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Feelin' back in the day...

So, at Labor Day, nobody's happy with the economy or the U.S. President, the volleyball team is 2-4, the women's soccer team is .500, the football team has zero wins and the only undefeated team at Camp Mitch is men's soccer (3-0).

What is this, 1992? Feel like I should touch up my flattop, set the VCR to record Married...With Children and ask friends if they have power back after Andrew.

(Yes, I know the football team didn't exist. That's why it had zero wins)

Anyway, Sunday's 1-0 win at Jacksonville pushes men's soccer to 3-0 with two shutouts in the first three games under Kenny Arena. Freshman Patrick Ramdial got the goal off a setup from Daniel Gonzalez and freshman Robin Spiegel picked up his second shutout. While the football team tries to regain its grounding at home against Akron, their soccer brothers will be between games at Wisconsin, ranked No. 4 in the Great Lakes Region, and Illinois-Chicago.


Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater completed 19 of 21 passes for 232 yards Saturday against Kentucky -- and sat out the fourth quarter. The first three touchdown drives Bridgewater led were 95, 85 and 93 yards.

FIU will see Bridgewater in three weeks when the Miami Northwestern graduate leads the Cardinals into town. If they don't buck up the pass defense by then, Bridgewater's homecoming could make FIU look like Louisville's homecoming opponent.


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Secondary needs to get it together or its a sure loss vs Louisville......wait, you just said that.

Does your post mean, you are going to vote for Mitt Romney?

Wong, the chances of DJN voting for Obama are extremely high base on race alone. But who knows, DJN is a smart guy and will realize that nothing has happened in the past 4 years with him in office.

On another note, here is a little secret FIU wanna beess...The U pays off the SB referees to make bad calls against FIU. When u have the type of money we have, it is too easy! Did u really think we were going let u guys get in the top 25? Not a chance in hell.

Hey U (r an idiot),

Are U referring to all that money that let's U get outrecruited by UF and FSU? Or, do U mean all the money that U've got from all those bowl games and conference championships U've lost recently?

Get a life.

The U, dont tell these nieve people things like that. Of course it was too easy given they are leaving the SB but lets keep that to ourselves. Mission complete. All about the U!

Anyone who thinks there's a meaningful difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is too far gone to ever change their "mind".

Don't know how south Florida talent can lose to Duke, hopefully that's a wake up call for the team, if Florida International loses to Sunbelt teams again this year they might not need to worry anymore about losing coach Cristobal...

UM isn't hurting for money MFAbius, they raised 1.4 BILLION dollars in the first MomentUM campaign and are aiming at 1.6 BILLION for the second.

Shalala also raked in the stimulus money from her buddy Barack, $60M to build a life science technology park in Liberty City, $15M for a new seawater lab at RSMAS, and $15M for a new neuroscience building behind Cox Science Center.

And BTW, part of that 1.4 BILLION, a generous donation from the Schwartz family and a token $450,000 donation from Jon Vilma has UM building a new athletic center complete with new locker rooms, training facilities, sports medicine facilities, and video rooms.

It is bigger and more expensive than the new facilities Alabama is currently building and it will be done first.

Agree with Buc Nasty that the difference between Obama and Romney is insignificant. And unfortunately most people don't see it. I keep hearing that this is the most important election ever. Geez when have I heard that one before. That's right it was 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, and my first vote in 1986 (non presidential).

I really believe The Big Cuban is gone after this season , somewhere in the South East U.S example South Florida , Georgia , Auburn Da U 4 sure if they have a bad season .

Wow I am also in agreement with Buc Ansty the other UM guy, Mitt Romney is the closest thing to a Democrat that a Republican will ever be, so whoever wins the election it will be a person who is more Democrat than Republican. But I have to say, Obama finally passed healthcare reform, and now all those free loaders who dont have any insurance will finally have to pay. Obama caught Osama Bin Laden, Obama ended the war in Iraq and bought the troops home, Obama saved GM, Obama saved the economy from going into a depression. If the House and Senate would have passed some of his bills, his accomplishments would be greater, but hey that is for another discussion.

As far as UM goes.....who cares? Wow, you guys won a game, and you think your back. The U defense is just as bad as ours, the U is still are looking at a 4-8 season, the U still has not won a conference championship, the last time the U won a conference was when it was in the Big East, the U still has a long way to go before it can compete with UCS, OREGON, ALABAMA, and LSU......I dont understand how you U fans have to feel better about yourself by bashing FIU. I guess that is what you do, when you know your the 4th or 5th best team in the state. The U is afraid of FIU, lets not forget that UM is the one who will not play FIU; not the other way around. The U is just a tropical wave, that became a tropical depression.......

Ohhhhhhh, lets not forget this. The U cheats, and cant win. Lets not forget about the whole Nevin Shapiro thing, how sad is it going to be when the NCAA takes any hope of being good when they come out with sanctions this year........

HAHAHAHAHAHA, I feel sorry for "U" guys..Your stuck in the past, and have no shot at being in the top 5 nationally.

It's spelled "you're" it's called a "contraction".

They teach that in middle school most places.

Well, they dont in China. I was a transfer student from Beijing, so my spelling is not tat great......but hey, your're the one who went the the almighty UM; and looking at your sentence, I do believe they are gramatically wrong...... "They teach that in middle school most places" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I think it is written "They teach that in middle school, in most place." I think they teach that in most elemetary schools you jackass.

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