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Thursday at La Cage Aux Pantheres

Thursday's practice included the Board Drill, the most physical of the one-on-one drills, third down and red zone situations.

The head coach said: "Today, we brought about as much pressure as you can bring. Both in the run and the pass. So many people get caught up in running pressure ong passing downs, passing plays that a lot of times people forget when you're running pressure and people run the football, you've got to be able to tackle on the run like that. That's a different animal, too. We worked a bunch of that today. We made it very difficult for the offense to create numbers that were positive (as far as players in "the box"). Especially the defensive backs, as much as we put them on the island today, those guys looked pretty good. Then, we missed a couple of big plays, a couple of plays we should make. We rebounded later. But, early on, it was definitely better (for the defense)."

To Channel 7, Cristobal lauded Jake Medlock with, "He's had a heck of a camp against a defense that we expect to be one of the better ones in the country."

Freshman wide receiver DeAndre Jaspher wore a cast after surgery on a broken left hand that'll sideline him until about a third of the way into the season.

Saturday's scrimmage won't be open to the public. They're trying to keep the new offensive scheme under wraps.


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Nice update DJN.

There are some players that were recruited in 2011 and 2012 that are not showing in the fall camp roster. A lot of them were rivals 3-stars. Any info on these guys?

DJ Neal - I've been out of the loop but it seems that FIU finally paid their coach but that he's still making under half a million a year?

Good for them but if they want to keep him for another cycle of real teams firing coaches does that really help?

Why can't they pay him at least a million a year? Charge students $10 apiece to make up the difference?

Good to hear about Medlock! He is our Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!

lol Medlock is our Tebow? Puleez. Medlock gets hurt everytime he tries to run over a linebacker. Kid needs to learn how to slide. If he can stay healthy, FIU should be fine. But he hasn't proven he can stay healthy going back to his high school days. E.J. Hilliard and Loranzo Hammonds better get ready because Medlock will likely miss a few games.

B&G Heart, of which players do you speak?

SoutPaw, Medlock actually worked on sliding in the offseason. See my story on him from last week.

Buc, from what I'm hearing, a salary bump wasn't high on the list of priorities for Cristobal for reasons stated in the blog posts from late July on the extension. Also, you keep talking retain via money, but if hiw own money meant so much to him, he'd be at Rutgers or Pitt now. Other factors play a greater role.

More and more comments. And that can only mean one thing: Football is in the air!! Good to see Buc still cares for us. And, I agree with you on HC Cristobal. The guy is staying in Miami more likely than not. Perhaps if he is offered a great SEC job, but even then I think he has no intentions to leave other than for the UM head coaching position.

I figure he looks at this way: He has job security at FIU and is building something unique by himself. He can win at FIU and continue moving up with minimal issues to worry about. FIU does not have big and powerful boosters, etc. Moreover, he can patiently wait for the UM job to open up. And if at that time FIU is winning big and UM isn't he may even stay at FIU. If not he goes to UM and lands his dream job. Don't think that he didn't notice what happened to Randy Shannon at UM though. Lose at UM and you are off to coach linebackers at Garbanzo State U. Finally, his entire family is here.

Mind blowing to me that the dude would take a quarter of what he was offered elsewhere, who would do that in any profession??

Maybe he does just value living in south Florida over New Jersey or Pittsburgh that much, really just fantastic dedication from a great coach - he's the reason I follow this team. Awesome stuff.

The Buc is back! Our very own cane panther fan. You have to admit the guy (cristobal) gets the job done! As long as he is here we will continue to catch up to the U. Let's hope he doesn't get that offer from the U anytime soon fiuproud. Buc, money isn't everything you know! Ask Coach Petrino or even Shannon if they would take a pay cut. Bet they would go back to their jobs for 1/3 of what they were making.

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