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Track soon? XX soccer picked to repeat; Basketbal Wright

Heard this morning that while the Sun Belt Conference tolerated FIU not having any track facilities -- heck, the 2013 Sun Belt conference meet will be hosted by FIU...in Miramar -- Conference USA isn't playing that. Word on the street is C-USA has given FIU a time frame, perhaps as short as 18 months, to get its track and field team an actual track.

About time. Track's not a revenue sport, but, to be honest, what is at FIU? Look at the number of track Olympians with South Florida connections. Look at what Eric Campbell and his staff has been able to do with less than an above average high school as far as facilities. That tells you this is a potentially dynamic program that the school needs to get behind so in four years, when America pays attention to track again, "FIU" has a better shot at being prominently heard on the prime time Olympics broadcast. 


As I tweeted a couple of hours ago (http://twitter.com/DavidJNeal), FIU's been picked to repeat as Sun Belt Conference champions, getting five votes from the conference's 11 coaches. North Texas also got five votes (Middle Tennessee got the other vote), but FIU had 114 total points to North Texas' 110.

Junior forward Chelsea Leiva, preseason co-Offensive Player of the Year with North Texas' Michelle Young, junior midfielder Nicole DiPerna and senior goalkeeper Kaitlin Savage made the preseason All-Sun Belt team.


So, DeJuan Wright's off to play some basketbal in the Netherlands.

Earlier today, Eiffeltowers Den Bosch announced the signing of FIU's best player over the last two seasons. In a story on Eiffel's website, the coach lauded Wright's ability to play two or three positions. Eiffel opens its season Sept. 29.



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Perhaps DeJuan Wright can sign a contract with Nike to endorse their new wooden basketball shoes.

I'm guessing they'll have to build the track in the Biscayne Bay campus, there's not enough space left in the main one.

I think that's a good thing to "force the hand" in terms of building a new track, which has been put off indefinitely due to "more pressing needs"(i.e. Football facilities improvement, baseball, and basketball).

From what I've read/heard before, the potential plan was to re-arrange the goal to goal configuration of the Soccer field from its current North-South, to East-West and add a track around the new soccer field. However, this would cost several million $$$, so I wonder how FIU would have to come up with that amount.

Good luck Flight14...

What is a revenue sport in NCAA? Basically down to basketball and football in most schools. Hopefully soon, dor us too.

Go Panthers!

Very happy to see C-USA pushing FIU to get a Track Facility.. Best news I got all day..

As a High School Cross & Track coach I can tell you there is PLENTY of talent in South Florida to build a great program. Sprints are always strong but so are Jumps, and Throws..

Best place for the track would be the Soccer field (like most school have it).


We will be monitoring the next issues and happenings for this, for sure that will be so interesting.

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