practice starts Friday for 10-2 football season

Upon my official return today from vacation, it's time to start work on special section stuff and prepare for the daily practice grind, which begins at 8 a.m. Friday at FIU Stadium. Unofficially, I started working on section stuff Saturday night with the game-by-game preseason prediction. Last season, I was one game off on the record, predicting 9-3 (6-2) before an 8-4 (5-3) season, but correctly nailing the Louisville upset.

This season, the game-by-game came out 10-2. What say you all out there in the webworld?

Some video of Tampa Bay Tech's Hakim Henderson. FIU's had some success recruiting there and can always use more tight ends who can create matchup problems, especially in the red zone.


For those who feel I should've updated the blog more from my family vacation than each of the first three days -- bringing it at that point to five blog updates in the last six family vacation days, going back to the Isiah Thomas firing -- to paraphrase Eddie imitating Richard, have a Coke and a smile.

I didn't feel it was worth breaking from my Parkinson's-limited father-in-law's first day at the beach in years -- and on his 86th birthday -- to blog about 6-3 guard Dennis Mavin announcing via Twitter that he's transferring to FIU from FAU (he'll have to sit out this season). Nor did I think my daughter, niece and nephew needed to be told "idle for a bit" while I blogged about the swimming and diving team's 3.39 spring GPA earning them a Scholar All-America honor by the College Swimming Coaches Association of America. Nice job by the water women, though.

By APR, FIU's female student-athletes found the time to address both sides of that hyphenated term in 2010-11: tennis, softball, golf and basketball each had an APR of 1,000 for that academic year. Tennis had a 1,000 multiyear APR, of course.


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DJN, you're doing a nice job. Don't get thin-skin'd on us now.

Lol, well done DJN.

Vacations are sacred in my opinion. No need to apologize for a wrong that never occurred. Glad you are back.

DJN you do an amazing job and deserve all the time you can get to yourself.

We as fans are starving for updates to the blog, if anything the Herald could have gotten someone to do an update or two while you where gone. Thats all fans where stressing over. Keep up the great job and we are glad you back!




DJN we appreciate you man! No need to explain.

10-2 sounds like an amazing season. I think im going to be a little more cautious and say another 8-4.

Question: Do you think FIU repeats against Louisville?

DJN,welcome back. Dont let the comments of one guy make you mad. Where did you go on vacation? China is a great place to visit, just make sure you bring a mask for all the smog.

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