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Another day at Le Cage; why is the Graham Center BK closed today?

Though posts on volleyball and soccer don't "move the needle" on this blog, readers from the last 12 months know I actually like to post on both. Those three teams started practice last week and I'll be blogging on them soon. Men's soccer has a preseason game at Barry Thursday. The women's soccer team took a 4-0 spanking from North Florida in a preseason game.

As for the American football team, today's a two-practice day. They got out of Saturday's scrimmage with only a minor toe injury to freshman linebacker Josh Glanton (and anybody who thinks there can't be a "major" toe injury has never had one or lived with someone who had one -- trust me, you'd rather they broke an arm). Glanton should be OK soon.

Upon further film review from Saturday, some guys earned practice time with the next unit up. Sophomore defensive end Giovani Francois earned some first team reps. Redshirt sophomore center Donald Senat got put with the first team offensive line for part of practice. Last week, coach Mario Cristobal said at each position, he'd put the best player on the field, but on the offensive line, he'd put the best five who worked in unison.

Redshirt sophomore Mitch Wozniak moved from wide receiver to outside linebacker/safety.

"He's been, arguably, our best special teams player over the last couple of years," Cristobal said. "And we're pretty thick at wide receiver. So we moved him over and his first play there today, he made a tackle for a 1-yard gain and caused a fumble. At 205 pounds, running the way he does. He's had two ACLs since he's been here. Now, closing in on the latter part of his career, we've got to find a way to get him on the field."

Also on the defensive line, fifth-year senior Andre Pound took many of the defensive tackle reps usually taken by Isame Faciane. It was exactly this time last year that Tourek Williams got put with the second team in favor of Paul Crawford because the coaching staff felt Williams wasn't putting out enough on the practice field and Crawford was showing well. Williams got the message, got to work and was back with the first team in a few days. Let's see what happens with Faciane.

Tuesday afternoon will be a special teams scrimmage.

To close, let me say...unless it's holiday break, spring break or major plumbing or fire problems, whether or not classes are in, there's no reason for the Burger King in the GC to be closed. Not like the GC was empty around lunchtime, either...


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That is messed up about the GC BK.

The soccer I could take or leave, but I want to follow the Women's Volleyball team and am especially excited for the Sand Volleyball season. I wish there was more volleyball on TV. After the Olympics, I am stoked for some volleyball.

Any word on the status of James Louis? Has he cleared up his academic issues and back on the practice field? I noticed his name wasn't mentioned in the article about the receivers.

Hope Faciane gets the Message....do not under achieve.... play the best player ir the player that given the same production is going balls to the wall.

Excellent to hear the news on Francois and Senat. Always good to know the the "Next Up" on 2013 is as good or better than 2012.

Go Panthers!

What's nice to read between the lines is that in this Panther Team there is good to excellent competion...in every position with experience players as well as good young players coming up to challenge and on both sides of the ball too!!! If they can come together...this can be a very Speacial Season, we'll see...

Dam DNJ, you sure like fatty fast food. You should take a walk over the new parking garage. There they have Salad Creations, or if that is to healthy for you you could try Chick'File just make sure you show them picture of your kids so they dont think your....you know. That way they wont spit on your food.

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