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Enter Sandman?; FIU busing

Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson offensive lineman Sandley Jean-Felix, a 6-5, 300-pounder, committed to FIU Saturday night. Rivals and Scout.com both have him at three stars with various other offers. The Herald high school hawks ranked him as the No. 7 senior in Broward County. Word is at FIU's camp he was folding opposing linemen like corrugated boxes.


The AP Top 25 poll came out Saturday. As far as FIU's concerned, the biggest news is Louisville, which visits Sept. 22, starts the season ranked no. 25.

Oh, by the way, for the Duke game: ACC zebras. That's all I'm going to say about that (for now).

(UPDATE: I was called Monday afternoon with the information that Sun Belt officials will be used for the game against Duke. I guees my Camp Mitch source, usually unimpeachable about such things, was mistaken)


Spearheaded by Pete Garcia, the athletic department and the Student Government Association will bus 1,000 students to the Sept. 15 game at Central Florida, feed them on the way and give them a ticket to the game.

How will the students be selected? OK, before Aug. 31, they have to click https://qtrial.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_difTrGx3YgRUinr. Then, they have to attend the home-opener, Sept. 8 vs. Akron. An e-mail will be sent afterwards to students who attended the game telling them where and when they can get their Road Trip pass. First 1,000 to pick up the pass, you're on the road.




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Acc Zebras like first time. All good, we will dominate them!

I hope this kid can make it academically. I heard he didn't play last year due to grades. This seems to be a common problem with kids out Boyd Anderson High. Remember Corey Tindal? That school has a long history of producing good players who can't get into college because of poor academic performance. Hope this kid hits the books.

I seem to recall last year's Duke game had ACC refs. Anyone who saw that game knows what kind of impact the zebras had in Duke's victory. FIU better be ready for more of the same.

Good, fair piece in the Herald this morning, DJN. I'm in that group of alumni that graduated before the football program began. Gotta say,it brought me back to campus.:-)

Much has been said about the zebras in last years game. But where were the zebras when Richmond beat Duke?

I'm not buying it. We had just lost Chuck Grace for the season AGAIN and CYP's unit allowed like 4 plays of 30+ yards in the air. Including two 100+ yard receivers. They exposed our freshmen DB's and Cyprien couldn't cover all the receivers who kept getting open on guys making first starts..

We allowed less than 50 yards on the ground and still had the game won until we gagged! No Zebras. Leave no DOUBT!!!

Go Panthers!

Btw DJN is I.Faciane back with unit one?

Panther97: Thank you.

ChiaPanther: You are correct about the secondary -- the loss of Grace really hurt them the next two games, vs. Lafayette and Duke. I often say if that game's played late in the season, FIU wins going away. And in the Duke loss postgame blog, I wrote about how I hate blaming refs. They did have the game won. But the volume (8 flags on FIU to 2 on Duke) and timing of the flags didn't help. And, yes, Isame's back with the first team.

DJN? Why is this guy called the Sandman? In the movie Training Day, Sandman was the bad guy drug dealer who, Denzel AKA "Alonzo" robbed. That was the seen where Macy Gray is at.

Very true about Boyd Anderson, they have many tallented kids, but their academics are one if not the worst in Broward County. Asante Samuel came from B.A.

This is a new year...if we can stop Duke with our defense and score a few more points than last year...we'll be fine...remember guys, we have the revenge factor on our side...don't sweet the zebras

ACC refs were awful last year. It's because of Dukes loss at Richmond that they were not going to let them get "upset" again.

FIU had that game won last year.

The zebras did not cause the turnovers at the end of the game. Dont leave it to the refs Panthers!!

(UPDATE ON MY EARLIER POST): see wat a difference a day makes, 24 hours...now we own the refs...way to go FIU!!! The stars are behind to lined-up for us.

DJN nice job in staying with the zebras and finding the truth to that part of the story! Way to go...

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