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Sun Belt officials for Duke

Apparently, I was misinformed.


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This is a rare case where I'd prefer you misinformed than correct.

Agree with M Fab.

Oh, no!!!

We are leaving the 'belt, no reason for them to call it in our favor!!

See how games works? Lol ;-)

We gagged!! This time leave no doubt!

Btw, DJN what happened to our two big transfers?
WV RB Dequan H.
And Ohio St. Wr James Louis

Well, I dont know if this is true; but I heard the Sun-Belt officials are currently working the NFL Pre-season games. If they get hired full time, we will have replacement High School Refs.

Good point Chia, do we prefer sun belt or ACC? And I too would like info on the transfers chia. How a out delmar Taylor ?

ChiaPanther: the running back isn't on the roster at all this year. I don't think they used a scholarship on him. Throughout last year, I'd see him and think, OK, but they've got that kind of back. Several.

Louis was the real catch between the two. And he's got some off-the-field issues to work through before getting on the field this season. He's a step behind FIU's fastest receivers on raw speed, but runs good routes with good football speed. They could use him.

I don't think Dequan is on the team and James Louis is in camp (at least I think I read that somewhere).

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