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Quick hits from Media Day; T.Y. pics from Sunday

Not much new at Tuesday's Media Day. But here are a few tidbits, some of which appear also in a story that'll appear in tomorrow's print Herald and online later this evening:

Mario Cristobal said there's a significant gap from Jake Medlock to Lorenzo Hammonds, Jr., and E.J. Hilliard, but that in less than two weeks, he expects the latter two to be up to where they can help FIU win and not just get FIU through the night. As far as their classmates, he expects 23 to 26 freshmen or redshirt freshmen to play on the first or second string or play serious special teams time.

Cristobal called Jeremiah Harden "1A" at running back behind Kedrick Rhodes and said Darian Mallary looked as good Monday evening as he has in two years.

Senior left tackle Caylin Hauptmann, when I asked about the senior leadership this year and the way they've done so much teaching with the younger guys, he said, "When we went to our bowl game two years ago, we had great leadership from people like Brad Serini and Cedric Mack. Whereas last year, we didn't have a core leadership -- what to do, wehwer to go, what steps to take. I remember that, our seniors remember that. We just took from that. To be able to see that two years ago, we're just implementing it to them."


T.Y. Hilton, Sr. sent me some photos from Sunday's Indianapolis Colts preseason game. Here's one of T.Y., who had a total of five touches (three catches, one run, one punt return)...


...and one of T.Y. Hilton, Sr. and Cora Hilton





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Congrats to TY and the Hilton family.

Solid first game to.

FIU - NFL machine

Only because I don't like the aptly named Quixote will I point out that a machine that only works once gets sent back for a refund.

Keep swinging at those windmills bud.

Great stuff for T.Y., every FIU game I've seen (3) he transcended the team and the crappy competition. Wonderful player, earned his spot on an NFL team, congratulations to him and his family.

Antwan Barnes did fairly well for the San Diego Chargers last season too....

At any rate, good stuff on T.Y. and his parents. True Golden Panthers for sure.

Thanks for the pix of TY's parents. Great family.

He should have been a Dolphin.

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